Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less



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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.
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    1. Summer Tyme

      The disappointing thing about those who don't get the soul stone sacrifice - is the underlying logic that they simply refuse to process. -> The soul stone is the power over life and death, in this world and the 'afterlife' or spiritual realm. -> This is why it is crucial to the Infinity Gauntlet to begin with. It's the last word on who lives and who dies. -> To possess the soul stone is to be immortal. -> The bargain that you make is to sacrifice the immortal soul of someone you love into the soul world. -> That's why Red Skull says *it's an everlasting bargain.* -> That's why Professor Hulk says - he tried to bring her back - with the Infinity Gauntlet and couldn't. If you can use the soul stone to bring back the dead, in exchange for a sacrifice, then you get back the sacrifice when you return the stone - that means there was no sacrifice. It's now something for nothing. There are no stakes, consequences, ideas, moral or meaning to the story. It's now just meaningless escapism - and which I realize is what some of you want. The movie you want was called Justice League - easy to understand because it was completely mindless. ^ People who keep asking if Nat can come back when you give back the stone just ignore the answer, when they *don't like the answer.* Like Children told that they can't have ice cream.

    2. karl kirby

      Marvel is not stronger than thanos

    3. ministry of comics

      Ok, you have to run a channel as thus you can have this but avengers endgame is perfect in every way

    4. Void

      The movie

    5. Alpha Døge

      Avengers endgame actually takes place in 2020

      1. Summer Tyme

        Seems like it.

    6. supershady

      is it meant to be nonsense or is this guys serious

      1. supershady

        @Summer Tyme 😐

      2. Summer Tyme

        Meant to be nonsense - that some take seriously.

    7. legalize homicide

      Still hate superhero movies

    8. Bokuya YT

      I mean, since cap returned the soul stone, then Nat should’ve came back, i mean soul for a soul right?

      1. Summer Tyme

        "An everlasting exchange" ⬆️ Only CinemaSins would make a bargain with the Devil and not read the fine print. 😂

    9. Pyrixthepython Oronion


      1. Pyrixthepython Oronion

        @Summer Tyme This is why he should not be on here

      2. Summer Tyme

        And he uses the same cheesy logo and sound effects. *ding*

    10. twisocfan

      Actually a good point about going to Lawrence Fishburne's character before Tony since his character studied the quantum realm.

      1. Summer Tyme

        Assuming Bill Foster is alive. Assuming Scott didn't look for him. Because we don't have 15 minutes of Scott looking for Bill Foster. Then he can explain to Bill Foster about Infinity Stones and Thanos - because - Bill Foster - wait, actually knows nothing about this....so, then he has to go find the Avengers anyway. CinemaSins sins exposition - but then they turn around and try to make a sin out of anything that isn't literally explained - which would make every film 5 hours long and apparently targeted at ret@rded children. 😂 So, no...it's not good point.

    11. Summer Tyme

      *You should have gone for the head.* ⬆️ This is Thanos line from Infinity War, and many of you still are clueless as to its meaning even though you demonstrate its meaning by way of your cluelessness. Thanos is not telling Thor this to give him useless advise, or pointlessly taunt him. Thanos is telling Thor what he is destined to do. Thanos who has the mind stone and the time stone and thus literally knows and determines his own fate. Is telling Thor what Thor *will* do. What from Thanos timeless perspective he has already done. What's funny about CinemaSins is that you treat this line of dialogue from Thanos as if it is your idea. Just like Thor does in Endgame. *It is not your idea.* You have not discovered anything. You are in fact repeating verbatim what Thanos is telling you, for his reasons and his agenda, which you don't even understand. *Apparently Thanos is still in control of your minds.* 😂 The force can have a powerful influence over the weak minded.

      1. Tico

        @Summer Tyme wtf why are you still commenting on this video, you have to be a bot or you are the biggest loser ever

      2. Summer Tyme

        The point is, cutting off Thanos head is not the key to defeating him. You can't defeat him when he has all the stones. Dr. Strange saw that. You guys still don't get it because Dr. Strange and Thanos are playing inter dimensional 3D chess. CinemaSins is more like Beavis and Butthead play tic tac toe to a draw. 😂 Sure - Endgame and chess are both stoopid.... to you.

