Fake Accents Unite: In Memory of Roger Scruton Edition

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    Join Britisher, Sarah, Po and NSO to discuss the weeks shenanigans.
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    1. Stelmaria


    2. Clayton Wiffen

      SEsels "Why Beauty Matters" by Roger Scruton. RIP

    3. Weuyn

      oh so thats why she shouts burning love

    4. Rhubba

      The Britisher: Si vis scire quid sit

    5. TopHatProductions

      I wonder if any of the panel have heard the radio show "Cabin Pressure.."

      1. Not So Obvious

        Douglas! Martin! Benedict cumberbatch and lashings of john finnemore, great show

      2. Stelmaria


    6. captainmaim

      The tortoise should be named Ramses III. Ramses II had a legendary number of children from his harem.

    7. Current Comentor

      That Japanese kid atchieved what Jeremy Corbyn could never achieve. Boris didn't barrel through him but was felled by the little kid.

    8. Stelmaria

      Only an hour and a half?? Shortmen

      1. Not So Obvious

        Britisher was ill sadly, so just a short one this week