Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking of the twelve zodiac signs on the Internet. How would you rank the astrological signs? #RankKing
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    1. Katelyn Privett

      I love how Jungkook was incorporated into the list of familiar Virgos but I feel bad Jin from the same band wasn't in the Sagittarius line up 💜😅

    2. Katelyn Privett

      I'm born on the cusp between Scorpio and Libra, so I'm all kinds of confused. I guess I see the black, white and grey??? Help?

      1. Katelyn Privett

        I'm just glad in both rankings, both signs were close to each other

    3. Alex Aguilar

      Being a virgo is kinda like being Neo in matrix. You see the problems about other people and stuff, try to fix them, and often be put down for it. We are the peoples people, but in a way, we never get the recognition for it, life passes beyond us and inspite of us.

    4. Sarah Carpenter

      I’m a very very angry cancer 🦀

    5. Dragon

      I’m a Taurus and everything they said is wrong about me.

    6. Molly Mccall


    7. Boston Adams

      I'm just going to pretend that didn't hurt me more than it should have...

    8. Eithenex R

      Me : I'm a sun virgo, rising capricorn and moon scorpio, everybody is gonna say that I am boring and cold hearted so I am gonna end up at the end 😭 Also me at the end of the video : and I oop Edit : I know that capricorn is pretty low but I'm right you are wrong, shut up 😂

    9. Raneem Alhawari

      Knowing that ellen is an aquarius just made me hate myself...

    10. Jenny Rose

      Idk abt y’all but this is my personal ranking + how I see them 1. Virgo -loyal 2. Leo - Fun and adventurous 3. Aries - honest 4. Sagittarius - funny 5. Libra - fun at parties 6. Cancer - good friends 7. Capricorn -meh 8. Gemini - high highs and low lows 9. Scorpio - rude 10. Taurus -boring and stubborn 11. Pisces - always crying when they don’t get they way 12. Aquarius -cold + heartless

    11. Marla Mattis

      I sincerely don't disagree with Capricorn. We ain't shit even though we are awesome

    12. Anime Fandom

      Eugene : Taurus are really dumb Me : *laughs in being first in class and an honor student*

    13. Mia Funnell

      "leo's make sure they're never forgotten" me: laughs in introvert

    14. Laina Hershberger


    15. Monique Engel

      Im a taurus and im fliping angry, im am not boring

    16. Becca 0

      I knew I was gonna be the dead middle × .×

    17. Feather Weather

      I want to be happy that my sign got second but I don't relate to any of those qualities lmao

    18. Katy Adams

      Eugene on Aries: "They can be little fucking bitches." Me: **Nods stubbornly**

    19. Lance Lorenzo

      I have watched other videos about zodiac rankings and after seeing cancer, my zodiac, as the most dangerous because of emotions, I wasnt surprised that it was placed as the worst here. I still believe we are good on our own ways anyway.

    20. Sea Skeens

      Eugene's description of capricorn and rankings made this video so good

    21. the savage squad

      sorry but you got Aquarius wrong we have are actually overthinkers we actually don't care we are actually picky and over thinkers we experience a lot of pain that's why we consider are self smarter then you guys but not like the point that were know it alls and cockiness you feel me.

    22. Hotel andElevator1236

      Saggy sad me lol

      1. Hotel andElevator1236

        Autocorrect sag* 😅😅😅😅

    23. ashraful quader

      Im scorpio lol

    24. Fat Yoshi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> n-none of this is true for me...

    25. Just another Strong woman

      Me: Taurus, gets all A’s in school and excels in anything academically Him:they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed ...

    26. Nanna Liv Møller Jensen

      Im Pisces 🤭

    27. tired law student

      Pisces are the best. The last, the talented sigh.

    28. Henry Rigerman

      Eugen: "Cancers aren't overly emotional...are emotionally manipulative..." So what? Not like I've hurt anyone by doing these things, as a cancer, but I could... Imma mess with everyone now, thanks!

    29. Hm K

      So how am i gemini but introvert af??????

    30. Noah Cooper

      I'm a sag but a feel more like a Capricorn

    31. NaNa Muh


    32. Bea The Shorthair

      Honestly, I think virgos are lower on my rank spectrum thingy majig only because all of the virgos have always controlled me and I HATE it but just saying, not all virgos are like that.

    33. Alteration Artistry

      Is it weird to say that ive never said I was a Leo with a smile/smirk. I always say it with a straight face or frown/straight face?

    34. Samatron Vegang Gang

      I’m a Virgo sun, Taurus moon, and Sagittarius rising. Feeling pretty special right now 😂🙏🏽

    35. Isobella Crown

      My signs Sun sign: Taurus Moon: Leo Ascendant: Capricorn I found this out on nebula app and it’s been right so far and I’ve had it for almost a month

    36. Sadie Fisher

      yeah I'm a scorpio and the way it was described is not like me AT ALL

    37. Angelina

      As a Scorpio this gave me confidence. And yes, although I am a virgin I must be awesome in bed.

    38. Heavenly Rose

      Huh! Why all this hate on Aquarius!! This was rude af ngl

    39. Cornelia Wyder

      Capricorn here. Eugene is right.