    12. FishyRF

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1241">20:41</a> This was for sure the worst scene

    13. YEET

      50% includes plants animals and trees

      1. Summer Tyme

        No evidence in the film that Thanos eliminated plants. In Battle of Wakanda - No trees were harmed.

    14. James Pierson

      I can’t believe he wrapped up all his bullshit from a 3 hour movie into 23 minutes

      1. Summer Tyme

        Correction: You can't believe you watched 23 minutes of his bull$hix. 😆

    15. Richard NZ

      time is a human creation it does not get traveled thru

      1. Summer Tyme

        Tell us more.

      2. Richard NZ

        @Summer Tyme time does not exist just an illusion of it

      3. Summer Tyme

        Really. Tell us more.

    16. tbmckinley11

      God i love this channel but this is nearly as exhausting as the movie itself...

    17. zeke

      couldn't they have just time traveled to the point right before thanos got rid of the stones? that way all the stones are there and they just have to take them from thanos?

      1. zeke

        @Summer Tyme not clueless, not at all. But here's the thing, Thanos is not invincible, not at all. In fact, Thanos died twice in the same movie. Yeah, remember that? His head got chopped off, so no not invincible and your stupid comment is implying that he is literally a god. No, Thanos is not a god, Thanos can be killed, and can be harmed. You're saying Thanos, with the stones, is unbeatable... so then why didn't he win when he had the stones? Also it was an honest question, no need to be a dick and call me a low IQ filmgoer or whatever. Your statement and understanding of the movie versus what happened in the actual movie is just contradicting each other.

      2. Summer Tyme

        Nope. This question shows complete failure to understand the Infinity Saga. To gain all the Infinity Stones is essentially to be "God" in the MCU. You are all powerful. All knowing. All seeing. Immortal. Eternal, and control reality itself. It's exactly that. ⬆️ It's not, maybe, kinda, who knows, not sure. Lol. That's just the lazy filmgoer being clueless. The amazing thing is the film shows you and tells you over and over again - that Thanos, can't be killed, and can't be harmed - but the viewer still doesn't get it. Even has Tony flat out state that Thanos with the stones is *unbeatable.* Lazy film goer fails to compute and repeats question already answered. Endgame is a smart film for smart audiences. That's why a brilliant writer like George RR Martin can appreciate it. It's only the Low Cinema IQ knuckle draggers who remain clueless.

    18. All In One Royals

      Tu apni mistake find kar bacchh garr jakar pogo dekh.

      1. All In One Royals

        @Nishad sarmah tera jaise chutiya channel par kon aayega.

      2. All In One Royals

        @Nishad sarmah chaman aakhand chutiya jaa roo jakar lavdee

      3. Nishad sarmah

        @All In One Royals nikal lawede pehli fursat meii nikal koi jorurat nahi tera is channel peee jake porn dekh

      4. All In One Royals

        @Nishad sarmah tho kya tera bass ka h kya nikal

      5. Nishad sarmah

        @All In One Royals beta tum jake choota bheem Dekho tumhare bass ka nahi hee yaha

    19. Cynx

      There should be a sin for how the un evolve hulk through all the avengers movie

      1. Summer Tyme

        Cynx Sinning you for your inability to understand the concept of evolve.

    20. Jayden Kim

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> task failed successfully

    21. Kurtis Deakin

      Yeah the "cheese whiz" part was the shittiest part and I HATE it

    22. Turbo 86

      Mcu was ok, then i got invested and then black panther made me wanna vomit and then infinity war was the peak... and then endgame killed all interest for me. Like the simpsons, they were good, got great and then nose dived int9 becoming a poor parody of themselves with quantity over quality on their jokes. Lotr was similar in that you lose all interest in a big scale battle when the protagonists are laughing and joking when they are supposedly in danger and every one of them makes it through unscathed.

    23. Devin Harbert

      Review The Avengers 1999

    24. Eli Moses


    25. Judgment Crow

      This movie sucks, but you shouldn't be adding sins for the snarky wise cracks because that's literally been co distant in every movie, especially tony, in serious situations he makes stupid ass jokes


      no-one gonna dismiss why Okoye also came out of the portal with T'challa and Zuri when she wasn't wiped out???.......

