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    Hello everyone, hopefully this is going to be my final video on The Rewired Soul. I'm responding to his accusations against the drama channels that I love. I don't think I could make another one about him after this, as I found this one emotionally heartbreaking to make. I apologise for my using some rather bad language; I like to keep things friendly, but I was beside myself with anger and tears. Please forgive me.
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    1. Amber Kanfi

      OMG hiii I'm also Jewish And I celebrated Hanukkah as well

      1. Amber Kanfi

        Thank you!!

      2. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Amber, welcome to the Haven! I hope you had a very happy Hanukkah xxxx

    2. GirlFriday

      Your emotional power is like a laser, and your words so eloquent, even when you are as angry as you are here! I would have to read from a script for sure, in your shoes! I hope the emotions don't draw you under too much. Someone like that guy can't get away with this anymore. Sounds like he's pretty well made his own bed. God bless you, Hedda, for standing up for these young people, and sending hugs! 💚🌸🌺💗

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Hedda love! Thank you for your kindness and understanding, considering I did use some pretty blue language in the video - I was beyond angry and upset at that moment. I'm glad that an ocean separates me from him, I wanted to tear him apart. He is still to this day, spouting absolutely dangerous nonsense about medication, etc. I wish he would just disappear! Lots of love to you and big hugs xxxxx

    3. i'm me

      You made me smile thank you

    4. Gamer Sisters

      Cried during the video. Not in a bad way! Just... you're such a sweet lady, I'd want you to adopt me :') Came from primink's channel and tbh you be definitely gotten a subscriber.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        @Gamer Sisters This is why the Haven is here, love, it's for people like me and you. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I had a lot of childhood trauma, I didn't get any kind of help for what I went through, there was no one there who would listen to me, no safe haven to go to, no one for me to turn to or talk to. All my adult life, apart from being a wife (for the 2nd time) and the best mother I can be, I've been looking for my life purpose. Finally I found it, here in the Haven. I never in my wildest dreams, thought I would be involved in the mental health community on SEsels and Twitter. When the Haven first took off, I had no idea what direction it would take. All I knew, was that I wanted to make people smile and laugh. I'm no natural comedian. I thought I'd share stuff from my life. Then I thought, I want to make a proper safe Haven for people to come to - this was after a few people mentioned that they needed a safe place online to go to. The Haven was born. Where you are loved, wanted and needed. Where you are treated with kindness and respect. If your mental health issues have caused you to do certan things - there is no judgement here. Just loving support, and friendship. People who will listen, and befriend you. Where the Haveners tell me what they want me to do, so we all work together, in order to have the best outcome for all. So they can get a break from their everyday troubles, and come here to listen to fantasy stories - Wedhesday, they chose folk and fairy tales. Friday, they chose tales from the Paranormal. Mondays, or any time I can do it, we talk about our worries, our concerns, our plans for self help. When I talk about life experience that I've been through, which in turn, gives the Haveners a voice. I hope to empower people, to make them happy, to give them a channel where they are in control, not me. If you read the comments under the videos, you'll see the loving bond these wonderful people have made with me, and other folk, just like them. You can make friends here. You can speak to me in strictest confidence if you have an issue. If I can't give you a good answer, I'll find someone who can. I've fnally found my life purpose, love. Primink has been so good to me, he's a great lad. If you have subscribed to the channel, then thank you. I don't ask anyone to subscribe - it's optional - but if anyone does, all I ask is that you ring the bell, so you know when I upload a video. As it stands, it's definitely Wednesdays and Fridays, and Mondays if I'm well enough. I'm just the same in real life, as I am on video. I don't have a script, I speak from my heart, I don't edit as I don't know how to do it. I'm really sorry, I got carried away talking to you! I just wanted you to know how important the Haven/Haveners, is to me. I chose not to be monetised, either, so you can watch all the videos, uninterrupted, in peace and quiet. No adverts to annoy you. I have no problem at all, with anyone who earns their coin from YT. It's just not for me. I'm passionate about helping those who have no voice. That's why I lost it with the Rewired Soul, and others like him. But mot of all, I want to make people happy. Anyway, your poor eyes must be stinging after reading this novel! Lots of love xxxx

      2. Gamer Sisters

        @Hedda's Haven Yes, I've skimmed through some of your newer videos very funny and wholesome. I've been dealing with depression, anxiety and child PTSD for a very long time. This gave me a bit of encouragement during this particularly depressive week. And thank you do much! I hope you're doing much better emotionally, now that at least this in particular is behind us. Thank you for being my Gran lol

