FLY VS JERK 11 - Episode 9 - River Day

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    The original reality pike fishing competition, FLY VS JERK, is back with another crazy season. This year we have 8 teams fighting for the victory and they will do everything in their power to have a shot at being crowned the winners of FLY VS JERK 11. The 8 teams fighting this season are:
    - CWC Fishing Team with Stefan Trumstedt & Pierre Monjarret
    - Team Vision with Niklaus Bauer & Markus Tandefelt
    - Team ILLEX/Gunki with Frédéric Jullian & Manuel Fyrestam
    - Team Leech with Alexander Lexén & Markus Maliszewski
    - Team Raymarine with Per Tjernström & Viktor Enblom
    - Team with Björn Boström & Jacob Hanc
    - Team Mouse with Tony Andersson & Andreas Andersson
    - Team Silver/Suzuki with Berra Mårdh & Lars Litzell
    Subtitles are available in German, French, Polish and Russian.
    C'est parti!
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    1. Florent CHALVIGNAC

      Super bien montées ces vidéos j’ai adoré la série et je m’en vais regarder FLY VS JERK 10 !!!!!!

    2. Jérémie Jouveneaux

      great format as usual the best fishing series on the net Congratulations to all but it would be nice to make us a video for the end with comments from all the teams following the result it would be more fun! thank you for these good fishing moments

    3. Martin Schlechtleiner

      Hallo ich möchte euch zu diesen Wettbewerb und den Filmen gratulieren wirklich super. Ich liebe Schwede und das fischen bei euch

    4. bilias hour

      up. Great viewing guys. ATB.

    5. Pope SweetJesus

      Silver/Suzuki och Raymarine samt Mouse kan man klara sig utan. Dom måste göra motstånd

    6. neejoy sola

      up. Great viewing guys. ATB.

    7. bilinas mini


      1. bilias hour

        Good job Pierre

    8. Perch zilla

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2312">38:32</a> Please NEVER weigh a fish in the net. You do harm to the fish if you do that. The net damages the protective layer of the fish when you lift it in the net, especially if the pike is 11.95 kilos! It makes them more vulnerable for fungal diseases. Therefore companies such as Westin made fish friendly weighslings with whom you can weigh the fish: Please buy weighslings to weigh your fishes. The pikes will thank you. :)

      1. bilinas mini

        Congratulations Team CWC. was an awesome Show : )

    9. aola wili


      1. neejoy sola

        Merci beaucoup , j'ai adoré tout ces épisodes , c'était vraiment incroyable ! Bravo a CWC . J'ai hate d'etre l'année prochaine !

    10. Balizztic

      trumman= legend

      1. bilinas mini

        Team vision finland! come back!

    11. Balizztic

      pierre = legend

    12. Pike Sanders

      Pierre Montjarret est juste incroyable. Un pêcheur de grand talent et très humble. Ma femme et moi on reve de se payer un séjour dans son camp de pêche en Irlande.

      1. aola wili

        and seemed really small under the rod until the final run when i thought something else ate it lol brilliant

    13. Tommy aus HGW

      Congratulations to Team CWC! Well done! 👍🏼

    14. bhf

      👏👏👏 CWC

    15. Simon Jansen

      And again.... What a sick final! Thx to all Teams :) Very good job!! Congrats CWC!! See u next year!

    16. Jason White

      Next season someone needs to make a fly out of Frederic Julluan's beard.

    17. Rob

      Congrats to all again, CWC have some record in this competition class team. Commiserations Jiggar that was very close. Vision top fly team. oh yes, the ONLY fly team, WE/YOU NEED MORE FLY TEAMS, LISTEN TO YOUR FOLLOWERS!!!!! Great production tho.

    18. Lukas K

      Vore så mycket charmigare om ni gick tillbaka till svenskt tal. Förstår affärstanken med engelska, men.....

    19. - Martin -

      Nästa säsong hoppas jag att teamgalant är ett lag! Om Tobias filmar så kör på Philip och Edvin i #TeamGalant 💥💥💥

    20. shura62

      Спасибо всем участникам, это было зрелище. Поздравляю CWC !!! Стефан, Пьер, Вы монстры!!!!!

    21. David Keuzenkamp

      CWC who else, but maybe some more Fly Teams would be fun. But was nice to watch again.

