How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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    Gav and Dan learn about tranquilizer dart physics using slow mo as a helpful tool. Don't try this at home unless you have 400lb gorilla running at full clip towards you. Watch outtakes here!
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    Filmed at 1000fps and 3000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
    How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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    1. Jack Marsh

      Gav and den back in ty carriage

    2. Kellanium

      Wish you’d had the dual phantom setup so we could see that safety tipped dart bounce off in all it’s slow glory

    3. Jac Candelaria


    4. demon in black

      Next 2 vids: how a grenade works on a human, and dans funeral

    5. Michael Willis

      Splash Shield, anyone??? Literally, just put a very clean glass pane in front of the camera guys.

    6. Bob Jeff

      I thought they were going to shoot each other in the legs because it’s winter and they’re wearing shorts

    7. Old Time Farm Boy


    8. Aiden Houck

      Me when the coincidize and stop speaking spanish Bruh.

    9. SaberMcTaber

      Just wait until they accidentally videotape a person falling off something

    10. Daniel Harjo


    11. hobomnky

      video idea: hit a drum while recording the audio with a mic right next to the drum, and film this whole setup in high speed. Then show the audio waveform captured and the correlation to the movement of the drum head. you can demonstrate how well/poorly different audio formats capture the real motion of the moving drum head.

    12. Kay - Den

      Another reason why the medicine would need to come out with such force, is because they dart the animals in a muscle, which once the animal is darted usually tense up said muscle, which in turn makes it harder for the medicine to penetrate the muscle and infiltrate into the bloodstream. However, you guys were also right about the animals taking the dart out, especially in animals with hands like monkeys and the sorts.

    13. seeriu ciihy

      Them: we'll be able to see how it affects an animal. Me: right right... A animal. Where is my boss at?


      Can you do a top fuel dragster sometime? bet it be one of your top 5 videos...

    15. dulu

      I just learned something today

    16. ricky

      Amo estos vídeos.

      1. ricky

        @seeriu ciihy yeah, they can!

      2. seeriu ciihy

        The slow mo guys can u do someday breaking Glass tears?

    17. Angelica Rocha

      we not gon talk bout how he look like Q of off impractical jokers

    18. UFOs Are Real!

      What is Q from impractical Jokers doing here? 😂

    19. cat gath

      Dan look at the old videos from say 2014. I didn't realize that it was you at first.

    20. Kidale Smith


    21. kismet8010

      This show is 95% filler. I don't want the commentary. I just want to watch whatever is advertised.

    22. Cyan_Platypus

      8:56 this is why we don't tranquilize small animals.

    23. Ivan Fernandez

      Im scared of injection uhuhuh

    24. BeetleBuns

      That dart is quite different than any that I've used or seen used. Seems a bit more complicated.

    25. NOTmal NoobLY

      So this isn't stopping anyone to just insert acid into the needle and shooting people in public

    26. Fizzoli Vlogs

      Hey, I’m not a daily viewer but I got a good video idea. I watched a video on a rubber band machine gun and wondered what it was like when it was firing and honestly how it worked in general. It’s pricey so I wouldn’t expect this, but I thought the gun was really cool. Thanks guys!

    27. Fiidzz

      I started whatching on 1:31 and get little heart attack

    28. Salva

      Guys, I love your videos, all of them. And I do enjoy a lot how you talk and explain about the stuff you do. Could you by any chances try some cymatic experiments to record these in slow motion? That could be sick to watch. Regards from Argentina!

    29. YO RAWzlie

      Try sand blasting color off of a vehicle in slow motion and how it actually works

    30. Wakame Kat

      6:56 slow motion

    31. charmstocke 1

      The slow mo guys can u do someday breaking Glass tears?

    32. E.N.D Dragneel

      Now let’s get a human test

    33. RetroGamer

      What happened to George? How is he doing? What is he doing?

    34. CN Gaming

      you guys used to do slower vids, now they are a bit like iphone slow mo, no slow enough in my opinion

    35. daniel romans


    36. divyanshi gupta

      In just 6 DAYS 11MILLION people watched this...🧡

    37. Mr. Roberts


    38. Peyton Plagman

      should have used ballistics jell

      1. Kaiden Watts

        Peyton Plagman yeah that would be cool

    39. Gary Benninger

      Could you do a shot in to a simulated animal flesh? Like how it looks in the vein? The pressure of the liquid and viscosity is different than the one being injected. It might make interesting swirls snd shockwaves.

      1. Gary Benninger

        You could do it into a 40 mercury pressure bag of oil maybe mineral oil? Obviously it has to be clear so that the camera can shoot. I think mineral would be non-destructive.

    40. undeadman1ac III

      They look like if captain price and Q from impractical jokers went retired and were bored asf to make a slow mo on tranq darts

    41. karen potter

      Give Dan a new coat

    42. sourMellow

      I learn more from these guys than my teachers

    43. Jangish Bogee

      Try tranquilizer in Transparent muscle like hard jal or something. I mean try in muscle like transparent substance.

    44. Nisarg Joshi

      The big blow gun could probably pierce a crocodile's back.

    45. Nisarg Joshi

      08:52 hehe

    46. Joe G

      So how is the pressure released? Is the shock of the impact just enough to loosen the plunger for a split second?

    47. somthingbrutal

      spotted a cool thing you might be interesting in filming. A radiation source in a cloud chamber

    48. Maxine chloe Torres

      So I wanna see it slower then I used 0.25 playback speed

    49. angel campos

      It would be nice to shoot clear jello or a steak or ballistic gel

    50. Matt Attack

      the "NSFW" moment. lmao

    51. Kazimyr Petryk

      Can you spin a fan at 12.500 fps

    52. Kazimyr Petryk

      Can you spin a fan at 12;500

    53. Aashish Dinesh

      dont hurt animals . why are u promoting it

    54. Trecia Pimer

      Antarctica: freezing to death. Australia, Arizona:Dying of heat stroke every single day

    55. Dax_i5

      8:52 NSFW 7w7

    56. Garras Porgratix

      Why the disclaimer??!! Who HAS these things just laying in the cupboard to do this

    57. Becca Glantz

      Please please please caption your videos. I really want to watch them but i can't w/o captions.

    58. D E X DEAD

      IF you can , slow mo guys I want to see an episode of a ' *_warship cannon_* ' I don't know if it's possible or not but if it is I would love it totally !! Please look forward to this !! Spread the word around guys if y'all want to see the same !

    59. iDeAs Born

      "I lIkE yOu ... BuT YeRr CRaAzZZy"

    60. my wolf Nguyen

      Its been a while