Exploring Pike Fishing in SIBERIA 🇷🇺

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    When the opportunity to discover the pike population in Siberia came, it was to hard to say no... Mille and Anton Fisherman took their chance and went on a trip that later turned out to be one hell of a story to tell the grand children. After this episode, there is five more to go, one more epic than the other. Enjoy!
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    1. Fisher Raisanen

      I want to know where I can get that shark bait

    2. jjean 1

      are you finnish or swedish, i cant figure it out haha

    3. stor fiskaren på Åland

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> i diying

    4. John Thompson

      One of the best fishing video’s. Looks like a trip of a lifetime ! Congrats from Michigan.

    5. Bog.dan L

      Brawo chłopaki. Bogdan from Poland

    6. Tihomir Nikolov


    7. Fjewt

      are u swedish?

      1. Fjewt

        @Anton Fisherman oh okay sounded Swedish to me lol

      2. Anton Fisherman

        Fjewt I am from Belarus ✋🏽

    8. ProsProsów

      Zajebisty film, pozdro z Polski

    9. Paiva

      how do i get there? which airport?

    10. Anduy Urzui

      Woooohoooo greatings from Lithuania 👊

    11. wottoo xd

      Its so big pike jestem od wfa team poland!!!!

    12. John Doe

      very nice!

    13. Cherrys Garden

      well done!!!!

    14. Brandon Inlow

      List of lures In video?

    15. Brandon Inlow

      Excellent content! I subbed. Cheers from Buffalo New York 🍻

    16. General Goldfish

      Vote up for Cyka :p

    17. James Athendune

      Mille great video, why not pause a bit more to show us a bit more of your lures? Some are unique.

    18. VeghFishing

      Here we eat anything


      I am a North American panfisherman and outdoor writer who NEVER sees pike like that! Unbelievable and unbelievably enjoyable! Bravo!

    20. Kor Sikkema

      Nice video and what a fantastic place to fish but a little to remote for me. About the weight of the fish, they would have been considerably heavier before spawning as I understood they had been doing this already under the ice. If you catch pikes like this at my place in Holland in February and March you would be surprised about the gigantic bellies these fish have. I have even problems to hold them to get them proper on photo and I have quite big hands. But fantastic video and catch and release is of course our credo!

    21. Paul Danciu

      OMG...that's pike ar absolutely gorgeous!!Congrats man!

    22. ilya scherbakov

      Thank you guys! Love your channel and always positive attitude! Watching you from Canada. Cheers!

    23. Artem Kaplan

      Вітаю Антон! Цудоўны краявід і сапраўдная рыбалка, прывітанне з роднага краю!

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Artem Kaplan Вялiкi дзякуй!

    24. Regis Poitevin

      Excellente vidéo, merci Kanalgratis pour ces vidéos de qualité, vous vendez du rêve

    25. Fisher&Wild

      When the new episode?

      1. kanalgratisdotse

        Fisher&Wild tomorrow 19:00 CET

    26. Mehdi Arabat-Ziane

      when is the next episode !?

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Mehdi Arabat-Ziane Tuesday 19:00

    27. Heiko O.

      Here 4 you : world-fishing-guide.com/en/address-entry.html

    28. Larry Hernandez

      Dude pack a bowl smoke . . . . Stay Frosty Dude

    29. Richard De Boer

      Next stand on this aggregaat/powersupply that thung make great noise Nice video guys, next time speak Chineze and eat chineze so we can eat so we can relate to it too. 👍

    30. marek fox

      Big heavy PiKE :)

    31. pred d

      Magnifique vidéo bravo Et merci pour la traduction Booooooooouuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm

    32. active cinematic

      dang that are some big pike mamas

    33. AnisAdemOlfa 2017

      Bonjour messieurs !!! Magnifique vidéo !!! Est ce que vous pouvez me donner la marque du "clear bleu limonade" merci!

      1. AnisAdemOlfa 2017

        Plus de stock en France !! Comment faire pour l'ouverture du brochet!!?

    34. Alex Dimitrov

      Come to Bulgaria❤️❤️❤️

      1. Erik Ståhl

        You cant catch anything in Bulgaria😂

    35. Rapsy

      The markings on those fish are incredible!

    36. Nikola Popovic


    37. Ilija Čvorović

      Nice fishing 🎣

    38. Nordan Viken

      🕺🕺 Bra video! Mille, hela huvudstan är blå. 💛❤️💙

      1. Mille Pettersson

        Nordan Viken DJUUUUUU!

    39. YT BOOM

      I am from Serbia

    40. Macartan Caughey

      Lucky Guys there are in Pike Heaven have pulled in a few 9 kg pike the biggest pike that was taking out of the ERNE water way 15 kg that was the record

    41. dm1

      I watch these videos and the pike they get and the amount and then I go out and I get a 2kg in 1 week someone explain

    42. geraldo buenvento

      Thanks for thé french translation and Bravo

    43. DimonFishing

      На счет озера на карте промазали специально? Хорошо что к нам дорог почти нет...или плохо 🤔

      1. Anton Fisherman

        DimonFishing глаз алмаз!