      3. Hedda's Haven

        Hello, thank you so much for your very kind words. I'm more than happy to adopt you - I'm Mum/Aunty/Nan/Gran/Sister/Friend, all rolled into one, for so many of the Haveners (that's what we call ourselves) You are so welcome here! I may not go after TRS all the time, but when he steps out of line, I do call him out. I do try to make this a safe haven for everyone who needs one, and to give some relief from daily struggles by reading stories, or talking about life experiences. I just want people to be happy. I hope you have fun here. Much love to you xxxx

    5. Nadia Francisco

      Hedda, I don't usually comment on videos (I think this is actually my first comment), but I wanted to thank you. I suffer from very bad depression, and I have my good days and bad days, but it will always amaze me that there are people like you out here. People who care deeply because some days I can't see it but it's nice to know that people who need help are not alone. I hope the best for the woman you mentioned, that had commented on your friends video. Thank you for reminding me that the world isn't such a sad and lonely place.

      1. Nadia Francisco

        @Hedda's Haven you are an amazing woman with a heart of gold. ❤️ Thank you, and I hope with all my heart that you will take care and keep being a wonderful human.

      2. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Nadia, I am so sorry to know that you suffer from depression. I have it, too, and I know what you mean about good and bad days. The important thing for you to know, is that you are not, and never will be, alone again. Here in the Haven, we all have each other. You can make friends here, if you want to - like minded friends who feel the same as you do. I do care, deeply, about everyone here, and also outside of the Haven. If I could make us all happy, I would. You can talk to me, or anyone here. We won't turn our backs, we all care about each other. Take care, and much love to you xxxx

    6. Boneless Pizza

      I came from Priminks video, you seem like such a lovely lady to talk to, you have my sub

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you, you're very kind xxxx

    7. Gigi DiVine

      This is my first video of yours that I’ve seen. I’m now subscribed. ❤️ I have a degree in psychology, currently working on my masters. Throughout my life I’ve become a momma bear over the mental health of my friends, and the dangers of fakes like Chris are very real. A friend with BPD once told me that she was stopping her medicine to try a “naturalistic” approach. I was so angry at whomever took her money for this BS that I cried. I worried about her daughter. Within two weeks, awful events occurred and the daughter was staying at my house. Another incident occurred where I had to remove a two month old infant from a friend’s place, because the DEA was raiding it. I spent the next 36 or so hours awake and caring for an infant with the bare essentials since I have no kids. Addiction is such a monster. My friend was in a jail cell, her fiancé was on the run, and her child was with a friend, crying for her. Please, keep this genuine care and concern that you have. It comes through the screen, and I felt an instant relatability to every word you’ve said. I wish you the power to keep making content like this, I wish you the ability to find out more on this man, and I wish you the strength to fight on. Please keep caring. The world needs people like you more than ever.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Gigi, thank you so much for your kind comments, and for subscribing. I truly appreciate it. Welcome to the Haven, I hope you enjoy the other videos, mostly inspired by the lovely people here. Can I recommend my friend Elle's channel to you, her youtube channel is linked in the description box. She made another excellent video on TRS after mine - she made 3 in total - and this tells you everything about him and his mother, that you will ever need to know. My last 2 videos, including the latest one on miscarriage, I mention him again. I can promise you this. I will never stop caring about the mental health community, and will do all I can to raise awareness. I was told not to keep talking about him because he binge watches every video made about him - he thrives on the attention. So by starving him of attention, I was hoping at least, that he would just fade away. There have been occasions where I didn't speak out (recently he was telling people not to take a certain prescribed medication for drink and drugs - but so many spoke up about this, I felt my voice just wouldn't be heard above bigger creators.) But because the subject of suicide is too close to home for me (my 2nd last video explains why) I spoke out. I'm not monetised, (it's not for me, as I want everyone to watch the videos uninterrupted by ads, but I wholeheartedly support others who make a living from SEsels) so can't be accused of using his name for money. However, I have been accused of using it as clickbait and for clout, which is so untrue. I have no desire to be a big channel, and that's the truth. If I reach 1500 subscribers, it will be a miracle. I am here for those who need a safe haven to come to (hence the name of the channel) where no one need ever feel alone again, and where anyone can be among like minded people, make friends, be supported in a friendly atmosphere, where disrespectful words and behaviour is not tolerated. If TRS keeps floating to the top of the pond scum where he resides, and hurts someone, then trust me, I will speak out against him. Due to my physical health, I can't be a firebrand all the time. After this video was made, I went into a deep depression which lasted for about 2 weeks. I was so emotionally drained. If you do watch my content, I try to raise the spirits of everyone who comes here, and I do dedicated videos on Wednesdays on folk lore, and Fridays on the paranormal (both by requests from Haveners) Mondays, I tend to talk about whatever happens to be going on around me, or life experiences, or anything else I've been asked to talk about. The common thread holding us altogether, is to provide support for those with mental health issues - including myself - while still trying to be entertaining, and hopefully, make someone smile and feel less lonely. I do hope you stay with us, I think you'd like it here. Have a lovely day, and much love to you xxxx

