HIGHWAY 3 (Part 8) Yet again - the RS4 in another police chase! [HD]



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    Skurken and his german monster goes Farsta by night in this last episode of Highway 3. We thank you all for the support and we see you all next year with more amazing content. Be sure to subscribe and turn on the bell to not miss our next upload!
    Driver: Skurken Co-driver: AlexanderVlonga

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    1. Critical

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      1. Kane O'Toole

        @Austin Falcone who me ?

      2. Austin Falcone

        Did you change the firing pattern?

      3. Kane O'Toole

        Please do it on a e92/E93 335i with n54 engine

      4. legitscoper

        @itshammertime3 ja ja, Volvo

      5. itshammertime3

        Vad måste man göra för att ni ska komma till enköping?

    2. Racecar Is Life

      Anyone else get the movie DRIVE vibes?

    3. Dobar Decxko

      Ne vozim brzo, nego dinamicno !!!

    4. bradleigh davies

      Why did u leave the BMW m3 and leave your camera in there and took licence pate and ran off

    5. Jeff

      He doesn't even indicate smh such a BMW driver...

    6. SiloNova

      Hopefully when this prick does eventually crash & burn he doesn't take some poor family with him.

    7. bielas - -

      Cars are stolen or? I doubt than there are the owners of the cars, here in spaim they caught you in 1 day if you are the owner of the car. If you noticed the stolen car then ok. I think than they are change the painting tonight jjj

    8. The Watchman

      Police solution : get an RS6.

    9. PollokBob64

      This speeding no I.Q. imbecile needs euthanized..what a total waste of oxygen these dolts are..hang'em all..!

    10. Flames Xu

      4:17 Gota stay hydrated

    11. Darren Lee

      The new stig for top gears

    12. Jyrki Tarhonen

      Hit Greta and we get rid off two assholes.

    13. Alioth Alnilam

      It's fake !!!

    14. toms000


    15. wormlotion

      That car is missing 5 cylinders...

    16. Hedangen

      nfs heat irl

    17. R

      You should not use your phone while driving! Its illegal!

    18. blue angel

      Aweeeee 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    19. Charles Coby

      Damn you is good 👍🏽👍🏽

    20. Chandler Tilton

      4:38 calls lester Edit: somebody already mentioned this my bad

    21. Reeeeeee

      I just came across your channel and I’m gonna binge watch every single video. I’ve been looking for more of this content

    22. emilia lozano

      Mach mal einen Verfolgungs Jagt mit einem GoKart💪🏽😂😂😂

    23. Sebbissoss

      imsdal represent

    24. Rory Wilson-Barratt

      A fast car ? Does Not make you an Expert Fast driver ! This guy is going to kill some innocent people he's No Expert Driver ! He's a bad accident waiting to happen.

    25. Fabien lj

      Magnifique !!! En voilà un qui a des couilles

    26. John jimmers

      this channel is amazing and im glad it exists, this is quality content

    27. Pizza Studios

      I hate the rs4 sound

    28. Robert

      Looks like one of the new so called Swede in a pizza car

    29. Kilaric

      love these videos

    30. Madeej555

      sry dude but you still stand no chance against guy from this video : BMW M3 E92 (onboard) vs. Motorcycles street race in Warsaw, Poland

      1. Madeej555

        Hmm.. Being better at Reckless Driving I guess xD

      2. Critical

        Chance of what?

    31. Dylan

      Do u steal the cars or are they your own cars

    32. Streetboyz

      I hope this guy runs his cars without the brake lights/any light in the back running

    33. Streetboyz

      This guy is like the wangan midnight combined with the bosozoku I get CHILLS

    34. Teo The thot

      His cars either moves or them cop cars rlly slow lol

    35. Leave me Alone

      Legendary. Fuck the po po.

    36. boerashid

      Ryan Gosling/Drive? Eat your heart out! You ain’t got nothing on this guy!

    37. mooseman.ent

      This idiot is gonna kill someone soon driving like this

    38. volt070

      Diver: Gained one star Star, starts blinking. Star disappear - 10:11

    39. darek4488

      I hope you will never get caught. Good job.

    40. Nate M

      That 4.2 V8 exhaust note 😍