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Olivia Jade

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    1. Ash Sparks

      Did she really say “the moral of the story is I’ve missed you guys so much and excited to be filming and uploading again”?!?!? That’s not the moral of the story girl

    2. MLGDr.Phill

      Fake ass bitch #zerobraincells

    3. Molly Richardson

      can yall stop hating on her. shes been throw enough this past year and all of your horrible comments are making it worse for her. olivia genuinley loves youtube and i can tell from her past videos. and heres a question to ask yourself. how would you feel if your parents were sent to prison and lost their jobs? huh. Olivia, you are an amazing gal. dont let anyone tell you other wise!

    4. Dan Customer

      everybody hates you, you silver spoon little brat who stole the college away from a kid that really deserves it and wanted to learn ! You self-centered narcissistic little witch why don't you just drop dead ! you should be in prison and if the FBI was really doing their job you should be arrested for fraud !

    5. Woahtherebuddy

      She doesnt seem like any real people I know. Is that why shes not facing real consequences for her crime either?

    6. Brook Emanuel

      Love how shes blamed for being raised in a rich ass family and brainwashed into thinking her life is normal. Yes was happened was fuckin disgusting, but damn let a bitch fuckin try to attempt to grow and learn

    7. MrXelium

      Imagine being subbed to this girl's channel...hahahahah. @SEsels stop those shitty recommendations. Thank you.

    8. Pretty Different

      Yikes girl somebody should help write you public apology

    9. lilyann168

      go away lazy ass

    10. Tyler Engel-Farland

      guys just stop don’t give her a hard time she’s trying to improve and move on that’s all that matters we all can’t live in the past don’t say rude things be why be rude when you can be kind

    11. Everything Salty

      Who is this, what is this video about and why was this recommended to me?

    12. tanwera

      You should follow your parents to prison

    13. delisa easter

      who ever in these comments that had not sinned before, cast the first stone. WELCOME BACK OLIVIA!!! Im ready to see your awesome BLOGS again!! WE real women of God forgive, just like Jesus Forgave you also sis

      1. Lisa L


    14. Glass Goose

      Dude go away !

    15. Jack Chevy

      How many job applications have you filled out in your life?

    16. Jewel Austero

      she said a whole lot and so little at the same time wtf did i watch

    17. LusciousV


    18. Jack Chevy

      This girl is the definition of privilege. Turning on a camera your parents bought you and filming your spoiled lifestyle doesn't make you creative.. You don't create anything.

    19. Brittney Hoffman

      are you gonna make merch

    20. Ryan Eaton

      Booooooo don’t come back I’m sorry you miss not making assloads of money

    21. Udita Pericharla

      Isn’t this the girl who bought her way into college?

    22. Prison Mike

      I got some prison advice for yer moms,

    23. chile gomez


    24. Beverly Scurry

      You need a reality check.

    25. Eric Folan

      U Still Cheated

    26. Kc got lucky

      I wasted 2:01 minutes of my life..

    27. Sara A

      AS TOLD BY KENYA describes olivia and this whole situation SO WELL. Yall should see her video. Calls out this bs so perfectly 🙌

    28. Sarai Herrera

      I still have yet to see her be sorry for all she's done. Like not even a fake apology, she cant even pretend to be sorry. To me this makes me think she believes shes done nothinh wrong, wich is kind of scary tbh

    29. Cameron Hart

      Spoiled, & entitled flake.

    30. Ney R

      If you ever feel like your life is Messed up? Just remind yourself Olivia Jades parents are going to jail for being scammers and you’ll feel better. Olivia you’re being thirsty as hell focus on your drama at home and leave SEsels, for ones do something responsible. This girl wants to get paid for being an Idiot.

    31. Atarah Kerr

      Did she know her parents helped her get in? Or was she blindsided as well?

    32. Kennedy T

      No one missed you.

    33. F M

      I hope she reads these messages and loses her mind. Watch everyone on this feed get TRIGGERED.

    34. Meshaal Malik

      Ok, so i expected like a ten min video about like how she ‘missed us’ or how she ‘loves us’ but no. It’s two minutes long. And someone how she still makes this all about herself

    35. Ricardo Magana

      Is it about your mom

    36. Ilovehateyou

      I want to say something asinine, but I know I'll regret it llol

    37. Dtaysche

      Go away.

      1. Dtaysche

        @Troy I will click whatever the fuck I please.

      2. Troy

        Don't click.

    38. Jae

      There’s so many people who have lost sleep missed meals and had sleepless nights to try to get into a good school while this chick got in because of her parents money 🙄 I CANNOT support someone like this nope.

      1. Troy

        Don't pretend to care for anyone else.

    39. Addy Bowman

      What’s up with your voice lmfaooo

    40. Samantha Walsh

      YES I’ve been waiting for so long so glad you’re back you’re the best ❤️ can’t wait to see new videos