    8. Rtytanicj

      You are not being mean, you are not over reacting. What you are feeling and going through is completely valid!!!!!! 💜

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you so much, for your understanding. That means so much to me. Lots of love to you xxxx

    9. Rtytanicj

      Hedda, I am so so sorry that you are going through this as well. You are an amazing person. Thank you for this video. Bless your soul. So much love to you 💜💜💜

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you, it was tough at the time. I thought Chris Boutte would have learned something from this but he is back again, doing the same thing over and over. He's just bad news and I hope people will open their eyes and see him for who he really is. Much love to you too xxxx

    10. Rtytanicj

      I have been where that women is. Chris is a piece of garbage! I have been there!!! Please tell her to reach out to me! Those babies deserve her, they love her. She is SO SO SO loved 💜

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact the lady and she has since deleted her comment. I just hope she is ok. xxxx

    11. Not Lucy

      I actually love you, your passion on this subject is amazing. Subbed

    12. Foop I Lee

      I feel the exact same way as you about Rewired Troll. I don't know the recent tea because I refuse to give him views. He is beyond reprehension, and he should have been banned from youtube a long time ago. There is no question that he is actually dangerous--he really told that woman to go kill herself because of her addiction? I mean, his history with women seeking help, or boyfriends or husbands seeking help for their female companions in need is absolutely abysmal. But this is a new low. He has shown over and over that he does NOT know how to properly help women. All he does is mansplain. Mansplaining does not in any way shape or form help women!!! He is not informed at all on women's issues and should not be giving any kind of advice to or for women. I am as angry as you about this rn. My heart goes out to all affected parties: you, Leif, Gary, anyone adversely affected by him. I want to start a petition to get him off youtube. But I don't know how, and I don't know if it would even be effective. My advice to everyone is try not to watch him, don't link his videos, and if you do watch, don't take anything, not any single thing he says seriously. Most of all, LOVE YOURSELVES xxoo

    13. Brandy Workman

      This is my first video of yours I've seen and I want you to be my auntie. 🤣 bless you!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Brandy, welcome to our little corner of SEsels! If you want to call me Auntie Hedda, I'm fine with that, I'm honoured that you'd think of me this way! Thank you! Much love to you xxxx

    14. Lolo Brown

      Its pronounced seroquel (sehr-oh-quell), I'd know I was on it temporarily. This video is fuxking amazing and I love you ❤

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Lauren, thank you for helping me saying it correctly. I hadn't heard of it before I made that video. I'm not sure what it is or its effects. All I do know, is that it sparked harm for the lady whose story I was reading out loud. I could feel her emotional pain - I'm empathic, so I can feel and sense the emotional and mental pain of others - and it completely overwhelmed me. I felt battered and raw afterwards and I felt as if my heart had been ripped from my chest. It took me a good while to recover and sent me into a depression that I hadn't felt in a long time. I'm still not quite over it. But time is a great healer. Thank you for being here, and much love to you xxxx

    15. These Four Walls

      This video moved me so deeply. Thank you so much for calling out his dreadful behaviors. I'm sad to say I was increadably naive for awhile, and was manipulated by this man. I appreciate your kindness and compassion. Your channel is a beautiful place, and I'm happy to see it growing so quickly. You deserve all the best. 💚

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello again, I'm afraid that I just was lost in my feelings, I could feel the lady's emotional pain and I was overwhelmed. This was me, in the raw, for want of a better expression. It is so easy to be manipulated by a cunning person with a cunning mind. At least now you can see him for who he truly is. Much love to you. xxxx

    16. Mrs prince Nelson

      I don’t understand what this is about?

      1. She Said

        Mrs prince Nelson the SEsels channels MedCircle and Katie Morgan are much better options. They provide very helpful insight and information and advice from legitimate professionals.

      2. NoSkull 13

        Basically, this SEselsr named The Rewired Soul faked being a therapist and was insulting people who had mental illnesses and was making money off of it. He even said in a stream/video (idk) saying, “they asked for credentials, like b*tch I don’t got none.”

      3. Mrs prince Nelson

        Hedda Gold hi Hedda I do think I am obviously not very well up with you tube so I don’t know a lot of the people! Xx I thought he was supposed to help people and I an confused! I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and I followed him! I obviously need to look into him a bit more! You came up on my feed due to my link to him for advice about my mental illness! I am now a bit concerned because I do not follow you tube very often! 😬

      4. Hedda's Haven

        Which part of it confuses you the most?

    17. your bootyhole is your beautyhole

      you’re a wonderful, beautiful woman and your magen david necklace fills me with pride

    18. alphabyronius

      Feel better Hedda. The Rewired Soul is a dickhead and, you're such a nice senior citizen. Don't make yourself sick over this.

