I've been keeping a tiny secret. (no I'm not pregnant)

Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

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    1. ohnoitsjose

      Not to be dramatic or anything but I’d totally die for Scraps.

    2. Casey Pierson

      I love Scraps

    3. Anon Anon

      Simone: I've been keeping a tiny Me: Shes pregnant Simone: secret (No, I'm not pregnant) Me: Oh

    4. Sam chand

      I have very fantastic idea to make a baby to adult butt washing device. Can i get ur email id. I need to send the photos how it will work. Its not at all difficult. U can give me ur email details in samchand93@gmail.com . I will be glad to send u the awesome project secret that had not made till date.

    5. Brendan Wood

      Commander straps! TO THE BACKPACK! Off to space we go! oops I meant scraps.... But maybe straps is an upgraded better suited name? Who knows?

    6. Roc

      Her dog voice sounds like she driving down stairs with a bike . Joking 🙃

    7. Giles S

      ‘A budding has been’ 😂

    8. Fabio Ambrosetti

      Fun fact: dogs eat poop cause their digestive system doesn't completely digest their food and they are able to smell the nutrients still present in the poop and reassimilate them.

    9. Luke Sylvester

      im pretty sure alot of guys would wanna impregnate you. So dont worry about finding a guy, that is if you dont have one

    10. Ahmad Hackett


    11. mozkito life

      That's the last time I let my 5 yo watch a Giertz video <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="432">7:12</a> Thanks for that.

    12. susan beaver

      She is SO CUTE!!

    13. Idnekib

      Oohh. Cute. But I don't believe you. What are the specs? I wanna see the internals. Is it hidraulic or are you using step motors?

    14. Animal

      I cant believe she's pregnant

    15. okow tina

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> Simone: "...except scratch her right ear" scratches right ear for her stub starts to wiggle Me: "OMG That's so adorable!"

    16. John Lime

      Lol I didn't even notice that Scraps was tripedal

    17. J R

      Where can I get those boots!!!

    18. Livefirecook

      Yeah, pulling poop out of the mouth is something that needs to be done, but there's also the other side of it (literally). Our dog frequently has sticks, rope, rawhide, or something he can't manage to poop out and we need to pull it out of his butt.

      1. okow tina

        Me: reads half of the title Also me: OHMAHGODSHESPREGNANTAAHHHHH! Me: reads whole thing Me: ITS A FLOOF CHILD

    19. John Egan

      Probably mentioned days ago, but if you feed pineapple to your dog, it makes their poop taste awful (I’m told - never eaten any😁) and they stop after a few days of pineapple in their diet.

    20. Ewen Chan


    21. Pamela Medjesi

      I’d buy a Commander Scraps tshirt

    22. Robert Shaffer

      Awwww, you got a tripod ! And what a cutey she is ! You're a genuinely good person.

    23. Matthew Hargis

      I used to have a 3 legged dog... he lost his leg in a brutal way and later died a horrible death.

    24. 2soldierman2

      I was gonna say I'm not completely house broken, like belly rubs, but she's for sure got me beat on cute.

    25. AwesomeMau5Heads

      My dachshund mix had a disclocated hip when we found him in the Arizona desert. In his case they removed his hip ball, but he gets the zoomys still. It's so cool to find someone else who gave an injured dog a home.

    26. Dana Taylor


    27. Dana Taylor


    28. Suzanne Prescott

      I loved the alarm clock you created.

    29. terriblegoatman

      It's just a robot that she forgot to make the 4th leg for

    30. Hot Cheetoz

      Sorry simone, but you look like that girl from tiger king 😂😂

    31. baerleon

      You look like a young Cybill Shepherd. Seriously, look at some of those photos. The resemblance is striking!

    32. Graham Heath

      @simone Did you know that SEsels is running Trump Ads on your videos?

    33. Dark Angel

      Me: *reads half of the title* Also me: OHMAHGODSHESPREGNANTAAHHHHH! Me: reads whole thing Me: *ITS A FLOOF CHILD*

    34. Nana Chomnk

      Oh god she’s so cute I love her

    35. P C

      Dog really likes chewing flesh... And is missing a leg... Hmmmmmmmmm...

