I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC



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    As a MASSIVE Back to the Future fan I welcome to the channel the Delorean DMC 12 and to go in it a loverly Stainless Steel Extendable Bat.........But stay tuned as next video I try n learn to use @Gravity Industries jet suit to ride a hover board.
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    1. colinfurze

      Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates sesels.info/a/p68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgwjoin Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.

      1. Musk

        @Commodore Sixfour omg the CED. What a weird product.

      2. Justin 3

        Sorry to say, but you bought the wrong DeLorean. The one in the movie had a manual transmission, didn't have the decal, had groves in the hood, and had a gray interior. The only correct option you have is lacking the door in the hood to fill up the tank.

      3. James4K

        I love how you've taken something I do for a living (Welding/Fabrication) and made it fun. I hate my job a little less now, thanks mate! 😂

      4. bt to cool

        Hey u should revisit ur flat land u where so good

      5. Kim Riley

        Goodness me kid...don't you have nothing better to do...?

    2. K Adithya

      That flying suite is from gravity industry

    3. Michael Murray

      can you make skateboard half pipe with perforations and fans like an air-hockey table enough to float the hoverboard board with the weight of your kid on it?

    4. Adey

      Hey colin! I know you're busy with the BTTF stuff, in the future could you please, please make skeletron's arm mounted circular saw blade launcher, off the movie turbokid

    5. Gabriel Montaño

      Is it just me or does he look lke one of the wesley kids.

    6. Plague Doctor Railfan

      Im surprised that u haven’t built a roller coaster yet

    7. dave Mustaki

      This guy should make these and sell them

    8. One Wheel Appeal

      By the time the bat opens out the game's over, I would have had it spring open

    9. Dosbomber

      "Internet Plutonium".. I imagine 35 years ago that might've sounded alarming for a lot of people. Now? Alexa, order some plutonium...

    10. 40 Miles of Bad Rhoads

      The mannequin hand gets me every time.

    11. jocax188723

      Oh god, Furze in a jet suit. Are you going to be tackling repulsors next, Colin?

    12. Joshua Draper

      You need to use counter sinking machine screws for the outside end caps

    13. Eric Allen

      Use a momentary switch from a rc transmitter.

    14. Antonov MCblyat

      I was watching mr bean it was recommended and see you in the description

    15. Scrapman50

      Try using a spring to retract the cable through the hole. Wrap the spring around the cable tight as high up as you can and anchor it somewere low . When you retract the bat, the spring will pull the wire through the hole.

    16. Lanthan -Aka Loli-

      He's gonna make a time machine Isn't he

    17. Lanthan -Aka Loli-

      Next video be like:I made a fully working hoverboard

    18. Maple James

      Holy crap I love this so much Colin, that intro was absolutely the best!!!! Fist bumps from Canada

    19. hjvjvg bhbjhvv

      Please do a collab with michale reeves

    20. gpclutton1ify

      Hoverboard sesels.info/video/video/aWN9oq6csa2Nhqo.html

    21. Nate Burnside

      They should bring the DeLeorean back it’s the car of the future in the past

    22. Maximum Throttle

      I watched this movie last night

    23. Lewis Abel

      Love it! Here's the momentary switch you asked for: uk.rs-online.com/web/p/toggle-switches/7347044/

    24. Sam Mulholland

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a> yes its.... thiiiiiis biiig

    25. thermobaric

      Pretty cool Colin but I think you've just technically manufactured a controlled offensive weapon under Section 1 Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959 & Section 141(1) Criminal Justice Act 1988...

    26. MiticJack

      ok i accept everithing but WHY THE F YOU HAVE A ROCKET LAUNCHER ON THE CEILING

    27. Evan K

      What happened to the rest of the tank

    28. Stargroog 221221

      Imagine in the part he’s hitting stuff then he hits a baby

    29. Fionn O'Brien

      @colinfurze the delorean is a real life Frankenstein the engine is made up from Peugeot volvo and Renault. Known as a pvr engine. The clocks on the dash like the speedometer is from a volvo

    30. Squicx

      It's amazing how the trilogy still holds up. Plus it is THE MOST PROTECTED TRILOGY EVER AGAINST HOLLYWOOD'S REMAKE APOCOLYPSE!

    31. Scott Curness

      Have to put the switch, bits and bobs in the thin end? Only the switch needs to go in the thin end. It can extend from the fat end....

