hit the tank like Wiz Khalifa (World of Tanks)

Also Fitz

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    1. Also Fitz

      World of Tanks, I guess it's World of Tanks huh? I've got a sponsor and now I'm getting RICH YA!

      1. shaked lab


      2. jake_ the_snake209

        World of Skanks

      3. Marvenga 64

        Fitz... translates this. Eres un máricon.

      4. Aussie Kee

        You should give us a would of tanks- Fuc I mean thanks

      5. Joshua Knight

        Fitz, u need a press acc?, AND U DONT CHANGE ITS NAME? play it legit lmfao

    2. Maja Larsson

      I'm at the psychiatry and I regret listening to this on speakers, but I'm not allowed to used wired headphones sooo

    3. KeinAIM

      We're not Nazis, if you'd listened to history lessons, you'd know this was 19039-45

    4. CubanCanadian

      go and play #WarThunder

    5. Akagi Legend

      I accidentally skipped to 2:14

    6. EpicFunnyLife

      My favorite video now

    7. Luke Shinde

      We need swagger changing the American anthem in a super pershing

    8. Aaryan Bisen

      Damn I tried this a while ago like swagger's schoolmate and I gotta say the game looks like a beautiful

    9. matejkar 666

      Imagine if they platooned with an actually experienced player and he just starts to explain the mechanics and everything but they dont know shit

    10. Konnor Kirkbride

      It's Nerf or nazi

    11. SgtSwagger

      Im actually glad you guys all got sponsored for WOT the NA server could always use some new players!

    12. Chopstick Cunt

      WG: WoT has beautiful visuals, new tank physics and tons of tanks availavable for your liking, F2P btw! Me: YOU NEVER MENTION THE SHIT MM

    13. urmom 300

      Use the PzKpFw V AUSF Tiger I*

    14. Adam Miller

      I'm gay for fitz change my mind

    15. un- kreativ

      I am already German

    16. Harvey Alejo

      I'm downloading WOT rn

    17. Virgin

      Wow Look at this 10:27

    18. ImQuiteTqlented

      U litterally sound like Sid from ice age

    19. Gassy Irishman

      Just starts with Nerf Nazi but ok...

    20. MARK FURY

      Roblox cock Me. FORTNITE DICK

      1. MARK FURY

        Trash the video

    21. Unfortunate Gamer

      Hit or miss I guess it’s forced comedy huh?

    22. eilees

      Swagger is so fucked in this video. His laugh is pure insanity

    23. Ku Baki

      Hallo an die deutschen die das anschauen hahha. Ihr habt einen guten Humor :D

    24. Horizon Foz

      Is the game is still plagued by "low-end" graphic details players who turn foliages and trees setting all the way down to make other player tanks more visible? I left the game when that was the community reported issue many years ago.

    25. SpLit_Dex

      So what, is world of tanks a knockoff of war thunder?

    26. Tyree Whatarangi


    27. tankeryy

      O:56 - 1:26 😂😂

    28. Zankaru

      CLASSIC wargaming. Add new tanks, new engine, new graphics. RNG still broken, servers still trash, matchmaking is the worst on the planet. lol

      1. Sytricka

        Matchmaking got reworked like a month ago, now its much better, servers have always been really good, thats just your internet sucking

    29. xchargex16

      I hate this fucking annoying laugh like some midget. Please mute that guy 😕

    30. faze owo

      Sëghæl hittĺr.

    31. Xppz

      you used my dead aunts name in a vid ty :,) (Sheryl)

    32. Daniel Mahendrakumar

      What happened in the concentration camps :"NERF NAZI"

    33. Muhammad Yusuf Irsyad

      War Thunder = Simulation World of Tanks = Arcade

    34. Vietboy

      war thunder is better

    35. MDoyle626

      Want a realistic tank game play war thunder it has supersonic jets, MBT like the Abrams and leopard, it has heils and boats all in one game unlike WOT

    36. Idoingstuff

      The last bit is basically me thinking how the hell do i take over the world

    37. 中国

      Fitzs normal channel is banned on my school WiFi but this one isn’t

    38. ItsTrain x

      That intro was Amazing

    39. Joseph Bennett

      If yall niggas did animation with the stoner man shit😂😂😂

    40. MK whoopings

      this game is actually fucking trash dont waste fucking money on this aids. played it for 3 years.

    41. jydden elliott

      You guys are great, but I would hate to have you on my team

    42. Yohei Kito

      War thunder is better

    43. Mario Barreto

      Play war thunder

    44. SKITTLES _10

      This meme is dead and cringe fitz I expected more from you

    45. Clarissa Guerra

      What a missed opportunity to say big tanks to world of tanks

    46. Itz_Abbu _Weeb

      I had the quality up so the way and I screamed when it went down

    47. maaos hussain

      This actually made me want to play world of tanks!

    48. James Martinez

      2:52 or 30 midget clowns. Just sayin is all.

    49. gohn

      n e r f n a z i

    50. Micheal Craddock

      I feel so bad for the people who played on the same team as these three.

    51. Keunet

      why does that video feels depressing to me wtf

    52. Mr J

      more plz fitz

    53. dog truffles

      They are children. They are freaking children

    54. The Real Mohamed

      We’re going on a trip to a place called auchwitz it is shower time little new stien

    55. Macavre


    56. jake_ the_snake209

      World of skanks

    57. AllAroundMan

      Too few stugs

    58. SlavKing1945

      Rinaly spme tonks

    59. Elizabeth Carter


    60. Tea MASTER

      What the same between love and w.o.w.?? Dat and this means fuck each other in anal