    36. K Deronimo

      i make really cute kids when ever you want 5678094368 of your own

    37. Ivan Tran

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> oh no another man down

    38. geeky dhaval

      What breed it is?

    39. Thehiddenhippo

      Congrats on your baby

    40. Erna Aja

      I want to cry

    41. Brett McGillis

      SO CUTE!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    42. JumpGecko

      Are you double pregnant...??

    43. BogartFan

      Congrats on the new team member. 🍻

    44. Wenceslao Jaimes Ocampo

      You're the best Simone! And totally deserved unranked to a commander position!

    45. DatBoyGuru

      where are my testicles summer ?

    46. Ben Andrews

      Adorable... Thanks for sharing

    47. Javier Fernandez

      Super pregnant?!

    48. DrejcD

      You too are so adorable. 🤘🤘

    49. Christopher Longhorn

      I think that means he has a Vitamin deficiency when they eat their pooh

    50. Redbull Lover

      I LOVE YOU

    51. weaselman24

      I was kinda hoping for brain slugs. But dogs are fine.

    52. rekozma

      As a retired contractor I can say you just picked the wrong contractor. Most of us enjoy a good belly rub. All kidding aside your new pup is adorable.

    53. Jon E

      And gosh I love you

    54. Jon E

      I was gonna say, you better not be cheating on me 😜

    55. eioshen boboi

      I saw the first few words I immediately thought “She’s pregnant!” Then I looked at the rest of the title.

    56. ThePr8head

      I recommend peeing outside as often as possible! It not only saves money but it saves lives!! GO NOW AND PEE ON A LEMON TREE!!!

    57. yousuzers

      Scraps is sooo adorable

    58. fryrear technology

      Love animal personally. We got... (long list) robo hamster, teddy bear hamster, 3 cats, 6 chickens, 12 fish, 2 year old son who puts all the other animals to shame besides me lol. However I do like eating meat (not fish it isn’t meat it’s mush). Cute doggo puppy

      1. eioshen boboi

        Would you like to be pregnant?

    59. kato223

      Your video needs a love button! She is a very cute puppy! Great addition to your workshop!

    60. Ben Shakespeare

      Nothing at all wrong with your dog voice :)

    61. joe turse

      You’ve given that sweet creature the best life it can ever have!

    62. Drew

      Love your new dog. He will be a great assistant, and moral booster.

    63. James Roland

      This is both excellent and extremely wholesome content. Thank you.

    64. fockin bloody hell


    65. Lokesh Sharma

      Ofcourse her name is Scraps. Bt she is so cuddly

    66. Meeper

      Aaaah! She's sooooo cuuuute!

    67. roastedsanta

      I just assumed you would make your own dog instead of getting a real one.

    68. Liv

      Scraps is so cute!!! I have a westie mix that looks a lot like her. She's kind of an old lady now but she is just as playful and feisty as the day we adopted her.

    69. LMint

      Hey. I heard you like tripods 😉 Looks like a poodle-westie

    70. David Analyst

      well, you have an excuse to make a shtty ball launcher where the dog can return the ball!

    71. Kim Thirion

      Have never seen your videos before, but yt recommended it to me and I ain't even mad. Scraps is so scrappin' cute! Totally following the Commander!

    72. Greg Swartz

      As a pet "support animal" (currently 3 cats, 2 dogs), awesome congrats on grabbing a tripod. My M-I-L had a tripod cat and we've had 2 dogs with one eye (kinda tripod-ish). That little scrap of fur will be the love of your life (you will judge others by this relationship, I guarantee), Awesome choice!!!

    73. Jacob Canote

      Would you like to be pregnant?

    74. Amy Sloane

      Scraps is majestic...

    75. George Hawley

      Did you build that dog?

    76. Jacob Canote

      i love you

    77. ian connell


    78. Skeptic2006

      Nice squat butt. Crazy how women have legs like this nowadays that look like they could squeeze the life out of a person. Women didn't have legs like this 10 years ago. What changed? What are girls doing differently now?

    79. David Washburn

      Awesome puppy. Awesome mamma.

    80. Andy P

      Simone was made the day they had lots extra joy and kindness left over in the person factory so they squeezed it into one Swedish nerd.