    44. Johan Norin


    45. Flaskflanet

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="905">15:05</a> love that cyka blyat

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Flaskflanet Mille starts talking russian bad words as he wears his russian hat

    46. Scarna Fishing

      😍😍😍 Thank you for these moments Mille, your smile is a good therapy these days ;) 👊

      1. Cédric Perrone

        Yes thank you for all, this is the Tarpon Knot by Sylvain. Extremely strong and easy for big fluorocarbon. Thanks, 👍

    47. gwen kouby

      big up scarnafiching

    48. Юань Мин

      Охуенно! 👍😁

    49. Robert Pollock

      yes good headgear i also love pike we sometimes catch monsters live in northern ontario Canada

    50. Rob

      Those pike don't know when to give up, amazing!

    51. Narty 268m

      Pozdrowienia z Polski.

    52. Nairobi Dino

      Kanalgratis... thank you for your reply. I deleted my comment and knpw i very much appreciated the video and channel. I had the same issue but when I got filled with the Holy Spirit Jesus sorted it out. Best of luck in your future fishing and in your youtube much appreciated.

    53. Jose Angel Ares

      Knot name, please? Thanks a lot

    54. Lure Days

      Mille is just what we need to keep us smiling during lockdown 😃. Excellent video and hello from the UK 🇬🇧.

    55. Mathias lynge

      What's your setup? rod and reel?

      1. kanalgratisdotse

        BFT Lizzard X -200 gr "Pierre Monjarret" edition + BFT Instinct X7. Absolute awesome combo! /Mille

    56. Viktor Hofmann

      Meine 2 te Heimat

    57. Sergey Korobeynikov

      Надо пробовать сомиков от саважа там по 40см модели )))

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Sergey Korobeynikov Налимчиков 😉 Все уже опробовано))

    58. Jonas Wolf

      Can you use savage gear lures

    59. Nordan Viken

      What rod does Mille use?

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Mille uses BFT Lizzard X "Pierre Monjarret" 8'6 200g rod. I used BFT Lizzard X "Stefan Trumstedt" 7'10 130g rod. Awesome rods by the way!


      Definitely one of the best fishing videos I’ve ever seen! 🔥💪🏻

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Thanks! Can't wait to see another 5 series!

    61. Jonathan Larsson

      Thats The russia flag

    62. Fishing With Ace

      EPIC video guys :D so envy you! Anton sick spot - Mile master of fat fish :D Crazyyyyy!

    63. powrider911 AKA REELBROTHERZ

      great video guys keep em coming fuck covid-19 here in ontario canada!!

    64. Perch zilla

      Hey Mille! What an great catch! But: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1061">17:41</a> Don't you guys know that you can damage the protective layer of a fish when you lift it into the boat in the net? It makes them more vulnerable for fungal diseases. Please never do that. The pikes will thank you. :)

      1. Perch zilla

        @kanalgratisdotse There are several fish friendly weighslings on the market for example from Westin: www.westin-fishing.com/en/products/accessories/w3-weighsling or Fox Rage. Google ,,Weighsling'' and I'm sure you will find one that you like. Thanks for your amazing Videos! :)

      2. kanalgratisdotse

        Thanks for the feedback, we continue to learn. I´m curious but how should we way it the next time? (And at least it´s nicer than to weigh em straight in the gill :)) /Mille

    65. Marcin Piesio

      awesome video mate and congrats on that 10kilo angry looking pike!

      1. kanalgratisdotse

        Thanks man!! /Mille

    66. Ruslan Transporter

      Классный видос!!!

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Мы старались)

    67. WND Fishing Team


    68. itsallaboutfishing

      Awesome job, Mille! Epic Pike Fishing, looking forward to the next episode!

    69. Watchyourprofanity.

      In Canada, we sometimes call pikes Jacks. At least in Alberta and Saskatchewan. No idea why!! 😂😂

      1. Adam Wade

        We call small pike in England jack pike because the males are alot smaller than the females and only grow to around 10 pounds.

    70. VVS DVY

      Антон красвчик, инглиш на пять.Посмотрел все видео от Вашей команды.Молодцы парни.

      1. Anton Fisherman

        Вячеслав Дёмин Благодарю!!

    71. Samuel Eerikäinen

      Awesome video! :D I can't wait for more episodes of this trip!!! 😬😁 Ps: Mille, your hat looks good on you! ;D

    72. vandekoehn

      Haha Mille has the best laugh in the world, so damn nice video :)


      Hallo anton, apa kabar?


        @Anton Fisherman im from indonesian

      2. Anton Fisherman

        SMANSA BINTARA Hello! Sorry, what?)

    74. Ph. S2

      Superbe! le noeud "agraphe" au briquet, c'est 100% secure...

    75. Tomasz Jasiński


    76. Ion Nastas

      Brvo boys respect from Ireland

    77. Michael l


    78. la pêche au gros

      Si tu te baignes dans ce lac ,tu vas perdre des morceaux 👍🏻👍🏻

    79. HeavyWeight Fishing


    80. Looda

      First Russian pike 2019?