    22. Mehdi Said

      Good job Pierre

    23. David Kalhammer

      Congratulations Team CWC. was an awesome Show : )

    24. C&M fishing

      Merci beaucoup , j'ai adoré tout ces épisodes , c'était vraiment incroyable ! Bravo a CWC . J'ai hate d'etre l'année prochaine !

    25. Andreas Jansson

      Team vision finland! come back!

    26. The Perca


    27. Paul The bearded one Downing

      great competition great viewing, once again Pierre pulls it out the bag the guy is magic what a fish .....I have also been in a similar situation were the fish has played nice easy and seemed really small under the rod until the final run when i thought something else ate it lol brilliant

    28. johann gornyj


    29. The fast Farrier

      awesome show, congratulations to cwc awesome fish. but next year i think 4 teams is more fun to watch. 2 fly 2 jerk teams thanks

    30. olivier chotteau

      Bien joué 👍 cwc💪💪💪🥇🏆et félicitations aux moucheurs

    31. Munkis2


    32. guy gilsoul

      Pierre the dejavu men 💪💪💪💪💥💥💥💥👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    33. Anthony Manfredi

      Comme d'habitude, Bravo à la Team CWC. Je suis un peu déçu par cette nouvelle saison... Un remake de l'an dernier, 2 nouvelles équipes au leurre inexistantes et seulement qu'une équipe mouche... Ne faudrait il pas penser à se renouveler ? ou revenir aux origines ? Toutefois les images et le montage restent excellents et on peut aussi saluer la bonne traduction des sous titres ainsi que la bonne humeur générale des compétiteurs. A l'année prochaine, avec j'espère de bonnes surprises. To be continued

    34. Jak G

      Big congrats to all the teams, but especially to team Jiggar, who really did a great job this year, planned it well and executed it well. Fingers crossed for next year! And what can you say, CWC did it again 🍻

    35. Adam Ricken

      Team raymarie didnt have a shance! I mean chance😂

    36. verian williams

      Next year Fly & Jerk vs Pierre...

    37. Владислав Панов

      классное видео от вас а до выстаки пох👍😊

    38. Martin Rissewyck

      Awesome video guys, i've enjoyed watching this battle. Can you tell me which Rods do you use for casting big lures like that? For example the CWC Fishing Team?

      1. pierre monjarret

        We use lizzardx 200gr 8.6' 💥 perfect to cast heavy bait

    39. HeavyWeight Fishing

      Pierre did it! Again…

    40. Eyes Fish

      I'm a illex/gunki fan but CWC deserved it. GG WP guys, it was a super final episode. Thank Pierre, you make french fisher proud

    41. Meatrose

      Huge congratulations to CWC, once again. This duo is magic, please keep doing this together. A huge thank you to all the other teams as well, I'm hoping I'll see all the familiar faces back again next year. It's a shame we couldn't have the final episode be what it was last year, with the live reaction portion at the fair, but this was still very enjoyable to watch. Let's hope we get an amazing season next year as well and that there's no pandemic sweeping across the globe at that point. Thanks a lot for these 9 weeks and stay safe out there.

    42. Taste of Nature

      Really really nice tournament with so many special moments. Thx guys for this special format and big congrats to the guys from cwc... awesome job and a so sympathetic appearance. Take care of yourselves and stay healthy 🤘🏼

    43. The Perch Jerker

      We jerkin?

    44. The Perch Jerker

      Did someone say JERK?! Hahaha

    45. RK Fish A Holic

      Congratulations CWC

    46. Daan Noort

      Please replace Team Mouse and Team Suzuki for two fly teams next season. And go back to the old format so that the teams can fish where ever they want, whenever they want. Because of the archipelago day the teams can only fish in Scandinavia on the first day. That makes it impossible to fish in Germany or Holland for example. That’s unfortunate.

    47. kuhan jigasin

      Congratulation 😊.

    48. Olivier meurant

      Congratulations to Trumman and Pierre! Guppie forever !

    49. Ed Staart

      Thanks for this series guys, and congrats CWC.

