i am an actual genius

Also Fitz

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    1. Also Fitz

      am enjoying streamin :) ▸ www.twitch.tv/fitz

      1. Zee Owen

        Search up how in Romanian

      2. Bianca Furlong-Donaldson

        I love your laugh it brightens my day

      3. Allassane Mone

        Big brain fitz

      4. Shuman Swain

        Outro song !!!

      5. BlankMind 48

        Fit you should check #CheckYourPScore

    2. Cotton Fluff

      Why did the chicken cross the road? *Idk... Why did the goose cross the bridge?*

    3. Lexy thecutie

      Who is this guy he should collab with that fitz guy and also fitzs real name is cam-a-ren

    4. pepegalul

      This guy is so funny he should collab with CallMeCarson

    5. Cheesy Milk

      That was so big brain of you

    6. H0lyn3vil

      Imgaine if the garden keeper was a she and u need to make her wet

    7. Boden Edwards

      I bought the headphones and they are pretty good

    8. Solar Wings

      1:44 I think you mean goose 👀

    9. Bo Penner

      where did you get your light in the corner

    10. Weedum

      just bought the headset thanks dad

    11. Linzan 0x

      Idk why but I will never be okay with the voice and face combo lmao. I've watched you for a while and I never in my life thought that this is how you looked

    12. Barack Obama


    13. Hades


    14. KING Sak4na

      European Fitz

    15. fnvfan0145

      12:23 Modern problems require modern solutions

    16. aumnki

      I really love the animal crossing soundtracks. I love animal crossing and watching Fitz 🥺

    17. Στράτος Χατζημιχαήλ

      I love this game what's the name

    18. Brobin

      Fitz really harassing Carl Wheezer like that

    19. Attila Dipietro

      Bruh Carl really bouta get some Vietnam flashbacks from dis shid

    20. Marc Trask

      "Weeelllcommee to my sell...second channel..." - Instantly skips forwards 30 seconds

    21. ExSelice -_-

      Also fitz might have more subs at one point if he stops uploading on his main fitz That would be hilarious

    22. LOKIFY

      i love this animal crossing background music its so soothing

    23. Dizastro Playz

      16:14 Doug looks like SwaggerSouls with a tiny face.

    24. Lancey

      name of the game?

    25. Carly Johnson

      *watching ad* God, he's got huge hands.

    26. JELLO Z

      I stroked myself to this hoose

    27. morlocks55

      I just wanted to say thank you for this great content, my dog just died recently and I haven't found joy in anything since but your videos always cheer me up and make me forget. Once again thank you for being so fucking hilarious

    28. Marvin Vinluan

      Fitz, Have you ever thought about being a verified content producer for the the Brave Browser? brave.com/features/ It is kind of a cool browser that blocks all ads, and pays its user base to send BAT tokens on the blockchain to content producers they enjoy in a form of a tip. When you make content that can't be monetized. bappo no casho.😔 Vin

    29. Benjamin Webster

      You forgot the password to your original channel didn't you

    30. King.Andy


    31. Alan Rigden

      Imagine posting on your main account

    32. Irma Lopez

      Nigward nigward i made them niggas mad idk what to say

    33. mr guy

      Upload ya fuckin softcock

    34. Elijah_i

      Upload you bitch

    35. Bradley Bateman

      Where is pink gradient man?

    36. King Nugget

      that awkward moment when you look up ‘Fitz’ but you see that his last post was 3 months ago......

      1. King Nugget

        i hate myself for this comment

    37. Reeqo

      sesels.info/video/video/gJ5oq42-uXmgmMg.html this is the link to my friends youtube channel it’s fucking hilarious

    38. Omuni torimidashi

      Must be sad that we're getting less content from fits and the others,I hope this isn't the end of them,but guess I better be prepared

    39. Battlez

      This should be your main channel

    40. Kenneth d

      Guys was wondering what's are the downsides to smoking weed long term, no "meme"ing straight advice plz

      1. Some what of a Scientist

        If you are really wondering look it up and if you don’t know then don’t try it

    41. Kian Shelley

      His next video better be worth the 3 month wait

    42. Lauren Vieira

      whats the name of this game

      1. Some what of a Scientist

        Untitled Goose Game

    43. HaydenSmith

      Hey Fitz, I’m going through a rough patch in my life, I’ve recently moved country away from the place I’ve grown up in and the friends I love and I’m kind of lost mentally at the moment so I just wanted to say that I’m really glad you’re here as whatever happens I know your channels only one click away from making me feel half decent and putting a smile on my face. Thank you

    44. molly lowe

      Why does this goose represent Fitz amazingly Lmao

    45. Master-ish Gamer

      2:46 I live in Canada

    46. hyenom

      Fitz u remember mined coyote from fortnite, u still play with him

    47. Josue Gonzalez

      14:45 Fitz trying to ask pokimane out

    48. Life is Peachy

      Fitz cool - Obama Bin Laden - 2019

    49. Jessica Friedman

      There’s this guy called Fitz, you two should collab sometime

    50. Acid Insights

      My teacher used you in an anonymous lesson and people started to get offended at your content I thought it was dumb I don’t know

    51. dank memes

      Why is Fitz calling Obama Gerald

    52. Axel J M

      I got that headset a few months back and they are actually good and you can get them for 30$ if you make an account with the website they give you a 20$ off any purchase

    53. Darkcry 01

      How is it whit coyote the kid you played whit befor

    54. Chase Gibson


    55. dan loo

      me waiting for fitz’s new video to come out : 👦..........👴

    56. Mayonnaise

      Play with coyote

    57. MIM

      fitz why dont you upload on your main channel

    58. Peeved Beaver

      Educational ASMR

    59. Kay Jay

      Lol that a pekin duck not a goose