    19. Paul Gorski Jr.

      Thank you for unraveling the topic more I know a lot now.

    20. Marsha Vincent

      I'm sorry, Hedda, but what is a "shunt"?

    21. Mavrokattou h Prwti

      You are fucking iconic

      1. Hedda's Haven

        erm, thank you? I've never been called that before! xxxx

    22. Neressa Partab

      Just want to tell you, you have such a beautiful and bright aura Hedda. I used to be a blind follower of the rewired soul but not anymore. I'm sorry for your anger. Love and light ✨

      1. Neressa Partab

        Thank you for the recommendations. Love your content I found your page through primink. ❤️🥂

      2. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Neressa, I am so sorry TRS manipulated you. This is what he does best, this is the mark of the conman, in my honest opinion. No true mental health advocate would behave like this. I highly recommend Gary of Bipolar Corner, and Eric from Dr1ven Industries. They are true advocates and do not ask for money, everything they do, is free. They are wonderful people. Much love to you xxxx

    23. j m

      you are such a queen, subscribed and i cant wait to keep up :)

      1. Hedda's Haven

        You really are far too kind, but thank you xxxx

    24. Lethal Bot

      You have a new fan from Scotland I love how passionate you are,it’s inspiring,You make me want to put up my own channel,I’m diagnosed with borderline and The RWS really upset me claiming that he had it at one time,and cured himself of it,it makes me feel like I’m failing even tho I try everything to calm down my symptoms,diet changes,vitamins,yoga everything😪 you name it I’ve tried it,I think everything you said is true I’m sorry he’s affected you and so many others but love your channel and found it through this which made a positive come out of a negative situation

    25. Grimseer

      How could he? How COULD he!? Thats my worst fear, to reach out and hear that im to blame. That poor woman, she trusted him, thats disgusting what he did. I can never forgive him. The more I look the worst it gets. He tricked me into believing in his message, he tricked others to trust him for guidance, support and understandig.

    26. PinkyChiChi

      There is something about you that is comforting, soft and kind even though you’re upset. Hard to find in this old world sometimes. Sending you a hug.

    27. Farmhouse Felts

      I found you through Primink’s video, and I love your point of view on this situation. Ya know, I actually used to like and watch the rewired soul. But after watching how he behaved with this whole thing and how he handled it, I was really REALLY disappointed. He’s a bullshit artist. He’s all about the views and money and fooled a lot of his subscribers.

      1. Renee Herrera

        You are an absolutely wonderful woman. I could not remain as composed as you, as I swear like a sailor...I am, like Gary, bipolar and yes unfortunately, hypersexuality is something that happen in a manic episode...that does not make us perverts, just a little more wild& free.

    28. Jules Dolan

      To the lady with the opiate addiction, try suboxone or methadone, darling. Then you can SLOWLY wean down if your able to. No one knows how hard it is to get off opiates, than a another addict.

    29. Jules Dolan

      As a medical professional I believe The Rewired Soul is nothing more than a drama channel. He gives out bad information and speculates about the people he focuses on. I think he's nothing better than Onision. Chris tries to pretend he has a therapist license, which he doesn't.

    30. stickbug island

      💙 My support.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you, it's very much appreciated xxxx

    31. frumT18

      Hedda, are you Frum? Shomer shabbos? I'm intrigued. I'm also frum

      1. frumT18

        @your bootyhole is your beautyhole love from Cali

      2. your bootyhole is your beautyhole

        frumT18 i am too! so glad to see others who are also frum. was wondering myself too

    32. thenewageriseth

      Hello ma'am I ran across your channel via PrimInk's video and wow I didn't know he said that to someone. That's fucking awful. Swear to Bob that fucker reminds me of this one narcissistic asshole I fell in love with once, who had a mother whose ass he kissed exactly like Chris and Carrie! Fuckin' shame! Good video, Ms. Hedda. I hope you are doing well. 😊🙏❤️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you so much for your kindness. Chris Boutte has a seat in hell waiting just for him. That's my honest opinion. I hope you are doing well too, and thank you for being here, much love to you💗💗💗

    33. Synick

      First time seeing you, thanks to Primink. You seem like such a genuinely good, sweet person, and I wish I had someone like you in my life. I hope I can be like you in someone else's life.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello, I promise you I am nothing out of the ordinary, I'm the same offline as I am online. My hubby says I'm a huge pain in his behind, but he loves me. We are all of us, capable of doing good things for one another. I'm no goody two shoes, believe me! Just be yourself, and speak your truth. That's all I do. Much love to you💗💗💗

