How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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    1. Secret633 Gamer

      Here because of the meme. (\_/) ( ^-^) ~Ya

    2. D C

      I’m thinking around 2tb maybe

    3. Lance Zimmerman

      You should have gotten a really huge photoshop image going.

    4. bad muchacho b

      probably 4

    5. Carlos Reyes

      Next video: Using Windows 98 with 2 TB of ram

    6. Sam Goo


    7. Austi_Man66

      As a vintage Mac collector your lamp makes me sad ☹️

    8. xol xol

      try it with FlashPeak SlimBrowser (64 bit) its faster

    9. Boy10Dio

      what are you even doing?

    10. Bachelor of Computer Science [ EXPERIENCE ]

      Good stuff 👍👍👍💻💻💻

    11. Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

      Why only Chrome⁉️⁉️⁉️

    12. Toby AM

      I think Neil Parfitt could help you actually max out the RAM in a useful real-world scenario that doesn't cripple your CPU. Or I could do it since he's strictly an Apple user now? A DAW with many large sample libraries loaded is what you need.

    13. fx fouad

      my 6 gb laptop is crying in the corner

    14. Ryan Keith

      Finally! A build that can run Crysis! *At 15fps*

    15. Ryan Keith

      *HA! Laughs in 2gb of RAM* (crying...)

    16. Butters Scotch

      3:30 if you’ve ever used Skype- Linus is looking at himself in the monitor

    17. Hex iD

      Watching this video in 2030... even my toaster has 2TB of RAM.

    18. Xehemoth

      That is not a computer, that is a task god in a box.....

    19. Sergeant Z.U.C.C

      Three. Take it or leave it.

    20. Barrett Abney

      Your new office space looks nice. Kudos to Mrs. Linus.

    21. Lukasafer

      I watched MeatCanyon's parody of this guy and then autoplay started this

    22. masquerade St bernard

      When i get a job and save up can i commissionyou to amke my comouter?

    23. InSomnia DrEvil

      theres no way he can open more than 20... HOW DID HE DO IT?!

    24. dobrygraczpro :-o

      Apple: Is this shit legal?

    25. Michael Johns ICYu2

      Dats a wot o dedodated wam

    26. Rumi

      I thought uploading pornography on to SEsels wasn’t allowed, but those 128 gig sticks of ram prove otherwise

    27. Hussain Suleman

      So..What In The World Did You Thought LTT? It Would RUn Like A Potato PC

    28. ImTheFanda

      Man the only thing I want to know where you got that 2TB RAM

    29. Deathstranger

      Lol i was hoping each stick was 250gb of ram rather than 128gb, I guess my mind thought we were further in the tech world but I wouldn't be surprised if we get to 250gb by the end of this year or next year

    30. GaChas siNd guT

      *I don’t need sleep I need answers*

    31. Χρήστος Τζήκας

      As it appears, despite a cpu being able to handle huge amounts of ram, it isn't always a clever idea to use it that way. Take for example the tianhe-2 supercomputer, its cpus can handle 700 gb of ram each, but despite that, it is set up to use only 32 gb per cpu.

    32. Laas-Joonas Saul

      Wow i have 4gb ddr3 ram

    33. Benjamin Jager

      why did you shoot the video 2 months ago and just upload it?

    34. Nilesh Mukherjee

      My PC : I can feel a very strong energy

    35. Romn Ksn

      I can’t quite understand why people are memeing this

    36. Scoot

      And here i am with 4 GB of RAM.

    37. xXBBB2003Xx

      Mine just makes everythung be at 100%

    38. Black_DemonSk

      oof, i have only 4 :(

    39. DelaY

      Imagine u have 2TB but u open Chrome but it doesn't respond so u keep pressing it

    40. EPIC12EPIC

      Top 10 super computers NASA wished they owned

    41. Bryan William

      I declare the mac pro is the winner

    42. Bryan William

      Did he open all the tabs manually?

    43. McFarvo

      MeatCanyon sent me

    44. Hexallie

      5. Take it,or leave it.

    45. Kartoffel Gaming

      I have 8x 32GB RAM

    46. LOMIOS

      That's cool but can you run "run 2" with the max settings

    47. Hamza Bahadar

      2 thhhhhhera bytes

    48. Sir John Moore

      My ass over here with my 16 GB RAM ):

    49. Xgamer2000gmes

      The dislikes were form people who cant afford those (i cant)

    50. Chaobyte

      i wanted to see him close them all...

    51. Galaxy Monkeyy

      Why not just wear a hat

    52. saptarshi nath


    53. stop start


    54. Gamertag47

      nobody but me with 2gb ram pc watching 2tb ram video

    55. Amey 007

      While here :- How does chrome look on 2GB of RAM.

    56. MyrkDomolith

      Vivaldi might be a good test. Trades away automatic RAM management of tabs for a right-click option to manually unload all tabs, and it handles them the same way Chrome does. Means _all_ tabs are loaded and hogging RAM.

    57. SparkSmasher

      but can it run cry-

    58. Ayaz AA

      Bullshit I still use 4 GB ram and playing GTA v + taken 7 damn a 16 GB of RAM is dream for me kinda

    59. Jakekin

      Мажор блять(

    60. ゆっくりもちもちチャンネル

      That RAM stick is not more than my RAM on my PC