Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

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    This video is dedicated to touching.
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    Tastes like strawberries
    On a summer evening
    And it sounds just like a song
    I want more berries
    And that summer feeling
    It’s so wonderful and warm
    Breathe me in
    Breathe me out
    I don’t know if I could ever go without
    I’m just thinking out loud
    I don’t know if I could ever go without

    Watermelon sugar high
    Watermelon sugar high
    Watermelon sugar high
    Watermelon sugar high
    Watermelon sugar

    On a summer evening
    Baby, you’re the end of June
    I want your belly
    And that summer feeling
    Getting washed away in you
    Breathe me in
    Breathe me out
    I don’t know if I could ever go without

    Watermelon sugar high

    I just wanna taste it
    I just wanna taste it
    Watermelon sugar high

    Tastes like strawberries
    On a summer evening
    And it sounds just like a song
    I want your belly
    And that summer feeling
    I don’t know if I could ever go without

    Watermelon sugar high

    I just wanna taste it
    I just wanna taste it
    Watermelon sugar high
    I just wanna taste it
    I just wanna taste it
    Watermelon sugar high

    Watermelon Sugar
    #HarryStyles #WatermelonSugar #FineLine

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    1. Anindita Chowdhury

      I wanna be that girl kissing Harry on the cheeks

    2. Maurice Brook

      ummmmm..... why is there a random guy in this very suggestive video??!?!?!?

    3. varsh pss

      Quick question: Wanna be a peach or a watermelon?

    4. RaineGRG

      Director: How many watermelons you want in this video? Harry Styles: *YES*

    5. King Coker

      Perfect song for the summer

    6. Berra Demir

      i ve never wanted to be a fruit this hard

    7. Good N' Plenty

      When you see this video during quarantine and you're pretty sure you just saw a porno...

    8. Greta Ghidelli

      Ti amo

    9. Kelly Vrösch

      so i guess harry's into orgies?

    10. Linh Nguyễn

      Tự hỏi tốn bao nhiêu quả dưa hấu?

    11. Mila Nikolic

      we really need behind the scenes of this

    12. Um I don't know

      this video is a bisexual's dream tbh

    13. Anita Grlic

      OMG just imagine how great it would be to go on a mani+pedi with Harry 🤗 like Hey babe witch colour are we choosin today? Let's do watermelon red 💅🔝😎 And how many watermelons were eaten in that video 🤔🤔

    14. Nívea Lohany


    15. Quek Quek

      I just realize there’s another man beside harry in this vid lol

    16. JJ Cierra

      I found out what this song meant snd I can't see harry the same anymore he was the last innocent ex 1D member

    17. cesar inzunza

      Y en ese dia soleado, las modelos comieron alimento solido por primera ves🙊

    18. Sofia

      i never knew watermelon fetish was a thing until now

    19. Squiggles

      Harry be looking so smug in this video 😂😂😂

    20. Adam Swapno

      This song just doesn’t sound right. Weird!

    21. Hxney

      I have fallen more in love ‘-‘

    22. Romel Orozco


    23. Klaudia Wiktoria

      Co jest boomer ???

    24. stream DNA & Drag me down

      Now I can't even eat watermelon without singing "watermelon sugar high"

    25. umecha

      I would have appreciated more inclusive body types

      1. Jenni Boo

        Oh give me a break. Nobody wants to see some body types

    26. Daniela Yenque

      "This video is dedicated to touching". Thanks a lot xd

    27. mineofyours

      -"This video is dedicated to touching", harry we are in quarantine pls

    28. Music Edge

      Open our profile and receive compliment!😊

    29. 1k subscribers with a video challenge

      Look at that eyes

    30. 1k subscribers with a video challenge

      Harry :stroking watermelon 😻

    31. 1k subscribers with a video challenge

      Look ☝️he is missing 4 best things ever happened to him.

    32. Maya El morsi

      Just IMAGINE being one of those girls

    33. MiseryIsMyBusiness28

      The Elton vibes 😍😍😍

    34. Sarah

      This guy Likes BLONDS and mostly gets DARK haired around... The Disrespect !

    35. Kaya Terlaak

      I love how this entire album is basically about orgies

    36. Kermit The Frog Jr

      I listen blueface not this how did this get in my recommend

    37. Alessa

      What kind of hugh hefner is this?


      Harry. Eating. Watermelons. Just that.