    34. sherolled 27

      He is a danger, i cant believe he would talk to a poor desperate lady like that. What a piece of shit. By the way i love cross stich as well love!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Yes, he is a prize POS.I like to stitch flowers. My biggest piece was a tiger for a friend's birthday. 💗💗💗

    35. Lovin'Life2016

      I'm not surprised Chris said that to that woman. I think he hates women. I've noticed almost all of the abuse he sends out is to women. Think about it, his mom was supposedly a psychologist, Chris is a recovering addict. Imagine as he was growing up the dynamic between him and his alcoholic mother. I wish I had the lady's address to send her a card. Wonder if we sent written cards to Elle if she could forward them to the lady? Sometimes when I'm down, looking at pretty, sincere cards helps me.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        I'm so sorry, but the lady has deleted her comment, and we have no way of finding her. I think that receiving a pretty, thoughtful card is a lovely idea. Much love to you💗💗💗

    36. R•E•L

      If the woman who wrote that message sees this, I am a recovering opiate addict of 6 years. I am one month clean and I have no desire to go back. Just a month ago I was on the verge of killing myself when I discovered my solution I have so much info for you that will help you!! I’m serious!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Unfortunately the lady has deleted her comment, so I have no way of knowing her name, her ID, nothing. I hope she is ok. 💗💗💗

    37. R•E•L

      I found you through primik’s recent video about Chris, and I loooove your videos! I am subbed and notifications are on!

      1. Avery Jack Black

        @debra hobbs me too and through bipolar corners channel

      2. debra hobbs


      3. Hedda's Haven

        awww, thank you so much, you're very kind! I got a shock seeing me in the video, I wasn't expecting it. Thank you for being here, and much love to you💗💗💗

    38. LilMissMakeupFace

      Aww, you seem like such a kind soul and a lovely lady ❤ Please don't let that bottom feeder get to you. He'll get his, they always do in the end. Big hug to you ❤

      1. LilMissMakeupFace

        Hedda Gold ❤❤❤

      2. Hedda's Haven

        @LilMissMakeupFace G-d bless you, you have a truly wonderful and good heart. Thank you for being so understanding. xxxx

      3. LilMissMakeupFace

        Hedda Gold No need to apologize at all! It actually warms my heart listening to you, I wish there were more people like you in the world ❤ I tend to get quite emotional too so I understand, only I probably swear more 😂 Have a lovely night sweetheart ❤ Edit to add: Also please don't beat yourself up for being upset on camera, it's a very endearing quality to be able to share your raw emotions like that. If more people followed your lead the world would be better for it ❤

      4. Hedda's Haven

        I'm sorry I got upset and upset you, that truly wasn't my intention. I was overwhelmed by that lady's story, and how I feel about vulnerable people like Gary. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I think with my heart, not my head. I'm just me. Thank you for being here, and for the hug. Big hugs and love to you🤗🤗💗💗💗

    39. American Made


    40. gia

      You are a breath of fresh air😍 you’re so sweet. You really know the right words to make someone feel better. I’m bipolar as well so I really feel pretty tricked by Chris and his mess. And I also absolutely love that you use the word Stan❤️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you very much, Gia, you're very kind. Chris has provoked a lot of questions, that need answers. He's putting up a video on Monday with backup from Dr Todd Grande, Nate Smith, and Ali Mattu. We'll just have to wait and see what is said. Probably more of the same gaslighting, like we are all against him, he's misunderstood, etc. Take care of yourself, and much love to you💗💗💗

    41. Holly Wood

      Amazing video Hedda! I just discovered your channel tonight and I agree 100% on your points and that woman's story is HEARTBREAKING! I've been there with addiction, I'm still fighting my demons to this day and I have 5 years clean off of heroin and 7 years clean off cocaine. I still struggle with suboxone (an opiate replacement drug) as well as benzodiazipines (xanax and valium). I can't go a day without either pills or I'll be VIOLENTLY sick. I've been suicidal myself going through the withdrawal SO many times over and over and over again. I also have a boyfriend who is mentally ill as well and he's a disabled retired American veteran and since Trump has become president, they've royally fucked him with his healthcare (outside of the VA hospital, I'm talking about Medicare. He's having to pay over $130 a month for it and it doesn't even include dental insurance to fix his teeth). I've been thinking of starting my own mental health channel and telling my story as I've been through a TON of abuse throughout my life as well as life as being a drug addicted prostitute. I've overcome A LOT. Now people are attacking Gary from Bipolar Corner and today he put a video out saying he's quitting SEsels. I just discovered him and I'm so disappointed that the drama got too much for him to handle although I understand why he's leaving (for his OWN mental health). This has truly gotten out of hand!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Oh Holly, your story is heartbreaking, but can I say this to you, even though you are still fighting your demons? Mazel tov on being 5 -7 years clean!!! I am so happy for you, and proud of you, because your strength of will and purpose shines through, so brightly. I know you are struggling, I know you may not feel the way I've described, but you should be celebrated for being clean of drugs. You have been through so much in your life, yet you are still here - and that tells me that you are meant to be here, you're here for a reason, and I believe it is to educate others, to share your story, which will discourage others from going down the road that leads to drugs. I think you should speak your truth. You have my total 100% support. It is a shame about Gary, and Eric. I wanted to speak out about this. But, I have to think about mine and my family's safety. I will be making a different video very soon on mental health, just not including a certain someone's name. This situation has got totally out of hand. My personal opinion - we are all being manipulated. I'll leave it there. Thank you so much for talking to me and for being here, and much love to you💗💗💗