      1. Summer Tyme

        "You wanted more?" - Wong. The film explains itself - but CinemaSins is too lazy to pay attention.

      2. Summer Tyme

        Sinning you for horrible film comprehension. The portals are not gateways from heaven bringing back those who were snapped. 😂 Apparently that’s what you think??? The portals are being opened by the Dr. Strange, Wong and the Wizards bringing in heroes from Wakanda, New Asgard, Titan and even The Hong Kong Sanctum - if you look into the portals you can see it’s nighttime in China. Film is filled with thoughtful touches that whoosh past CinemaSins low cinema IQ society. You guys aren’t worthy. Keep waiting for the Snyder cut. 😂

    27. eddie g

      I disliked because u said that Squidward wasn't funny

    28. Summer Tyme

      *Wait for Snyder cut* You guys need to have Zack Snyder make all your films. He makes shallow empty boring films that are heavy on bullet time cartoon violence, and weak on character, theme, story, humor, intellect and imagination. Perfect. 😂 The film's don't make money and are critically panned, but at least they allow a hard core of fan boys to swear by them and mutually agree amongst themselves that Snyder is the best.... no matter what the rest of the world says. 😎

    29. Sebastian Chang

      If you wipe out half the universe what happens if there is an odd number of people in the universe. Is one person just dusted in half.

    30. Asher Novotny

      I like your jokes but sometimes they are not sins. You could say something without a sin...

    31. topz camendozan

      thanos started now to wipe out half the papulation the corona virus

    32. Shadow Killer

      i know im way late on this shit but nothing was said about captain niggamerica and im kinda pissed about it

    33. richard Castro

      Hydra agents could be anyone. Plus he probably had it in his head that maybe cap was super secretly brain washed like the winter soldier and kept as a sleeper agent until the right time. On a side note, I wonder if cap gave the scepter back to those hydra agent, or did he say fuck it and decide to improve that timeline’s future by putting it in better hands?

      1. Summer Tyme

        Good observation - Cap does not take the scepter back with him when he travels back in time. If you understand how multiverse time travel works - it becomes obvious why he wouldn't. In that time line Loki has escaped, Hydra knows there is another Captain America who stole the tesseract - and Cap would have no reason to give the mind stone back to Hydra or Loki. Some viewers want to believe that the multiple timelines in the film stop existing when Cap goes back. Then they are trying to figure out - how that could be. But the timelines *still exist* [The Disney+ Loki series is based on pursuing what happens to Loki in that timeline]. The story does not end with a single timeline. It ends by setting up the multiverse.

    34. Ted Scheett

      Can I just say something that just has me bothered so much that I just want to take an axe to Captain Marvel, the movie I mean? That movie is set in 1991, correct me if I'm wrong. Now I'm gonna lowball this: In that movie, I believe she was probably in the regions of... 25 years old. If we follow that logic, by 2023, Endgame's Setting, Captain Marvel is 57 years old. Granted by that time, Steve's probably hitting a century and a quarter, but he's got a few alibis. Carol, however, does not. Cree blood? Cree age like humans. Tesseract? It's the SPACE stone, not Fountain of Youth Stone. Explosive Power? Now you're grasping at straws... Honestly, it wouldn't have been an issue if Captain Marvel was established a bit earlier but here we sit.

      1. Summer Tyme

        She is both a Kree Warrior and affected by the Space Stone - also the Kree are genetically engineered and have been shown to have long lifespans in the comics. We have no idea of what her experiences were between 1991 and 2019. She might have been in cryo for many of those years for all we know. (Captain America and Bucky are prime examples) There is a difference between following logic, and leaping to conclusions. The reality of Danvers age is that we don't know, and there is no way to know. And it's very predictable that Captain Marvel II will answer this question. Imagine seeing Captain America Civil War - when you haven't seen 1st Avenger and then getting in a tizzy about how Captain America hasn't aged. 😂 Be patient.

    35. Darwyn Foster

      Nobody gonna mention the avengers assemble moment where only people close to him could've heard the assemble part

      1. Darwyn Foster

        @Summer Tyme theres no comms for valkyrie or the wasp or a lot of the heroes

      2. Summer Tyme

        Your reply post is incoherent.