    50. sarl renoface

      Félicitations cwc

    51. chifo2006

      OMG, ist das Kraaaaas !!! AMAZING !!! Love this format :D

    52. Alexander Rechnagel

      Pierre every time “it’s not that Big” 😂

    53. surethingsfly

      Well done The final was amazing, and then CWC 'pulled it out of the hat' in tough fishing conditions. Congrats Pierre & Stefan. More fly teams next year to even things up. Great viewing guys. ATB.

    54. FishHunterTV

      Perfect episode man big like for you :)

    55. Aure Bon

      Bravo cwc fishing team

    56. Antek Woźniak

      Congratulation Cwc!!! This season was just amazing, I love it ❤️

    57. Jan Buchar

      Congratulations CWC, you are absolutely amazing. All the best to you! And to the producers: Guys I really loved the show but try to remember the name FLY vs. Jerk... How about at least 2 fly teams for the next season? :-)

    58. Lake Country Muskie On The Fly

      The man, the legend, Pierre is the real deal, nice “small” pike guys Turn this series into pike pro and make fly vs jerk team vision vs cwc and have them fish the same spots.

    59. Mc Änce

      Remember the first episode (o think 3 years ago) Pierre started to be part of the competition. He explains how to catch big pike and he delivers every time. This is absolutely impressive.

    60. Gianluca Ferrazzano

      Nice video. Congratulation Pierre U R n°1. I'm really happy to see That the Italian mouse makes the difference on pike fishing so far. And you haven't try the duck jet😉. Stay far and Safe guys. Big huge🤗

    61. Franck Labadie

      Incroyable ! Awesome ! Congratulations ! En cette période de confinement contre le covid-19, regardez la finale du Jerk vs Fly est une occasion de s'évader. Vivement la saison 12.

    62. Kengy André

      Bravo team CWC au plaisir de te rencontrer un jour Pierre

    63. laurent seynave

      compétition au top

    64. Arild-Otto Bjorland

      try to get a guideline team or loop

    65. Jens Eriksson

      I knew it haha cwc does it agaln

    66. toto tata


    67. Rayo7

      Coronavirus is the best thing that could happen to the format. Take a year and calmly rethink everything and make it more fun again :)

    68. Vinzy Wolinne

      I know it from the start ! Good job Cwc, you are the best 🎣💪🏼🤘🏻

    69. Liam-Murray-Fishes

      Less teams...

    70. Nicolas Chatellier

      Hello everybody! Pierre is the "Zidane" of the big pike 😉

    71. Jani Hämäläinen

      CWC congratulations. Fred, you're still number one. Next year new skates. Des lignes serrées!

    72. Stephen latimer

      awesome and well done to all the teams. to the winners, team CWC Pierre and Stefan congrats. Pierre the pike whisper. to everyone stay safe and until next time from Australia cheers.

    73. steevefishing bzh

      FIRE !!!!*

    74. Bartosz Kaczorowski

      Pierre Monjarret did it again

    75. Dennis KN

      Congrats, to the winners ✌️ you did it well, a deserved winner. Nice format, i enjoy it to watch this crazy tournament. Also thanks for the team that filmed and cut the videos, and commented ... 🤚very great job and nice quality ... 👍👍👍 maybe for the next year it would be probably good if you could, always show in the screen, the leeding teams in the three points ( big 5 , biggest and most) of each episode...( like b5: emblem leech ; biggest: emblem cwc ; most: emblem gunki) I just looking forward to the next fly vs jerk 😊

    76. Marko Mertala

      was hoping for the flyguys to come strong in the end and bring an intressting twist to this, but its hard to compete against so many teams. And then we have CWC, trumman hooked a small pike and Pierre i got a one too, "now we have a doubble strike not big fish but......its a strong one", " Ooooh its a big one". And Pierre did it again magnificent fish in the last episode

    77. Romain Saint

      Pierre Monjarret again and again -> the French pikeman 👌🏻 CWC 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    78. Ir we Fish

      Combien d’années que 🇫🇷PIERRE 🇫🇷 fait gagner la cwc fishing team???

    79. Rémi Bertrand

      Bravos à toutes les équipes !! et félicitation à CWC !! hâte de voir Fly VS Jerk 12 !!

    80. Jens Eklund

      Absolutly amazing video guys. It has been a great time watching the whole competition and a big congrats to PIERRE for that monster pike Thanks for Fly VS Jerk 11