    42. Dine 1968

      OMG! I can't believe Chris said that to that woman. Wow..what a POS.

      1. American Made

        @Hedda's Haven Gary's last video broke my heart.

      2. Hedda's Haven

        I'm doing another video today, but due to recent events with Gary and Eric, there is so much I want to say, but can't, as I have to think of mine and my family's safety. So today's video is going to be different to the one I had planned. I hope you understand, and thank you for being here. Much love to you.💗💗💗

    43. Jo Black

      Maybe he didn't even say that or it could be a misunderstanding. That could even be fabricated. Awful if he did though.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Maybe. But I've watched his videos where he talks about using mindfulness instead of pills. I've also heard him talk about the selfishness of addicts. So in my humble opinion, this message rings true for me. My gut instinct makes it feel right, if that makes sense. I will be the first to apologise if I'm wrong. Thank you for your thoughts and input.💗💗💗

    44. violet

      i feel the same way. i love the ring you are wearing in your other video, the big blue stone. its so pretty

      1. Hedda's Haven

        violet It's quite heavy to wear - it was made for me, so there isn't another one like it anywhere. 9ct gold and a polished piece of Labradorite which is one of my favourite stones.💗💗💗

      2. violet

        yes! that's the one, its beautiful :)

      3. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Violet, I think the ring you mean is my Labradorite, it looks blue but flashes different colours? It's one of my favourites.💗💗💗

    45. Kayla Blue

      Just subscribe I really like your outlook ❤

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you so much, Kayla. You're very kind.💗💗💗

    46. Rachel X

      This is my favourite video about this awful situation! YOU ARE AMAZING ❤️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you, Rachel, for liking the video, I really appreciate it. I'm nothing special at all, just being myself.💗💗💗

    47. Klarissa Ann

      I'm back again. I had to show my fiance your video....and told him how lovely you are. I think you kick ass!! So does Justin, my fiance. Hope you're doing well, Hedda. Take care, dear. Sending lots of love and good vibes your way. xo

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello again love, and Hello to Justin! I have kept my head down for a few hours, just relaxing and trying not to think about him (Chris) I will get there. Thank you so much for your loving support.💗💗💗

    48. JennFriedman

      You are an angel. Take care of your beautiful self, please. And thank you for sharing that sweet, brave lady's comment. I am just speechless about it. It's appalling.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Jenn, thank you for showing so much concern for me. I'm very touched and humbled. I had to take a few hours away just to relax and have a good cleansing weep. That lady was incredibly brave and I hope she is ok. The whole situation is appalling and what's worse, there are people agreeing with this man's behaviour. How blind can people be? Where is their compassion for others? SMH. Lots of love to you💗💗💗

    49. Madeline Lore

      You are a true gem 💎 I automatically love your passion. Subscribed!!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you, Madeline, for joining us here, I truly appreciate you for it. I'm nothing special at all, I'm just me. Much love to you💗💗💗

    50. Heidi T

      You are such a sweet and powerful person.

      1. Heidi T

        @Hedda's Haven The world needs more passionate and caring people like you!

      2. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Heidi, yes you're right, he will reap what he has sown. You can see from my thumbnails, just how much I've been affected by him, in 2 weeks. And that's without any direct contact. He wore me down to the point of tears and exhaustion. I can't look at him or hear his voice. Maybe in time I will, but not now. I worry about the ones he is in contact with, and the ones he's already hurt. I may not be able to help them in a physical way, but I can warn others about him and his methods. Thank you for caring about me, and much love to you.💗💗💗

    51. ASMR Cats

      Everybody who still supports this individual should watch THIS VIDEO!!! I will repeat myself: You are amazing, Hedda! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        @ASMR Cats Thank you so much! xxx

      2. ASMR Cats

        @Hedda's Haven Well, I don't care! You are amazing, my darling! You care about others and that, unfortunately, is getting more and more rare these days. I have so much respect for you for speaking from the heart and going all out. I am the same way. And I must admit that I have felt very out of place at times. It is easier to just look away than stand up and open up about something that is close to one's heart. Thank you for your sweet comments! Much much love to you too ❤️❤️❤️

