Eating A 3D Printed Steak

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    Dog Scream:
    Drone Footage:
    Building: pBtbAKsmBuw7/
    Old Lady:
    Police: Duvall.Police.Department/videos/626381041130071/
    Wrap Device:
    Snow: pBtJR0Cml50e/
    - Production: EIT-Food (
    - Footage: Víctor Luengo film maker of enerofilms (
    - Startup: Novameat (
    Up Above by Pyrosion
    Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported - CC BY-SA 3.0
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    Lightness by Nomyn
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    Confused (Afternoons LP) by Loxbeats
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    1. baby yoda

      I'm sorry but the real steak is where it's at.

    2. Your Regular Noodle

      “I on,y eat all natural stuff~” The “natural” stuff:

    3. Stephen Killin

      1:50 Boys in the backseat during a roundtrip after getting sodas...

    4. Super Xhaiden

      🥩 + 📦 = the *fake steak*

    5. TheDroidBay

      My favourite bits: 0:29 the culinary version of "Hide the pain harold" 0:53 LAPD "Assault Rifle Mime Division" 2:37 Shy qwab

    6. Kyron Clovis

      Dispatch:all units we have a 1033 at the park The police:wait a snowball fight Also the police: *dies*

    7. CJ Car Crash

      You could wrap up criminals until it’s a fat guy...

    8. Santa Clause

      That guy eating the steak knows its shit.

    9. Shampoo the spider

      0:36 What just happened?


      What’s next a 3D printed car

    11. Tymefor Spiace

      i love how the police we're so exited for a snowball fight :) so pure.

    12. MustangCobra

      Police: *Catch murderer with rope taser* Detective: Well folks, I guess this case is.....*puts on sunglasses*....All wrapped up. .....I'll see myself out.

    13. Alyssa H

      The last one made me smile so much.

    14. Milo Rozza

      2:18 this is my gym teachers grandma

    15. Matthew Elliot's

      That plastic steak looks vile

    16. Holly D

      That net gun thing is cool and all until someone misses and the little steel thing on the end goes right through someone

    17. Happydog 173

      4:21 When you don’t

      1. Happydog 173

        5:21 When you don’t

    18. Matthew McDowell

      At 3:04 it’s all fun and games until that one quiet kid whoops out a gun from his ass.

    19. keir strainer

      Where do i get my own Bolas shooter?

    20. DkXboxer

      That's a tiny ass steak.

    21. lol 31

      1:48. Sound output: error

    22. Shïnu

      The crab name at 2:34

    23. ZacEchizenGamer

      2:15 i am 10 i cant even push a tire

    24. Henrich Dionio

      So islams can eat that 3d printed meat right now???

    25. Reign

      That steak was so tiny I want like 10-12oz of meat not 1.

    26. Reign

      Always great content but,the end cracks me up every time sounds like "LETTER"

    27. Swuapi

      Artificial flavoring? Nah, artificial food

    28. Mister Carter

      The future is now, peoples.

    29. Shiori Nakamoto

      2:36 i really like that noise

    30. Ryanima L

      We just gonna print steak and act like it’s ok?

    31. Tea Petrov

      Go to 1:18 fail

    32. Ashton Wu

      You could tell that steak was terrible

    33. Fallingジ

      this shit is the same steak as the one they have in prison

    34. Jrip

      Girlfriend: So what kind of foods to like? Me: It’s complicated..

    35. StreetEve

      IT'S RAW!!

    36. Dead Meme

      Reject the cuck steak and the seethrough 1 room house.

    37. Ryo N

      0:33 HAHAHAHA that came outta nowhere xD

    38. General History

      Well boys we did it, hungry is no more

    39. chewing gum

      That snow ball fight was so wholesome

    40. ItsFunneh.

      0:33 Um.....Who farted....

    41. SomeDude

      0:50 imagine that wrapping around your neck

    42. thecoolkanetuttl idk

      Is that a blackhole at 1:40 or am i trippin

    43. WEEZe

      imagine police officers show up in riot gear and your first reaction is to throw shit at them

    44. Kyle Anderson

      My favourite thing is the look of "this is horrible but I can make that obvious" on his face 😂

    45. Fishplants

      If that looks like meat I'm Jesus Christ

    46. nathhekzz

      That old woman is stronger than me? I could kick her over and she would turn into dust

    47. samuel tejada


    48. 20 000 subscribers without any videos?

      After the toilet: 3D poop

    49. Jordan Parker

      That nigga waited for the camera to cut off to spit that shit out

    50. Janco Scholtz

      no one: Farmer starting tractor: 1:53

    51. LunaNova

      You know 3D printing meat is stupid. If that fully replaced meat we would just have to many cows and other animals ffs

    52. Mincat 1326

      The captions are like “tastes and feels like me but isn’t actually me”

      1. baby yoda

        I swear robots are getting dumber and smarter at the same time... And I don't like it.

    53. Unkown Gamer YT

      Longhorn Steakhouse: "You can't fake steak" 3d Printer: *Hold my nozzle*

      1. Morgan Freeman

        Unkown Gamer YT you can’t lol

    54. Rosshafinaz :D

      1:58 wait, is she sleeping while there's glass infront of her? Darn, what happend to her?

    55. Hank 2542

      Too bad it’s the size of a sticky note

    56. Gareth Peters

      Well, boys we did it. No world hunger anymore!

    57. Jacob French

      First videos: that...fucking awesome

    58. Santana

      *Vegans are leveling up*

    59. Gordon Ramsey 2

      Good idea u just need to make it Look Smell Taste And feel like steak

    60. AnonyGuy

      “Made of plant based resources” *Vegan Steak*