Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less


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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.
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    1. Summer Tyme

      You could sin this *shix-site* 24/7 and never catch all the sins before new ones are generated. 😂

    2. MegaZombie112

      The Power of boner 😂😂😂

    3. Malcolm Hibbert

      If Thanos is the last of his species then he should have snapped half of himself away

      1. Summer Tyme

        Malcolm Hibbert : Where is it ever stated that 1/2 of each *species* is snapped away? Even by your own cartoony logic, what you said implies that 1/2 of *every* individual should be snapped away regardless of species, which is turn would kill every person or *entire* species. So your conclusion isn’t even internally consistent with its own logic. The main implication of what Thanos is doing is that the process is random and in his twisted mind- thus fair. Why? Because that’s what he proposed on his home world. *You guys can’t sin film because you lack any logic or common sense to begin with.* That’s what this site really reveals.* CinemaSins subscribers can never understand any film and are *pathetic.*

    4. VTwinSportRider

      Mistake in editing: AntMan and Wasp fly into the van, attempt to get it running. Black Panther takes the gauntlet from Clint and starts running. While Black Panther is running with the gauntlet, GiantMan is in the background, shoving a leviathan through a protal. Then back to RegularSizedMan in the van.

    5. cristian santiago

      So anyone else thinks this is a bad movie?

    6. JP theGR8

      A little late to the party but you’ve probably got 30 or so sins that if you’re being honest- you can explain. That said- nothing about Cap being the most selfish person in the universe at the end, leaving the avengers leaderless all in the pursuit of getting his first OTPHJ, and then coming back as a Werther’s Original toting AARP card carrying member of the Greatest Generation? That’s 104 sins alone.

    7. symonalvarado96

      16:37 hey I see you’re a fan of Plumbing the Death Star. Nice pull.

    8. The Pee On Me Guy

      0:13 snapped all *AWOUND* him

    9. Unlimited

      I’m surprised you didn’t have “they could have travelled to a time before thanos destroyed the stones and after he collected them all” as a sin

    10. jamie ward

      you can tell cinema sins is trying to hard when there explanation for the sin takes longer then the scene in the movie

    11. Amy Song

      He's absolutely right about that 'all women assemble' scene. Marvel be like oh shit, forgot the representation. Eyy, here you go. *throws a bunch of leftover meat to coyote audience*

    12. Caput Mundi Noctis

      Yeah i stopped thinging what Thanos could had done with unlimited Powers as i left the Cinema. Hes a total Idiot...

      1. Summer Tyme

        Caput Mundi Noctis : *He isn’t an idiot. He’s just not a cartoon villain motivated by a desire for absolute power.* That’s why he’s more interesting than virtually any other villain in any fantasy story. Darth Vader came close - until Star Was dumbed him down in the original trilogy - for easy access to low information film viewers like the ones in this site. Heath Ledgers Joker - might have been a great villain - but he died and the series basically ended. No one else even comes close to Thanos - and the proof is that you are here talking about Thanos objectives. Try discussing Sour-Ron , from Lord of the Rings and see how fast you put people to sleep. 😂

    13. Caput Mundi Noctis

      Shortversion of Endgame. Timetravel,Timeline,Timbranches,Timelines,Timtravel?,Timlines!??,Reality.Time? AND cap.marvel can do ALL. powers? ALL. Comon

      1. Summer Tyme

        Translation: I can’t write in complete sentences or understand the plot... or spell “come on.” Why does a site dedicated to *nitpicking* have so many sloppily written and error prone postings? (Rhetorical question)

    14. sagar sondarva

      Two more 1 in her both of her scene hope didn't know where she is, and be like whatever I'm in 2 when spider Man coming from the portal and in second where everyone run through the enemy where exactly his web was been shooting at where there no roof or other things that could he stick his web and starts swinging

      1. Summer Tyme

        2.) If you look carefully you can see that SpiderMan swings along GiantMan and then with Rhodes. Sorry but you can’t sin the film because *lazy film viewer* can’t think and doesn’t pay attention. *DING*

      2. Summer Tyme

        1.) You don’t know how much Hope Van Dyne knows. There isn’t a bunch of exposition for the Avengers plotting instead of *fighting* because it’s an action scene. So this is yet *another* example of complaining about the lack of exposition that would only waste time explaining the obvious to those too dumb to understand. It is the number one fallacy of all of Jeremy’s work - constant two faced whingings about too little/too much exposition.