      3. Hedda's Haven

        You're very kind. I'm not really amazing, not at all. I'm just a human being who cares about other people, and there are millions of others out there, better speakers, better qualified, than me. Lots of love to you💗💗💗

    52. Mercedes C

      Depression is a killer. I am one of the lucky ones, that has been able to obtain a good mental health TEAM behind me, and even then I've had really bad times. A part of this team is Mindfulness (started recently as recommended by my psychiatrist), MEDS and weekly therapy. All of the above are of the idea that it takes a tribe to raise a child. Same thing to help a wounded mind. You have a passion for helping and advocating due to your experiences. Do not apologize. I don't want to speak for anybody else and say everyone loves you, I certainly do and love the way you're advocating for those of us that do not do videos, or speak much. He has NO right to be part of the MH Community!!!!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        You're absolutely right, depression is a killer. I do agree with taking meds, if it is about the serotonin levels in the brain being affected. I totally agree with therapy - we need to be able to talk and to release. If mindfulness works for you, that's fantastic. I really mean that. I tried it and it didn't work for me. But as I said, every person is different, and one size doesn't fit all. Each method should be tailor made to fit the individual. You can't throw a blanket over 10 people with depression and hope it helps them, because you have to look into the reason as to why the person is depressed. Plus, I have had both clinical and reactive depression. The reactive one took time - the clinical one then grew and grew to the point I needed help. You've said some lovely things to me, and I thank you for them, I won't be everyone's cup of tea, but that's fine, that's life. And you're right, he has no place around the MH community. Much love to you💗💗💗

    53. TheLoriFiles

      to think he did that to another human being literally makes me feel sick. I watched two of his videos about a month ago, and straight up i said that it was dangerous, very dangerous, and what your content proves here is it certainly is dangerous! my goodness that poor lady and i really hope shes okay .. her kids need her! I am a qualified nurse by trade, but no longer work due to health reasons. The trouble with this situation is he can dodge accountability. If i was to diagnose online, i would be torn a new one from the governing and licensing corporation, but it seems on the internet, you can do whatever you want, even if that means you are influencing killing people. To me, thats freaking scarey! On another note Hedda, I watched this vid after watching your last one ( im in australia so my timeline is always wonky) Please try and get some rest, and take care of yourself.. on behalf of us all that have subbed, i want to say thank you .. thank you for just being who you are and giving a shit, because we live in a world where many people dont care.. your a gem xo

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Lori, thank you so much for watching the other videos I made. I'm so grateful. I don't understand how people find me, I'm so small. The truth is that I do care, very much. I want to bring awareness to people that Chris is in my opinion, very dangerous - he's an unlicensed, uncertified person, dishing out advice. His advice is all based on Mindfulness, which is great for some, but not for all. I keep saying, one size does not fit all. No 2 people are the same. Each case has to be examined carefully. Chris doesn't do this. He talks, he takes, he talks, he takes. On and on. It's all wrong and people are being mentally and emotionally hurt. We don't know if people are self harming because of things he's said. I pray they aren't. Take care, and much love to you💗💗💗

    54. ShivvyPop

      I am so subbed bc you are the cutest little lady, I ever did see/hear! And I love your passion, your up-to-date lingo & your heart. You are such a wonderful person and I'm so glad to have found your channel. I will do my best to make sure you get 100 more subs! ✌️💓✊

      1. ShivvyPop

        @Hedda's Haven💝

      2. Hedda's Haven

        ShivvyPop, I am so blown away by your kindness. I honestly don't mind if I don't grow any bigger - I'm not a clout chaser. If people want to come and listen to me, that's great, and I'm very humbled that they would watch such a tiny speck like me. I'm so grateful that you came to watch me, and hear what I had to say. Lots of love to you.💗💗💗

    55. dani k

      That is so fucked up. I want to talk to that poor lady. That's so upsetting. I've disagreed with shit he does for months too and I've tried to be compassionate but he has gone way too far.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Yes Dani, it is. He has gone too far. I don't know the lady's name, I never have, when I found it, her name had already been blacked out, and I can't find her comment now. I think she might have deleted it, which is a shame as so many want to reach out to her. Maybe she felt overwhelmed with kindness - I know I tend to disappear for a bit when people are like that with me - I'm fine at showing kindness, but I find it hard to receive (it goes back to being told by my mother, how worthless I was, as a child and it continued into adulthood, via my ex husband) Chris Boutte has gone way too far. It's going to take someone bigger than me, to sort things out. Thank you again, much love to you💗💗💗

    56. Blaire

      Well said Hedda. You are lovely and I'm so happy I found your channel ❤️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you for your kindness, Blaire, and for being here with all of us. Lots of love to you💗💗💗

