i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different


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    hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
    Thank you so much for watching!

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    1. SethEverman

      hey guys i'm back

      1. PenaGelada

        Bald guy

      2. 4aid3r lol


      3. Nullstein


      4. KardTrickKid

        Guess who's back

    2. April Lynch

      is that him actually singing?! /(*0*)\

    3. Lucca Parolo

      HE SUNG!!!! And was GUUUUUD!!!!!!!

    4. neonoviy voen

      Can i get full version?

    5. Juan Gutiérrez Benítez

      OMG! He is singing and is so GOOD!

    6. mary bostwick

      fuck your voice is hot

    7. John M

      Thank you master Seth

    8. [GD]TheUnrealDeath

      Morgan Freeman's got some competition.

    9. Bobby Lee

      Still Dre Tiger

    10. yi

      seth has taken this to a whole new level. and his singing voice is so beautiful aaa

    11. SaltpeterTaffy

      "What instrument to you play?" "Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E."

    12. Kabii Kins

      This is like the fifth time this particular joke was made and it somehow gets better with each rendition.

    13. Darren Burton

      I was getting really into this song and then the video stopped... 😮😮

    14. Simeon Neese

      This went in so many directions I did not know I wanted it to go in. Now I have seen the light.

    15. Yannick Aleong

      im prety straight, but if there was one thing to turn me gay, itll probably be this

    16. Jose Arce


    17. SlozH _ Sama


    18. amanio trent

      I’m... so confused

    19. a_common_weeb

      i serously need a full veirson of this

    20. shadesofstars

      *guess who's back*

    21. Some Guy

      I just realize that this is a representation of No nut november

    22. LVBBoi

      I need a full Rocky music video R I G H T N O W

    23. Jon Green

      will you make a longer one cause I love this!

    24. sidknee


    25. Justin Xiong

      I haven’t seen content this good in a while! Glad to see that there are still channels out there like this one making awesome content! Keep it up!👍

    26. David Treacy

      Would any saint be able to tell me the chords he’s playing with the snoop dogg bit

    27. tubtub :D

      nobody: captions: k o r e a n ( a u t o - g e n e r a t e d )

    28. parajack160

      So this is what Agent 47 is up to after leaving the agency.

    29. Eerick Joslin

      This has to be the 10th time I've seen this now. I keep clicking it anytime it's suggested again. All the little damn details jam packed into this! His editing is on point too!!!!

    30. King Ace

      Please, make a full version of the Song

    31. Jon Teixeira


    32. The Diamond Maker

      Play at 0.75 speed for raeggeton

    33. Carly Horne

      Getting them Downton Abbey vibes at the start and then not at all lmao. U r my SEsels fav of 2019

    34. Cookie 4811

      you can stare into my soul all day, its fine. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Jordan Crowther

      I fell for it again

    36. Anti Riku

      this a vibe

    37. Josh McDonald

      Your voice. This is what Odysseus heard when tied to the mast of his ship. I'd crash my ship for you!!!!

    38. fenixa21AND

      Woah i love it!!! YOU MUST MAKE A FULL SOUNDTRACK!!!

    39. Spasmas Smith

      Fucking goosebumps

    40. longingformilk