    40. Viktor Uhre Andersen

      I’m an Aries ♈️ :(

    41. Jade Crowell

      I don't really get astrology because I'm nothing like ANY of my signs. I'm a Leo, but then my rising sign is Cancer, and my Moon sign is Aries which means I should be like really emotional and like always wanting to be the center of attention, but I'm like the opposite. Idk it just doesn't add up for me...

    42. That Animator

      Me a aries: I'm not a baby!!! Also me: MOM GET ME A ANOTHER SIPPY CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Angelia Lollyta

      we share the same zodiac Eugene

    44. angelgonebad 2

      Am lio and I Don’t give a fuck because your opinions is nothing I’m right you’re wrong

    45. Ryder Carson

      I’m a Leo.....😂😂😂 I don’t thaink of myself to high or anything nor do I look in the mirror for hours but like this there anything else that we Leo’s do

    46. lv

      Taurus, we're not boring.

    47. sabrina joanne

      I’m an Aries and the mediator between my emotionally unstable Leo and Gemini parents lmao

    48. Todoroki S.

      *-Crys for ten days because i got called dumb-* imma pussy don't judge

    49. Dr. Akib Javed


    50. fetusdeletus

      No one: Me: *looking for the Libra comments*

    51. Iamyour -dad

      I’m an Aquarius........ I don’t have a lightbulbed shape head, but I do act like I know people more, because I do. I’m not offended but still......

    52. shoba

      My opinion! 1 - Aries ♈️ 2 - Virgo ♍️ 3 - Scorpio ♏️ 4 - Taurus ♉️ 5 - Leo ♌️ 6 -Cancer ♋️ 7 - Libra ♎️ 8 - Capricorn ♑️ 9 - Sagittarius ♐️ 10 - Aquarius ♒️ 11 - Pisces ♓️ 12 - Gemini ♊️ Guess what zodiac I am! >;)

    53. Becca and Dylan

      I mean I know why aries is one of the worst if you annoy us we will snap like that

    54. maggie mitchelli

      listen, I'm a leo and a lot of what you said didn't apply to me but I am also a sociopath so I'm not sure how that plays into this...

    55. David Rogers

      Im a libra, im pretty happy with number 3 or 4 ill take it, not the best for anyone but by no means disliked

    56. Kawaii_ Mango

      me a pisces":YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS" aries:"That kinda hurted me tho"

    57. Mdshah Kasnan


    58. Lacey Weddell

      The only thing I agree with about for Aquarius is that we look like aliens. I'm tall and lanky and have a small head with big eyes lmao

    59. Dorian Ivette

      Me being a virgo and watching this lowkey raised my confidence

    60. Rorook Trudel


    61. Keef

      Astrology is fake.

    62. Bonnie Edens

      Virgos deserved this win

    63. ExcuseAlice

      I'm actually scared Scorpios are gonna take over, me as a Scorpio, im scared of myself

    64. vScOgUrLsNoMoRe SkSkSk

      Aquarius = that one kid that is “smart in a different way”, really hard to become friends with but if you are friends with one of them it’s amazing

    65. PZ214 Project Zorgo

      I’m Aquarius E E E E E E E E

    66. ImNot FamousYo

      I’m such a happy Virgo thanks Eugene

    67. Tracie Reece

      I’m a sag my husband is a libra my oldest daughter is a Pisces and my youngest is an Aquarius. Yea we have a crazy house!

    68. Eve Tube

      Yes I am number one

    69. Zee Pratt

      I was like yup keep going... oh haha I’m a Leo

    70. Daksha Pai

      I like Eugene’s ranking better as he is more honest... while Allison actually was a bit biased on her zodiac sign and the others... Eugene’s ranking is the better one and I agree with it more.

    71. cait fii

      i’m not saying pisces should be at number one, but third to last? that’s just disrespectful.

      1. cait fii

        so let me be honest and rude as fuck for a moment and let you know who should actually be in the bottom. cancer’s are genuinely cancerous and are the absolute worst sign in my opinion, gemini’s are also terrible people in my experience, and i’ve never met a decent leo in my life. oh and scorpio’s switch up on you very quickly and shouldn’t ever be trusted with any sensitive information.

    72. iselltylenol

      the girl *puts leo over cancer under everyone else* only a libra would say that 🤭🤭🤭

    73. Bosanka Iz Bosne

      Where are my fellow pisces attttt

    74. L S

      offended cancer here - libra and capricorn are my least favorite signs so I think it's hilarious cancers were put so low on the list LMAO, feelings mutual i guess

    75. ItzFunsize 2008

      I'm a Sagittarius but it doesn't make sense for my type of personality.

    76. PepperMinte

      I'm a Sagittarius and I feel blessed that Eugene rated us SECOND! Thank you Eugene- ;w;

    77. Adriana Robles

      i agree about my gemini sign but u would like to date certain gemini's

    78. emerson sophiaa

      They're right I love being a Leo💅 you can rank me low but i am right🙂

    79. InsaneCapital

      What's wrong with people The way you guys are commenting is looking like you are showing off Duh...just express don't fuckin impress

    80. Noja Patricija Ignataviciute

      OML im PISCES xDD