    57. Klarissa Ann

      Hedda-- I think you're absolutely lovely. I cried hearing that woman's letter. *Shame on him* He seems like a narcissistic man. Gary's video is quite powerful. Again, I cried watching that. Thank you for reading that woman's letter and continuing to show Chris's true colors. I hope his audience realize who he *really* is. His sub count is around 93k. I love Elle's video exposing his mom. Like mother, like son. It's disgusting. Please don't apologize for swearing. He's infuriating. I have generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Just you saying that you hope anyone suffering from a mental illness, you wish them well. That means so much. I'm 32.... and recently I found out that I have an autoimmune disease, but doctors are trying to figure out what it is. Whenever I go see a specialist, they automatically dismiss me because of my age. As I'm getting sicker, my depression is getting worse because I'm not the person that I normally am.I feel like shit all the time, and I feel so useless and helpless because I'm not me. Then I did a live makeup video on my makeup page on Facebook, and in the comments someone told me that I need to go in and see my doctor because I am "swollen, discolored,and puffy" and my breathing sounds "God awful". When my fiance came home from work that night, he found me curled up sobbing because I found that comment very hurtful, and I was also in excruciating pain that I couldn't handle it. Right now is the worst I've ever felt about myself and the worst I've ever felt period. But thank you for showing such compassion and empathy. You're truly a beautiful soul, Hedda. Sending lots of love and good vibes your way 💓

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Klarissa Ann Yes, I can't believe Keith has gone, I listened to a few of The Prodigy's songs in tribute to him. Being an empath is hard. I'd rather be a psychic than an empath, because the emotions of others just wash over you like a tidal wave and it's not easy to draw those boundary lines. I'll see you on Twitter!💗💗💗

      2. Klarissa Ann

        @Hedda's Haven I'd love to be a part of your video. Feel free to DM me. And thank you. I know you mean it. I'm also an empath. I can feel other's emotions....strongly. Whatever you want to ask, I'm open to it. I also forgot to put RIP Keith Flint. Love "Firestarter".... bummed about his passing as well. Take care, Hedda. You're awesome.... and hit me up on Twitter 💓💓

      3. Hedda's Haven

        Klarissa, your words have truly wrung at my heart. I am so very sorry that you have to go through so much. I mean that in the most sincere and genuinely heart felt way that I can get across to you, if that makes sense. I am going to do a follow up video regarding depression and how it affects the body, using me as an example - and I welcome anyone to please comment so we can get a discussion going. I would love to talk to you in my video so you will be able, hopefully, to "feel" me, does that make sense? I know what you mean about the swollen, discoloured and puffy - I also have an auto immune disease, which the doctor hasn't given a name to - just "I strongly suspect from your blood tests that you have an auto immune disease because so and so (I can't remember what he she actually called it) is low in your results". Please know that I am here for you, you follow me on Twitter so we can always talk in strictest confidence in DM. What's said in DM, stays in DM. Please take care of yourself. Big hugs and lots of love.🤗🤗💗💗💗🤗🤗

    58. WitchyMel

      Thank you Hedda love, for your brutal honesty and your words. I hope Chris pulls his head out of his ass, but something tells me that he won't. He'll continue to deflect and blame. I hope that mom sees all these comments and knows that she's worthy, and loved by family and strangers, strangers who've been there, who want her to reach out, because Chris Bouté is trash and she's a treasure. Love to you Hedda dear. You brought tears to my eyes, my heart is with you. 💜💙💜💙💜🌞🧙‍♀️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        WitchyMel I really have missed you, Mel, please try and come back soon, it's not the same without you!!!💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚😘😘🤗🤗

      2. WitchyMel

        @Hedda's Haven Awww thank you love! There has been a lot going on that's kept me offline. Thank you for thinking of me. I miss you too! 💜💙💜💙💜🌞🧙‍♀️

      3. Hedda's Haven

        Mel, I agree with you so much. He will continue to deflect, pretending to be sorry, when he isn't. What he is sorry about, is getting caught for the fraudster that he is, and the fact that his sub count is going down, which at the end of the day, means less views, less cash. In my opinion, I truly believe this is all he is sorry for. And I loved that you said the lady was treasure, and he is trash. So true. I've missed you! Big hugs and lots of love 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤗😘

    59. Pris the Estheticianista

      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Couldn’t have said it better!💕💕💕😘 I watched a bunch of Gary’s Videos/Bipolar Corner yesterday, they are excellent! Way better advocate than RWS ever was! Love you Hedda!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Hey Pris!! Thank you for supporting Gary - he is a true advocate!! You know how much I love you too!!🤗🤗💗💗💗

    60. Danielle Starry

      GO OFF, SIS!!!!!