      3. Darwyn Foster

        @Summer Tyme bro you're on here too. But, makes sense even though hes talking to everyone and also why would he be talking to valkyrie or captain marvel and everyone else

      4. Summer Tyme

        Because it's a dumb observation. Cap is only talking over coms to the Avengers to begin with...he isn't screaming Avengers Assemble to the Asgardians, the Wakandans, the Guardians, the Ravagers, the Sorcerers, or Howard the Duck, because they aren't Avengers. When he says Assemble it is Thor and T'Challa who *scream* to their peoples because they and *not* Cap are the kings. *That's why the scene cuts to a close up of them.* This was a smart scene that goes over the heads of Cinemasins because Cinemasins subscribers are just not very bright. Sorry, but it's true.

    36. Nathan Lopez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1067">17:47</a> is where I gave up on the movie

      1. Nathan Lopez

        Summer Tyme it does make sense cuz even from the moment de strange told him that he could not tell him the future, Tony knew what had to be done. Therefore if tony already held the thought in his mind that he would have to sacrifice himself for everything and everyone he loved that should have made him existentially more worthy than Captain America’s stupid ass. What did he sacrifice to make himself worthy. Cuz remember it was through the same self sacrifice that Thor became worthy back in the first Thor. So explain to me why you say my statement does not make sense mate.

      2. Summer Tyme

        "Tony should have lifted the hammer" ⬆️ Makes no sense whatsoever.

      3. Nathan Lopez

        Summer Tyme cuz Tony should’ve lifted the hammer, it makes more sense. Plus Captain America is a simp and that I cannot forgive

      4. Summer Tyme


    37. Jesus Christ

      The total sin tally should be way higher

      1. Summer Tyme

        They padded with nonsense as it is. They really liked the film obviously and frustrated the haters with their weak video. But note: It's not like the haters can do any better.

    38. Eli Lackey

      Couldn't steve have gone back and traded the stone for Natasha

      1. Summer Tyme

        No. She's dead. That's the meaning of everlasting exchange.

    39. Super Batm4n

      This ain’t the same guy is it? Shame

    40. Sebastian Anderson

      Ok man if you dont like this movie then your on my shit list

    41. the gamerator 10

      3,000 sins to CinemaSins for not resetting the sin counter at "And I... am... Iron Man."

    42. Chris Allie

      Black widow sacrificed herself because she has no family,that’s why she gave Hawkeye a chance of having a second chance, and I’m very surprised the hulk didn’t hulk out after he found out about sexy black widow death,so I guess that’s why he really wanted to kill thanos properly this time just like the rest of the avengers did

      1. Chris Allie

        Summer Tyme it’s uploaded check it out

      2. Chris Allie

        And 1 more thing,the cunt sins good movies because he’s a sin,the only thing I agree with him is dc movies are bs,except for smallville ,I like red k clark kent

      3. Chris Allie

        Summer Tyme with the videos about movies I’ve got has actual no bs,infact I’m still waiting for the end game final fight to upload because it takes 40 minutes to record so it should upload soon

      4. Chris Allie

        Summer Tyme fuck cinema sins,my videos are shit loads better,cinema fuckwit sins has no idea about anything

      5. Summer Tyme

        “I’m talking about blood family” ⬆️ But she’s not. Natasha doesn’t value her family any less because of ‘blood’. She refers to the Avengers as her family. Have to try to understand what the characters think - not impose your own thoughts on them. Inability to do this is one of the most common failures of CinemaSins.

    43. Chris Allie

      Cap takes the case without a fight in the elevator,cool

    44. Phil Anderson

      Should be another sin at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1218">20:18</a> "It's dead. I'm gonna have to hotwire it." If there's no power then you can't hotwire it!

      1. Summer Tyme

        Noo... watch the scene closely. It’s not the Car that’s dead - and they are not trying to drive the van. It’s the Quantum Tunnel control panel that’s dead. They are using the car to hot-wire the control panel for the Quantum Tunnel. The wires he pulls are from the top of the car - not from under the steering column where the car ignition wires would be.

    45. Bennett F

      If Dr. Strange tells Tony what happens, "it won't happen"? If it won't happen if Strange tells him, then it is impossible to tell him what happens.

