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    I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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    1. Skywalker Who

      I have a perfect snake

    2. Remynator92

      u shoud try to make a tetris AI

    3. Shubham Jadhav

      @20:12 it looks like leaves are flying

    4. tpa nash

      Minesweeper is next

    5. Donkey

      Evan: Go my perfect snake AI! Perfect Snake AI: :raises finger and zaps Evan: Mr Perfect Snake AI

    6. I_Like_Tuwtles

      5:40 looks like a turtle

    7. Marcin Rybka

      "Am I doing goot fada?" ... I almost shit my pants laughing XD.

    8. blackcatv1

      If I could laugh react to this video I would xD

    9. I Love Tigers

      Adrian cloned 4K times and disliked the vid

    10. Witchfinda

      Nobody: The snake when it turns red: *NEW OBJECTIVE- SURVIVE*

    11. Ayushman Mathur

      9:08 Viking by Akash Gandhi

    12. Orion Swift

      Djenty snake boi

    13. Carl craft

      You Sound like KSI😂

    14. Lu Ji Ku

      what a wild journey

    15. Loading

      I no idea you could complete snake. I thought it was an infinite game.

    16. W0ngnim

      Could you please give music credits? You used a number of songs I'm interested in but you don't give any info on what songs were used in your videos.

    17. Hifumi

      19:18 i fucking DIED of laughter

    18. Titan Polus

      sooo,,, couldn't you code it to not allow seperate, enclosed boxes after say 80% of the map is full?

    19. - Thegameplayer-

      Me sees dislikes My brain those are the AI hat wanted payback for all this hours of work

    20. Thunder 221


    21. Drew Helbig

      You should make an ai course.

    22. T3CHN01200

      Evan forgot one of the fundamental rules of snake that he could have added to his A*^-1 algorithm: Maintain a state in which the head and the tail remain in the same segmented area. This could be used in the place of the 80% tile rule...

    23. master9819

      You should create core functioning algorithms for quantum computers. You would then be considered one of the smartest people in human history.

    24. John Lord

      I've seen this before. You are treating diagonal as shorter when it's not because you can't move diagonal.

    25. Stealthlock

      Please upload your weird “survival mode” full snake algorithm code so I can take and alter 80% to 100% and see what happens

    26. WhyDidntIInventYT

      it's great how you can create a masterful AI with a few simple, elegant rules!

    27. Banjo Barry

      codebullet is just I did a things nerdy brother

    28. poend

      the military part made me laugh

    29. Daniel Gonzalez

      16:48 I lost it 😂

    30. Dddd

      Wow i think its fucking cool

    31. morthim

      this has way more meaning than it has any right to have

    32. LittlePantherG

      The A.I. Is so well developed it tells real snakes to eat apples to get bigger.

    33. Candied Throne

      Code Bullet is legit what I aspire to be as a programmer. So glad I discovered your channel today. You earned my sub.

    34. OhMaiChai

      15:52 perfectly described University

    35. A True Meme Man

      R.I.P Coolmathgames

    36. Benjamin Middaugh

      Am I the only one who wants this as a screensaver?

    37. Gabriel Bergeson

      You bloody light themer, how could you betray us like that

    38. beedsj roiue

      I like when the green snake goes away and the black snake takes his place.

    39. Matthew Baka

      the snake at 1000x speed looked organic

    40. Soul-Struck

      Now make it a Windows 95 screen saver.