    39. JADOUNE

      How did he do to make a fruit or a fish look attractive ? 😂

    40. ilove gaykiss

      Came here after watching Lights Up.I just love Harry so much♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    41. Shehry

      Watermelon sugar music video is the 2020 equivalent of the California Gurls music video by katy Perry

    42. Max Flyme

      What does really mean?

    43. Angie Vergel

      Y como por que el video tiene dislikes? La gente es como pendeja o solo yo lo pienso? :)

    44. Julia Robertson

      Gives me strong Manson family vibes

      1. jude evans

        Julia Robertson Then you know very little about the Manson family.

    45. Caroline Head

      I legit clicked on this video wondering wtf watermelon sugar was. I now know.

    46. Angela Jackson

      Wanted to check up, how the bisexuals holding up?

    47. Sevilay Kuş

      Yeminle gülmekten altıma sıçtım karpuzun suçu ne yaa??

    48. Ana Carolina

      Amo essa música ❤

    49. LunaBlox

      Am I the only that weirded out

    50. lttflrl

      kinda looks like a cult lol

    51. Shania Loveridge


    52. CodyAcousticCovers

      Anyone else get Elton John vibes? Lol

    53. sexypoetry

      watermelon tastes like strawberries and sounds like a song? is this the dumbest poem ever? but, never mind, we are supposed to all go crazy when someone like harry or (sic!) "tamed impala" (is that the dumbest band name ever?_ comes up with the nice melody (tame impala stole it from noel galagher who stole it from someone else and i don't know about this one yet) even if the whole thing must be freaking toothless to extreme so i guess that this is the reason fro choosing watermelon as the subject this time...you can eat it without teeth

    54. evehannahs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> when u realise where the watermelon sugar is... He cant go without that 😏

    55. Martuu Robledo

      HARRY SOLTA LAS SANDIAS, no te enseñé eso.

    56. shirito shiro

      Le faltó poner mujeres diversas. Siempre la típica flaca modelo perfecta .

    57. Freja Marshall

      what is harry referring to on may 18 2020???

    58. ur gurl lydia

      google : me typing : how can i be a watermelon ?

    59. Levioli

      this video is sponsored by watermelon

    60. kiara ansourian

      i love you so much baby

    61. bagrattionni

      goodbye BANANA now WATERMELON is my favorite fruit :) :) :) !!!!!!

    62. Angelika Adakis

      Wow guy is really into orgies

    63. George Alexander

      Isn't this location where 1D shoot What's Make You beautiful

    64. Tania Reynalda

      This song is about acid. Fight me

    65. Kunal Choudhury

      clearly nobody is maintaining social distancing

    66. Nicole Jubilo

      do y'all realize that this beach was the beach for the song "What makes you Beautiful"

    67. Heloisa Marques

      Nem tem semente na melancia olha gnt

    68. Help Clarence reach 1000 subscribers

      Song: Watermelon Sugar Harry: Tastes like strawberries Watermelon: Am I a joke to you


      am i the only one that realizes there's one man at the ending part ? 🤔🤣🙌

      1. Wayne Campbell


    70. Help Clarence reach 1000 subscribers

      I was convinced his career ended in one direction. I was proven wrong.

    71. Payal Mazumder

      The whole video i was looking for ONE watermelon which has seeds on it... Couldn't find any and the video's over..! It's disturbing 😑😑

    72. paulis mora montalvo

      Me encanta❤🍉

    73. Love You

      بموت من الجمااال هاري احبببببك🥺🧡✨

    74. hila chulpayev

      harry l love you so much❤

    75. Lance Fedelicio

      This is the first time I saw a watermelon without a seed like thing

    76. IcedFan 1

      This song is so bad its actually funny😂

    77. TheElisabethMaria

      Am I the only one seeing Harry touch that melon part at the table and feeling something? 👀

    78. The Cartoon Network Fanatic

      6 months ago : i wish there is a music video for this song (even i was an gadget fever (playing my gadgets)) today : finally, the music video is released (and my gadgets having a problem and it's unsolved)

    79. Seo Hoon Man

      I love it. I'm partial because watermelon is my favorite fruit but this song is so chill and so good the only thing missing is me on an island drinking watermelon smoothie on a 3pm. I love it. Edit: wait, is this song about watermelon?

    80. Frances Mutz

      Harry Styles never fails to be completely and totally entertaining.....love his incredible voice and talent......just can't get enough