      1. Summer Tyme

        Bennett F Booo. That is just a plain fail at logic on your part. Tony isn’t asking Dr. Strange to tell him what happens- he is asking Strange to tell him what to do. At the thematic level (which is the deep end of the water where you guys have never been) the issue is that for this to work - Stark has to make a choice of his own free will, which involves sacrificing his life.... That is what makes his choice heroic to begin with. And Strange can’t really know - if Stark will make that choice or not. But he would know if he has tried to explain it before to Stark - only to see it end in failure. You guys shouldn’t bandy logic with any film, until you’ve take some courses on critical thinking, because you’re getting slaughtered.

    46. The Frey Factor

      So nebulas WiFi works in the same solar system but mine loses signal at the other end of the house?😡

      1. The Frey Factor

        Summer Tyme as a middle aged man I don’t think I’m ready for either of those.

      2. Summer Tyme

        I guess you're not ready to be a Daughter of Thanos or Guardian of the Galaxy then. You need the 5 *million* G network for that.

    47. tudorjason

      23 minutes?! LMAO! Of course this movie had so many problems! Superhero movies always do, especially the most-hyped ones!

      1. Dark DeathFire

        @Summer Tyme But every movie has it's flaws, especially Superhero-movies. Take your rosegold painted glasses off and accept that not everything in this movie is holy. Dear god

      2. Summer Tyme

        You do realize that the video’s used to be short, to make them more entertaining and less time wasting. Now they are long because they are padded in order to monetize. The video is mostly dumb jokes and filler which have little to do with the film.

    48. Sanchit Chandra

      The scene where Tony says "do you trust me ?" deserves a sin off

    49. Sanchit Chandra

      Me : You Dare not sin the circular shot from the first Avengers again CinemaSins : does it again

      1. Summer Tyme

        Sanchit Chandra Good example of filler, 4 or 5 of his sins actually reference other films, and in this case re-referencing a previous sin *DING* which made no sense the 1st time *DING.*

    50. Devadathan P S

      In the scene where the Ancient one explains the flow of time banner putsback the hologram of the time stone from thin air does banner know magic then

      1. Summer Tyme

        Good Gosh you guys are weak minded. You can’t follow a scene to save your lives. Let’s baby walk you thru it. Professor Hulk, an actual physical being tries to take the stone from the ancient one. The Ancient one separates Hulk’s astral form from his body - using the *same approach* that she used on Stephen Strange in Dr. Strange. Now listen carefully: *Hulk’s physical body is now laying on the floor - unconscious.* Thoughtfully the ancient one sits her hat on his physical body to keep the sun off of him. 😂 The Banner that you are looking at -> *IS NOT A PHYSICAL BEING.* He is an astral form - or spirit - you can see right thru him. *Pay attention.* In terms of meta-physics the ancient one is interacting with Banners subconscious, *not his physical body.* So yes she can project her images into this mind, and he can mentally respond to and interact with them... *in his mind.* This is all happening in Banner’s mind - until the ancient one reconnects Professor Hulk's body with Banner’s astral form. Now we are back on the physical plane. Got it? Good. So no more need for your self confusions.

    51. Summer Tyme

      *CinemaSins idea of a valid sin* *If Hulk brought everyone back - and people who were brought back in a plane - should immediately fall to their deaths, because....* Because the person who believes this does not understand how space and time actually work, nor do they understand how the Infinity Stones work in the film.

      1. Afif

        @Summer Tyme your welcome glad to make someone happy

      2. Summer Tyme

        Nah. Makes me happy to discuss the film. Your comments are not about the film and so irrelevant to my happiness. Sorry.

      3. Afif

        @Summer Tyme your welcome and thank *you* for replying you can keep on replying if you want maybe hurls some insult now and then if that's what brings you happiness

      4. Summer Tyme

        Back on topic: *Film comprehension is reading comprehension, plus listening comprehension, plus viewing comprehension....which is literally perceptiveness.* 😎 Most of the questions about Endgame can be answered if the above would be applied to the process of viewing films. Rather than watching lazily and then tuning in to internet videos for crib notes.

