Homemade Screw Tank Build #1 SCREWS


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    1. James Treydte

      So who is the guy who helps you do your builds? I’ve seen him but i havnt heard who he is.

    2. Curtis Wolfgang

      One way that you could have made making the screws easier, would have been to use bead compressed gas cylinders. Think joining end to end two oxygen or acetylene cylinders.

    3. Tom Mitchell Woodworking

      Not sure if anyone has asked yet but since the screw turn opposite each other to go forward shouldnt the screw patterns be opposite as well? Like one right hand thread and one left hand thread?

    4. Carter Brown

      I know who I'm going to during a zombie apocalypse

    5. Hector Flores Pauner

      Dude, you have really cool stuff, but this looks like a bit crappy, and I'm completely sure that tanks do not use that type of mechanism to generate the movement... To sum up, I can't wait to see the final result, go ahead colin, hit 'em in da face!!!

    6. Dino

      Code is garbage can only be used by making a new account

    7. Александр

      Шнекоход чтоль делать решил???

    8. Wood LTD


    9. LarryShredMonkey

      perfectly round square cylinder ;)

    10. BlyatMobile

      he's almost to 9 million, get to your apocalypse bunkers boys

    11. Henry Kritter

      More single project videos, these heavily sponsored segmented videos are really boring. And this is not much better than the month long crisps ad your channel was not to long ago. Like I get thats the contract you sign is X videos dedicated to their project, its just such boring content watching them all in tiny bits where not much if anything has been accomplished.

    12. alex copland

      Screw tank, give me a pulse-jet hover-bike!

    13. Aria Zinoviev

      close to 9m dude!

    14. Miro Vidmar

      sesels.info/video/video/ooyEmnnMrYaIe9Q.html sesels.info/video/video/ZZyUcIzLx6RupZk.html sesels.info/video/video/k5h9jqGwp5h9ZtQ.html

    15. Sadistic Ogre

      "Free to win?" Colin clearly hasn't played the damn game.

    16. 90's vandipranthan വണ്ടി ഭ്രാന്തൻ

      Bro huge fan of your videos. . . I am here to ask you for. A help .. I am a crazy vintage vehicle lover and one of my favorite and rare vintage model vehicle is up for sale. . I feel ashamed to ask you this but don't have a choice that's why. . .can you please lend me some money anything that u can spare. I will give it back to you. . ..hope you'll reply. . . again pardon me for asking. .

    17. John Zoidberg

      Colin, what is "desiged" (12:26) :D

    18. DIYPD

      Really awesome!!!

    19. Josh's Shed

      Wish I caught your live broadcast! Hope your day is as epic as you are! Can't wait for the next one!

    20. Tiffany Kimery


    21. Spectre: Zero Dark

      code only works if you are new to world of tanks. what about us seasoned players please?

    22. Czecher86


    23. Alum1n1um Kn1ght

      What happened with them other two videos you posted on Feb 17th?

    24. Giorgio Trippa

      Don't you need to mirror the two screws?

    25. aycfes

      the thread is currently just a bendy strip of metal, not exactly steardy, and wil probably both din into the ground too much and wear away fast, on harder terrain, so i recommend adding one more thread to each, and joining them together, kinda like ya wrapped angle steel around it

    26. Роман Фрейер

      I cant see last video.

    27. rock climbing33

      Looking great!!!

    28. malevolantANGEL

      Honestly probably the best incorporation of a sponsor I’ve ever seen on SEsels!

    29. Sam Flint

      @colinfurze @4:02 The word you are looking for is Joggle

    30. Michael Michaels

      7:59 dude!! What happened to your arm??? It's all swollen and greyish...

    31. That Gas mask kid

      It better shoot tank rounds

    32. Neo Flaver

      Wot... This is my game

    33. Jeff The Ref

      Pls don’t watch my videos their cringe

    34. Jeff The Ref

      Such an amazing video

    35. Jeff The Ref


    36. oof

      ive always wondered were all of his creations go if they go up for auction i need to know where and how much because i will buy them all

    37. Jonathan Taylor

      6:15 Introducing the lampshade 5000

    38. Paul Evans

      What gives Cloin ? Just had three notifications from your channel only to find that you've deleted all three.

    39. BlueWolf _GAMEZ


    40. rcpilot

      You should do a collab with mastermilo, he build his own tank as well!

    41. Jibrhan khan

      Yo why take it down

    42. El Smeghead

      Just sent you a superchat on your "Why is this so hard" video but it failed as you deleted the video you silly man. I'll wait til you get up and running again and try again later.

    43. monogometr1c

      Colin have you saved the second video because the comedic timing was extraordinary

    44. Ultra

      Do more Fireworks on the channel!!

    45. ExlooerZandhappers

      Your colleague mastermilo82 from the Netherlands already builded a tank. And is restoring a real tank from Sadam Hoessein. Great job furze keep going on!!

    46. Nathan Bishop

      What else could you use a metal cone for? Metal lamp shade

    47. Jokey Jesus

      Google how to turn on slow mode for lives, that's what it is killing your lives your internet out in the shed can't handle all the comments that fast

    48. V8Hilux

      FOR THE LOVE OF WARGAMING DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME 😂 but in all seriousness... don't & that's 7 years of experience talking.

    49. алеша шевченко

      всем приветик

    50. someguy004

      WOT is p2w garbage, just get war thunder

    51. Adnan Abdillah Ghifari

      Hey @colinfurze, you are almost reach 9 million subs! You need to light up more fireworks at 9 million subs.

    52. Kai Noctis

      world of tanks is aids

    53. Dan Hall

      Make a hornby train gun

    54. Rik Sluiter

      Someone has to chalange colinfurze and MasterMilo82

    55. Arne Burghouts

      Hmm.. Make it float, so you can use it on water as well. Boom!

    56. Copenhagen King

      His fab skills are unparalleled

    57. Jonathan

      I wonder how many watch list Colin is on

    58. Thekingx3 Gaming

      Your almost at 9mil can’t wait till your 9mil celebration video

    59. Stephan Brun

      One Killdoser, coming up.

    60. Wazzupbro333

      I’m curious to see what he’s gonna do for steering I can’t imagine it being drivable

      1. Henry Kritter

        Simply speed one up and slow the other down, exactly the same as a normal tank.