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    1. The ACE Family


      1. Juliette Villegas

        Yes the song is so good

      2. Arianna Mitchell

        The ACE Family I absolutely love the song I can’t wait for more this was amazing and worth the wait Love you ACE family ❤️♠️

      3. Brenda Colon

        RAQUEL GUAJARDO you are so mean

      4. SaraAliciaAshley Hernandez

        Omg i was waiting for it i loved it 😍😍😍😍💒💒 Hi I Wish I Was A Member Of The Ace Family 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

      5. Irvinia Moreno

        It dope Song we love ace family

    2. Dana Allen

      I thought it was supposed to be better than their first song

    3. Torey Kragness

      Is anyone else a little annoyed lately. They made us wait for ever and made such a big deal about when we get the new house we are going to have hella videos for you.... we have gotten 26 videos counting this 🙄 in 3 months.... miss the old ace family

    4. Yunique Anderson

      Can you guys make more daily video

    5. xox 44

      This is goofy as hell

    6. Simply Ari

      All the 7 years old thinking what the song is about: horses and a family Everyone over age 12: Um ok 😐 go “giddy up” Like if u know what I mean lol

    7. Izxythealien X

      Ion like it

    8. Maddison Nicholls

      the bit on the horse is disgusting. abuse.

    9. Mahima Thapa

      Its been long the ace family's subrcribers is not increasing from 17.7M

    10. Galaxy Warmup

      The best tho it was so fire tho cant lie and I was unsubscribed now I’m subscribed

    11. skyler light

      Omggg i love this music and I dont understand people who does not like the Ace Family i mean just go away Anyways good luck catherine and austin i wish u guys the best

    12. Kew La

      Who came here from TikTok

    13. El Palma


    14. Mitasha mohabir


    15. Edris Safi

      like if the video is the best

    16. Richelle

      Damn mad haters. I liked the video

    17. Pema Tamang

      ❤😘❤😘 amazing song

    18. Laila Rañeses

      Oh my ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    19. Ivana Giani


    20. Jaycob Guzman

      Hey I just Love it

    21. Raj Rughoobeer

      This song was fire 🔥🔥🔥

    22. Pls gimme bread

      How do you block someone on youtube ?

    23. Sreyashi's World

      Omg its just too much awesome i love giddy up

    24. StAr's Channel

      I love horses ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. path world

      I love the song I listen to the song all the time. I downloaded from mp3.😍😘

    26. Hana .E

      Damn this is good

    27. aya sh

      مين اجا من عند غيث مروان

    28. Apple apps iOS Más apps

      Ace fam please collab with THE BAY FAM They are Spanish people

    29. Amber A.

      back in the days i used to read mostly positive comments in their comment section but now its the opposite and yet subs still going up. 😯

    30. PokemonClutch Yt

      When u try complying lil x nAs

    31. jonathan wise


    32. bitch I'm thriving

      He ain't even singing he's literally lip syncing

    33. Mari & Marie Productions

      I feel the "you can be my cowgirl; take me for a ride" part is real 🍆🍑 if you know what I mean 😉

    34. Miss Queen

      Omggg everyone is being rude in the comments like seriously Austin tried his best to make everyone happy with this song and that’s why he gets ???? U guys need to be respectful

    35. Douglas Diggins

      I would be happy if you guys went bankrupt and stopped plastering a camera to your poor kids faces. You shady robot fucks.

    36. Ravea Crowster


    37. Sherry Mercado

      OMG I love it you guys always seems to amaze me...just gotta have you soma Ace Family in your life.♠️

    38. one mind ones said

      Everything was alright except the "giddy up" sounds lame lmao and the video is too short looks more like a 1 sneak peak

    39. Ghada Shehata

      I'm honestly disappointed that they even allowed this to be released even though that one amazing dancer isn't even visible at all in the video. That's really messed up. He did great none the less. ♥️

    40. macarena valenzuela

      so beautiful