      5. Summer Tyme

        Afif : “Let me recreate my insults to make you feel better...” ⬆️ Hence the phoniness of your original apology. The entire exercise is just you making a fool of yourself. You at least bump my thread - otherwise your posts are all irrelevant. Keep replying thanks. 😎

    52. Because I’m Batman!

      “It’s a joke. For almost the entire movie. Except when the movie wants you to take it seriously. Then... back to joke.” My opinion on this entire movie. *ding*

      1. Summer Tyme

        That’s my opinion of this website. Really dumb comments that reflects poor film comprehension or lack of logic or common sense. When this is pointed out - it’s a joke, not real film commentary. *DING*

    53. Giuliano Gisotti

      Wow, I didn't expect CinemaSins to dissect it this deep. Almost all of these were valid points

      1. Caleb Berry

        Summer Tyme finally someone gets it literally none of these are “sins”/mistakes

      2. Summer Tyme

        Virtually none of his comments are valid. His comments are often objectively wrong, or reflect low cognitive skills. Disagree? Challenge to point out even *one* valid comment of any importance from the video.

    54. Gabriel Frank

      But most important question is... Can Nebula have wifi?

      1. Summer Tyme

        It’s not literally wifi, of course as that would be useless for interstellar communications. She has a sub space communications ability as a Cyborg- allowing her to communicate with Thanos and more importantly allowing Thanos to spy on her. The two Nebula’s are entangled at a Quantum Level causing the Nebula 2023 to data dump her newer information back to Nebula 2014.

    55. Jesus With an AK47

      Iron man's death was completely worthless. They were already winning the battle and now they have the gauntlet on their side so he had no need to snap

    56. armsofzeus

      I'd hate for this guy to ruin this movie for me, but screw it. He could probably use the paycheck, and I like seeing diverse opinions.

    57. Nathan Gray

      Does this guy even have a favourite movie

    58. RockyRavage

      23 minutes? They couldn't even do it in 3 hours

      1. Summer Tyme

        Owen Burton I don’t, so you’re wrong about that too. It’s an excellent film. But even if it were not, the video about the film on this site is inferior. It’s riddled with mistakes, and it’s not funny. The dozens of mistakes in the video have been pointed out by several discussants in 100’s of posts.

      2. Owen Burton

        Summer Tyme i can tell you think endgame is the best film of all time 🤢

      3. Summer Tyme

        They weren’t able to do it in 6 months, as they and all of their subscribers have failed to find even a single plot hole in the film despite thousands of laughably idi0tic posts. 😂

    59. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

      My sister’s name is on one of the memorials… huh

    60. popcorn rollerskate

      What he just made a fart joke he hates fart jokes

    61. ihonestlydontcare

      why the fuck did this get more sins than fucking cloudy with a chance of meatballs jesus christ

    62. William Page

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="946">15:46</a> this is golden 😂😂

    63. Mr. Catman

      If someone who was pregnant was dusted, would the child just drop on the floor?

      1. gdi hrkd

        @Summer Tyme I think he means when Thanos snapped

      2. Summer Tyme

        Mr. Catman Not if Professor Hulk doesn’t want it to, no.

    64. Awful- Kun

      Why couldn’t they go back to the thanny garden right before the stones are used to destroy the stones

      1. Afif

        @Summer Tyme pardon me, it's juat a simple misspellingg im only human after all, ok he want to kill himself, so kill him then even if he doesn't want to die they can still kill him, because now the Avengers have a plan, in titan Stark have a plan and it worked if only quill can be a little bit patience, now that i think about it Thanos doesn't seem so powerful after all the fact that the filmmakers have to explain so many thing make it seem like a horribly explained movie thank you for replying

      2. Afif

        @Summer Tyme yes he used them to snap again making him even weaker but even before the second snap all of the Avengers can beat him how exactly did you think he's unbeatable? stormbreaker can withstand the gauntlet attack and so does Captain marvel it seem like you who are thinking clearly, maybe because you're to busy insulting me

      3. Afif

        @Summer Tyme Captain marvel doesn't have the gauntlet my friend it's on Thanos hand while she fight him (did watch the movie?), and with the help of Thor and the rest of the Avengers they can finish him of easily

      4. Afif

        @Summer Tyme no damage to thanos on stormbreaker?? i don't know how to tell you friend but there is a giant hole on thanos chest before he escape, and stormbreaker is the one that decapitate thanos

