How Domino's Makes Its Pizza

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    We visit the Connecticut center of Domino's to see how the popular pizza chain makes 125,000 pizzas a day. There are 5,500 Domino's in the US, which rely on their own manufacturing centers for fresh dough. In the Connecticut center alone, over 125,000 dough balls are sent to stores in the northeast each day!
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    1. Dan Kim

      idk why but those dough balls are adoughrable

    2. Kade Garza

      Use some gloves please

    3. MyName IsT

      Domino's pizza is so gross. That pizza in the video is not even remotely close to what they deliver

    4. rbrazil1000

      Dominoes is horrible

    5. slyredjester

      I used to work at dominos in Australia and we had to make our own dough from scratch

    6. Demon Slayer

      I bet they purposely added EXTRA cheese on.

    7. ReFlex_Matthew

      This isn’t a pizza

    8. bounty hunter

      Why only the black guys wear handgloves? Even in the store the white guy didn't wear any gloves

    9. Grey Hat

      But how dough?

    10. Julita Sarnecka

      Bleeeeh its horrible. Te lo dice un italiano

    11. Mou Roy

      Mouth watering😋😋😋😋


      As an employee at domino's, I cannot vouch for this.

    13. Maxismaximal

      Junk Food

    14. Wulla Balloo

      Wrong judging by that fat mess in the thumbnail

    15. The Big Tree Guy

      seems like the SEsels recommendations brought us all together again

    16. Famous Stranger

      You forgot the part where they take out the rat droppings

    17. can3dj

      The best pizza is the italian pizza italiaaaa

    18. Robbert Kööp

      Honestly I'll eat any pizza that doesn't have a sweet ingredient

    19. 🗿

      *Bet you didn't search for this*

    20. Tha sickness

      Pff, americani...

    21. Pufy Dufy

      I Want to see same pizza in Real life, in real life îs 48%

    22. - Marc Gaming27 -

      Papa johns: *write that down write that down*

    23. Kam Singh

      Not using gloves for cheese or toppings, that is unhygienic.

    24. Cree82

      Papa johns is better!!!!

    25. bhaumik patel

      22M views- 22K comments.... Impressive ❤️

    26. Hypx

      how to make pizza 1. play Play-dough

    27. Adriel

      Its that KFC?

    28. Lax YT

      In my opinion Domino’s pizza is too thin

    29. Spencer

      Dominos is trash pizza

    30. Alexas

      This is cap😭😭😭😭 we out way less cheese then that

    31. Kevin Tran

      Does anyone have a domino pizza ad in this video? Lol

    32. Brendan Schwartz

      Now you made me hungry. I'm going to go and order a pizza from Dominos. 🍕

    33. chozzy

      Do you know anything about the quality of mozzarella hat Domino's uses

    34. Sla V

      Speciality goodie bag means a lot of other not natural ingredients

    35. David Airlines

      Worker:* makes the pizza with no gloves * 2:08 2:38 Customer:”delicious 5 stars” 1:45

    36. Damian Brown

      It ain't hand made. Pure marketing.

    37. DRUG MONEY

      Dislike button

    38. basta mi arrendo

      yeah yeah really interesting but where is my pizza dal tizio napoletano che ha aperto una pizzeria qui accanto?

    39. Carlie Hughes

      this is definitely not how they make it. if they made it like this, it wouldn't have given me the stomach flu.

    40. DON Ćrêđê

      Se la dovete fare fatela bene 🇮🇹🇮🇹

    41. ROYZ FKTR

      chiamatela "pizza" se ne avete il coraggi

    42. Fateful

      Why is pizza not in quotations

    43. meats soulframe

      Food that falls on the gray trays under the pizzas gets put back in bins for next pizzas I have seen them do this.

    44. Winnie Roulette

      They had to make it special for this video because pizza like that is something I’ve never seen

    45. Jahzel Alvarez

      This made me hungry😭


      Even if I order a cheesey cheese burst pizza with extra cheese I won't get that much of cheese.

    47. Lincoln Fultz

      That’s how they should make it

    48. Felix Aurelius

      why is it so shit in Australia

    49. Brightside44

      Dominos contains 2 cups of palm oil in a large cheese pizza. Eating Dominos can increase chances of developing stomach cancer and colon cancer.

    50. Gabriele Vasile

      Italiani: .......... Centodiciottoooooooooooooooo

    51. CR3ATUR3

      Now I really want Domino's to come to Finland :(

    52. Niranjan Ramu

      Lol i got a dominos ad

    53. Ray S

      I haven't had a Domino's pizza in 15 years. Maybe longer.

    54. Nox Xon

      Why i see no pizza is better than pizza hut?

    55. G.O.A.T At fortnite

      Now I want some dominos

    56. HorseRadishGaming

      Why tf my dominoes always 45% Crust and 45% Sauce and 9% Dry then?

    57. Max Marx

      I don’t work at a dominos but I’m pretty sure that’s not how they are made.

    58. Italy

      Mama Mia...

    59. Matthew Viramontes

      At 2:00 do you see how some of the toppings fall into the bin below? Yea, they make us pick out and separate the toppings from there and reuse them.

    60. Matthew Viramontes

      I work at Domino's, and this video is deceiving. First of all, the dough isn't handmade. You literally see it in a machine in the beginning. Second, it's not fresh. It's sent from the distribution centers to the stores, and it may be a few days before we use the "fresh" dough. Third, no, it's not frozen, but it's kept at temperatures just above freezing. Lastly, we have three different levels of cheesing: regular, extra, and double. And that pizza definitely has double cheese on it, so don't expect that much when you order a pizza.