    32. supersimon126

      Lets be honest. Out of every car on the planet this is what fits Colin the best.

    33. Nathan Miller

      Too small

    34. Dr.

      What senseless shit

    35. Cassius Marcelo

      Shut up and take my money!!! Hehehe! Great video... great Scott!

    36. Dwains

      You alone building this thing?

    37. S P

      Instead of the cable inside that doesn’t retract couldn’t you make the sliders inside carry the power?

    38. アーキー・サイジャウ

      All it needs is just a tazer in the end

    39. Squirrels Flying


    40. Pandora

      Him: *making stuff in the workshop* Neighbours: alright what’s it gonna be this time

    41. Owen Monckton

      Colin furze went from quarantine in a box to going out and seeing people real quick

    42. Andrew games

      Anyway you can make me one to put on my shelf how much

    43. CrypTic Clan

      Mall grab at the beginning

    44. Jigghoplo

      pixel 2

    45. BiffTannen2015

      NICE BAT

    46. anish bishwokarm

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> the mall grab

    47. Valac

      could have made it spring loaded

    48. Judeale8

      Oof nice deluxo

    49. SkyWizardless

      Momentary DPDT toggle switches are available, Look for (ON) OFF (ON) as a description, the brackets are important as they indicate the momentary positions. RS Part number 734-7044 is an example. If you could fit it in a miniature rocker switch would be less prone to damage, it doesn't take much to snap those tiny toggle switches.

    50. Hellmuth1712

      Man, I'm stupid. I always thought it was a full length bat and Griff had like rollers or something on his hands and he was just "choking up" on the bat, not extending it.

    51. Mik H

      10m subs..... rocket time.

    52. Ryan React’S

      is rick and morty just a cartoon seires of back to the future???

    53. IAmTitan 402

      You mean you have to use your hands? That's like a babies toy!

    54. Declan Elliot

      i wouldn't be surprised if he makes a time travel machine at this point

    55. blackout lancaster76

      God dam he is good


      The green Hornet car

    57. Jackie Willis

      You should try to make a hover board or delorion

    58. Gillian Becx

      You could search for it on stewmac

    59. Myles Hennelly

      Colin + Wolfs = perfect combo

    60. Pieter Eggerickx

      Well he bought the most dangerous car to drive ever

    61. CHRIS

      You know what I think would be cool... The worlds loudest clapping machine for the Thursday night clap for the NHS.

    62. Joshua Thornley

      So Colin plays gta now ?

    63. Mark Roberts

      My teacher talk to you before

    64. Augusto Ulisse


    65. Explosion 20

      Who else saw the Instagram live when he was watching the guy fly around in that suit.

    66. rakha magelhaens

      Like yesterday i wacthed this movie

    67. Jim619

      I recognised THAT specific delorean too well as it is the same one that appeared on wheeler dealers dream car

    68. NimbusFPV

      Brilliant! That looked like a fun project 👌🏼 You can get small 2 position momentary switches here which would probably do the trick! www.flyingtech.co.uk/electronics/frsky-taranis-x9d-replacement-switches-2-pos-3-pos

    69. Mickey Rippin

      Look for a crane, winch or hoist switch. Sometimes used on a car dashboard for winches. 2 way, 6 pole momentary rocker. I've seen 2a momentary toggle switches on e bay.

    70. Mysterious Rider

      I would subscribe but i already did year's ago & you could powder coated the bat colin furze

    71. Jason Hunt

      I'd love to have an electric Delorean. Then I could tell people "This sucker's electrical, but I can't produce the 1.21 Gigawatt's it needs for time travel"

    72. Victor Veloz

      Can i you please buy a messed up or used version of the care please please please, I reallt wanna see you make the time machine that would be so dope

    73. Nuke Suraj

      A Colin Furze x Gravity video coming soon 🤯🤯🤯

    74. Hmaila_XD

      Deluxo in real

    75. Jayson Carey

      Why not a spring and catch?

    76. Martin

      falsches Jahr :D

    77. Is So

      I came here for the crazy projects and stayed for the new good punkrock.

    78. Dean

      Is the delorean yours now or just for the video???

    79. Delaney Hishon

      You're too loud and the music is obnoxious

    80. b3njjxx peo

      one arm of the dark souls c':