      5. Summer Tyme

        Once again - smart film, and dull film viewers of CinemaSins. 😂

    65. Audrey Phelps

      This guy had almost ruined my favorite MCU movie I would have unsubscribed right then if he had actually ruined it for me just think of that before you make another CinemaSins about a very popular movie

    66. Samuel Attwood

      I hate you this movie doesn’t need sins

    67. Z3R0

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> btw what the heck on earth is going on behind those mirrors I see at least 8 hands

    68. Alma Chroma

      Tried to impress death and got cockblocked by deadpool

      1. Summer Tyme

        Alma Chroma In the MCU - it’s Deadpool that’s blocked.

    69. Emmanuel Siboniyo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1054">17:34</a> SIMP!

    70. Adam Volný

      no sin of for "I am Iron-man"?

    71. GreenTirren

      You missed how the fuck did ant man get from San Francisco to New York so fast

      1. Summer Tyme

        GreenTirren He drove the Van Cross Country. Do you really need sign explaining to you the passage of time between any two scenes because otherwise you can’t figure it out? Oh wait, I forgot I’m on CinemaSins film comment for Dummies website. 😂

    72. Doc Shock

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1105">18:25</a> That's not fair. Hanson has plenty of great songs and they're so much better than mmmbop

    73. TotalynotAaron

      No he didn't he insulted the best movie ever

    74. Nova2512

      *Cap is leading a support group to honor Sam who used to. Also the director is the other guy talking in that shot*

      1. Summer Tyme

        Nova2512 He is also carrying on Sam’s legacy - and at the end of the film he passes his legacy on to sam. *On your left.* How film’s work.

    75. Ram Jam

      I read the comics years ago and i know this was different take on it. I was going to say that without Loki in the first Avengers and Vision with the stone in his head, these events would not have happened. However, Thanos would have done what he did anyway.....so its good that it was written this way.

    76. Chosenmaple 99

      Quarantine: *exists CinemaSins (to movies): *You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.*

    77. skyscreamer1844

      So much for just enjoying a movie. Maybe you should just sit in a dark room by yourself and let all the conflicting voices in your head play a movie for you..........but then you'd probably bitch about that too.

    78. Summer Tyme

      *Not the Droids you're looking for.* Infinity War and Endgame are subversive because they are not standard comic book/movie stories. Everything from Iron Man to Superman (the actual good one with Christopher Reeves), to Dark Knight and Avengers 1 are all by the numbers comic book movies executed well. Infinity War in contrast is the story of what happens when heroes fail utterly. Not merely pseudo setback - mind you - but defeat, devastating and complete. Endgame is *not* the story of the heroes turning defeat into victory. It's unlike the laughable Dark Knight Returns where Bruce has his back broken by Bane - but sure enough gets the rematch (that Hulk never got) and wins...because (comic book paint by numbers). That's the kind of junk food many on this site are still begging for, and wish Endgame consisted of. No, Endgame is the story of heroes reinventing themselves in response to failure, and so finding new meaning and purpose to their lives. This is why the themes of the film are expressed thru the character arcs. Iron Man failed to cut the wire - that wasn't enough. He had to give everything to answer Thanos snap, just as Thanos had to give everything in order to snap. There is no other way. There is no plot armored cop out so the audience can have its cake and eat it too. Smash Hulk was essentially killed by Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War. Banner is killed at the end. (he is entombed in rock). Professor Hulk is born from the destruction of Banner and Hulk. Only in learning to combine brilliance and brute strength - can Professor Hulk actually fight Thanos. *He fights him by snapping.* He arm wrestles Thanos for the fate of the Universe. He does not attempt to physically fight him again - there is no going back. Smash Hulk is gone. Endgame isn't even trying to be the story that CinemaSins wants. The film is like Sirloin and Champagne - and you guys are looking for cherry coke and greasy popcorn.

    79. Lianzhi Huang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> Just wow

    80. Sergej Cvetkovic

      Instead of removing sins for the "Avenger's assemble" scene...He added 5 of them Madlad i guess

      1. Sergej Cvetkovic

        @Summer Tyme What does that mean?

      2. Summer Tyme

        Sins on this site are mostly a reflection of the obtuseness of the person giving out the sins.