    15. jose_jediknight

      The chills when the hammer from Iron Man 1 can be heard.

    16. Alexander Harding

      Watching everyone prepare for battle and then also black widow is honestly hilarious.

    17. awesome astronaut

      This movie seems like it takes a lot of "inspiration" from Michael Crichton's Timeline.

      1. Summer Tyme

        *Because they are both based upon multiverse time travel* I doubt the Russo’s have even read Timeline. They mention many of their sources - everything from Black Rain to Once Upon a Time in America- but they don’t mention Crichton.

    18. C0r34n

      Who the heck is craig

    19. Barney Os.

      20:18 MAN that got me lmao

    20. Britain Kentner

      There is also a scene during the big fight that Scott is trying to fix the van and then is seen in giant form and then back in the van!

    21. AnthonyG77

      NJ certainly is a dark wasteland

    22. Kaye Lewis

      Winter Soldier was 2014. I'm sinning you CinemaSins.

    23. Niel Dadee

      *Movie starts* CinemaSins: Everything wrong with this movie

    24. Daveon Gilbert

      Big sin was the Feminist scene with all women hero’s appearing out of no where especially when they were just across the war, so how did they instantly appear together

      1. Summer Tyme

        Daveon Gilbert :They *aren’t* all together. Black Widow is dead. The scene is partly a tribute to her character. It whooshes over your head, but that’s low hanging fruit so....

    25. Opaque Senator

      Missed 2 sins, Cap's shield at the end. How is it back together? And B, the scene where you see all the Avengers before Cap's Avengers Assemble line, if you look close Cap's shield is again whole when it should be halved.

    26. JenniferJareauTho

      The fate of the world did indeed rest on that glock.

    27. Kal Rodwick

      Also cap shouldnt have aged at the rate he did. He should still be appearing as a 30 something yearold.

      1. Summer Tyme

        Kal Rodwick : There is no evidence that Cap doesn’t age. There is no logic in assuming that he would not have aged despite his time travels. This idea is *fan boy wishful thinking* based on nothing established in the MCU. *ding*

    28. Jbabco

      1:39 Tony Stark would've been excellent at CinemaSins.

      1. Summer Tyme

        Jbabco but Jeremy and his subscribers suck at it. *ding*

    29. Victr Silva

      So many plotholes, the reason why people fanboying over this movie is so annoying.

    30. Shikni Ful

      as for 17:06 he doesn't even need to created another Earth so he can fuk it for the main Earth, he could just give life to every other planets in the universe, make them suitable for people to live in then we have plenty of place to move into.

    31. Victr Silva

      This could be a whole hour

      1. Summer Tyme

        Victr Silva : Jeremy knows better - he’s been busted for dozens of mistakes in this video - most ever for CinemaSins - more time more mistakes.

    32. Diamondddude

      @21:06 you missed a giant part, tony used the nano suit to move and “fangle” the stone into his suit, kinda like how he kept redistributing his suit in infinity war while fighting thanos on his home world.

    33. ku zi

      that is funny that you talk about it, but i have the same just with music sesels.info/video/video/oWaFbJut4IRwfNg.html

    34. The Truth

      I still want my refund this movie was bad as fuck Loki had 5 second screen time i felt this shit was rush an the store wasn't accurate in any way

      1. Summer Tyme

        “Loki had 5 second off screen time” ⬆️ You do realize that he is *dead* in the present and only seen in the past don’t you? 😂

    35. CreeperScout11

      How did he not sin the cap v cap fight

    36. AsrielAdam

      Congrats on bottom of the trending page

    37. Italianmofo

      *Movie exists* “+1 sin for existing!”

      1. Summer Tyme

        Italianmofo That’s what the doctor said when your mom gave birth. 😂

    38. Dist Raction

      Can't believe y'all forgetting about the fact that *CAPTAIN AMERICA DOESN'T AGE?!?!?!*

      1. Summer Tyme

        Yes he does *ding* CinemaSins is now at well over 500 sins and counting.

    39. JSM2017

      Why can't American's pronounce Craig properly? WTF is "Creg"!? +100 sins.

    40. bssni touir

      You're so great ??