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    Today is just a bit of tomfoolery. I hope you like it.
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    1. Michael Turknett

      Hey Hedda. Don’t know if you read comments on older videos. Just wanted to tell you again that you are the best. You are one of the absolute sweetest souls living on our Earth. Love you to pieces. Love your videos so much. Also purple looks amazing on you. -love Michael.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Yes Michael sweetheart, I try to answer all comments left for me, and you are one of the nicest, most loving and caring young gentlemen, that I've ever known. You remind me of my own son, and I adore him, as you know. You're a real asset to the Haven, and I love you dearly. Thank you for all your wonderful kindness xxxxxx

    2. Guillotine 2020

      Lmao you’re too much. Love it 😂


      See you are wearing a Sheital! Knew you were a frummy! 😉 And I adore Elle loves tea

    4. Pris the Estheticianista

      Hedda! 💗 It looks great! i’ve been SO busy this week. Haven’t been on Twitter since Wed I think! Miss you guys! You’ll see why pretty soon! Great video! 🤣🤣🤣👍

      1. Hedda's Haven

        I've really missed you, Pris, I wondered where you'd been! So happy to see you again, glad you liked the video. Big hugs and lots of love xxxx

    5. Renee O

      Omgosh its Elle!! my gosh!! I dont know if its weird but you remind me of my Aunty who is a second mum to me that i dont get to see much, if at all- once a year type thing- gives me some comfit with your videos- sounds weird

      1. Hedda's Haven

        @Renee O That's right - I'm not Elle, and I'm so glad you like my "children" too! xxxx

      2. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Renee, thank you so much for watching my video, and I'm glad I've brought you some comfort, too. I hope what I had to say, made you smile. Thank you for being here, and much love to you xxxx

      3. Renee O

        .. i mean its not Elle... - P.S your son and daughter look so alike! edit: hehe

    6. Kayleh Mist

      💜💕💜💕my Jewish mama 💜💕💜💕

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Here she is, my angel Amanda! So glad you came to watch the video, sweetheart, hope you liked it. Lots of love and big hugs coming your way xxxx

    7. Jan's Reviews

      You're an absolute natural on camera...... Keep it up!! 👋

      1. Hedda's Haven

        @Jan's Reviews You're more than welcome, love, my pleasure xxxx

      2. Jan's Reviews

        @Hedda's Haven Aw bless you and thanks for your lovely comments! 😊

      3. Hedda's Haven

        Jan, you are a star, and I worship at the altar that is your channel. You're one of the funniest women on this platform and you should have at least 10 million subscribers. I think you're amazing. Love and hugs xxxx

    8. No Fear

      The hair looks wonderful ❤new subscriber and definitely glad I came across your channel.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        awww, Lisa, that's a lovely thing to say. Thank you! I got the wig from ebay, it was £15 (about $30) and although the hair is synthetic, it's made from that Tanakelon or something? I won't have human hair, I personally think that's a bit creepy. What you see is what you get, I'm just me, this is how I am in real life, just the same online. I'm just one person. Thank you for being so kind xxxx

      2. No Fear

        @Hedda's Haven much love I love wigs yours look natural. 🤗I really love how real you are miss that with most. You rock ❤

      3. Hedda's Haven

        Hello Lisa, welcome back! I'm really happy that you came back for another few minutes of pure tomfoolery. I wish my real hair was as manageable as this wig! Much love to you xxxx

    9. Crabby Cow

      O Hedda I love you so much! A laugh on a stormy day❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Crystal!! Hey girl, it's lovely to see you here, and I love you too, so very much. You're my sister!! So happy I made you laugh!! Big hugs and lots of love to you xxxx

    10. carolsteeleactionplan

      This was so adorable!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        I'm really glad you liked it, Carol, thank you so much for being here and for watching it, that means such a lot to me. Much love to you xxxx

    11. Linda Tannock

      Omg I'm crying laughing at that bear! 😂😂 Didn't even notice the tackle until you pointed it out! I'm creased! 🤣😆

      1. Hedda's Haven

        I am a naughty person. I collect plushy Bad Taste Bears, the ones I used were Willy, and I'm sure the other one is Madame Domina or something like that. I'm really glad I made you laugh, Linda sweetheart, we're all part of the same Twitter pack. Lots of love to you xxxx

    12. Elle Loves Tea

      LMAO! I'm actually in stitches. This is hilarious. I was so confused when I saw that plush toy from the back, but looking at the front... you're insane and I love you! 🤣🤣🤣💚💚💚

      1. Hedda's Haven

        @BLONDE MOMENT That would be fun, I don't know how we'd do it!


        Elle Loves Tea you and hedda need to do a collab!! I love you both!!!

      3. Hedda's Haven

        @Elle Loves Tea You'd be surprised what I can find on the internet!! Oh look, I have my first Saddo... - sorry they didn't like it, it's up now LOL xxxx

      4. Elle Loves Tea

        Hedda Gold I dread to think what I would have to Google to find an outfit that looked like that. I swear. Trust you to find weird plushies like that! 😉😉😉💚💚💚

      5. Hedda's Haven

        LMAO yep, I'm the insane one, my kids call me a nutter just about every day. They've got past the shock of some of the things I do and now just roll their eyes. You do realise now that everyone will know you're a kinky bugger... better change your outfit on your channel LOL!! Love you too xxxx

    13. 4F Beauty & Lifestyle

      Omg the Elle’s outfit 😮😮😮

      1. Hedda's Haven

        I said there was something weird about her - now we know, Angie - Elle's a kinky bugger and no mistake!! I'm so glad she has a sense of humour (plus she doesn't know where I live, so she can't sue me, LOL) xxxx

    14. 4F Beauty & Lifestyle

      Is now a good time to let on that my hubster calls my pierced nipple “bazinga” and the non pierced one “huzzah”?!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        I think the words you're looking for, Angie love, are "Bloody hell" but that's just me...I haven't seen mine in a while... they're probably hiding behind my knees xxxx

    15. 4F Beauty & Lifestyle

      OMG Hedda thank you, I was not expecting to hear my name mentioned lol xxxx btw loving the hair xxx

      1. Hedda's Haven

        You're more than welcome, Angie love, you deserve it. Thank you for liking the hair - I just wish mine would hurry up and grow!! Lots of love to you xxxx

    16. Jaeden lieberher

      Here. Happy to see you again. I like u a lot. Have a wonderful day love.

      1. Hedda's Haven

        aww Missy, thank you so much for being here, and I'm very happy to see you again! I hope you have a wonderful day, too. Much love to you xxxx

    17. Chrissie Vee

      PS love the kids and hubby! 😂

      1. Hedda's Haven

        Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting them. They're a colourful lot! xxxx

    18. Chrissie Vee

      That crazy lady who claims you and Elle are the same person is the only person I’ve ever had to block on Twitter. So there can only be one person in the entire UK who tweets and makes videos on YT according to her. Crazy! You two have different voices and different accents, sheesh!

      1. Hedda's Haven

        It's very sad when you have to go to the extremes of blocking someone on social media, but if their words/behaviour are too much for you to tolerate, and they make you unhappy? That's the only route to take. I'm sorry you had to do this, it could all have been avoided, so easily. Thank you for being here, Chrissie, much love to you xxxx