Duffle Bag Buru - No Limit (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Duffle Bag Buru - No Limit
    Prod. Luke Almighty
    Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett

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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade

    Publicerades den 2 år sedan


    1. patient

      lmfao so this is the drunk guy from ransom

    2. K Edwards


    3. Darrell Mackinnon

      People still sleep on this track

    4. Psychic

      u n d e r r a t e d a s f * c k .

    5. R M

      LIL BERNARD ALL GROWN UP!!!!!! Wish I could truly express this feeling to ya! Good luck lil guy! Sincerely, an old family friend

    6. Tony Walton

      🔥 Is this listentnig all the time This video fabulous <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> 🧡 👇👇👇👇🔥

    7. Lil Pew

      Almost 3 years and only 300K...

      1. Bobby Schmurda’s Missing Hat

        Lil Pew ikr

    8. Darrell Mackinnon

      Still have on-going love for this.

    9. LucidPxrpp

      Holy crap this kid is underrated 🔥

    10. Tomas Gianera

      buenardo el buru

    11. Yohei Mito

      Dude become more famous with the shit he's done to Ransom video than in his own music 😂😂

    12. Smelly Nut

      Aye who hear from little teccas video

    13. Lucas Novero

      i only know of bury bc of him dancing and being drunk in ransom 😂

      1. fluid

        Thought it was just me

    14. HeLLeToR

      Is this buru buru guy on ransom

      1. Jye Govan-Smith


      2. Jye Govan-Smith


      3. Nickrxd1122 hehe


    15. Delphino Productions

      This song gives me so much hope. The way the beat vibes with Buru's flow is immaculate. Honestly, every time I watch this video it sends me into a headspace where anything is possible and reminds me that there truly is no limit to our potential. I wish everyone an amazing day and hope that whatever you do, you do it with 400% passion. Life is so short, so make sure to create beautiful things, show compassion and work towards becoming the best version of yourself. Thank you Cole for making so many inspiring videos and being a fantastic human being. You deserve everything amazing that is coming your way.

    16. Atlantic 31

      Is he the one in the Lil Tecca - Random video shot?

      1. AllStar


    17. Salvador

      Real buru fans if you are a real buru Fan like if you came from ransom fuck you

      1. Nickrxd1122 hehe

        Well i wasnt even a fan😂

    18. Darrell Mackinnon

      Still bump the shit out of this 🤑

    19. Poojhfg Gzhehfjjbwh

      Is this the same buru in lil tecca’s ransom video

      1. Prime Side


    20. chinkboyjules

      is this the same bury in lil teccas ransome music video?

      1. Yeeti Cuervo

        omnii yeah lmao

      2. Юрій Василишин


    21. sheepy

      Lil tecca

    22. R. K

      buru? dat you?

    23. BEANOS 1

      You look like that guy from ransom

      1. Crunch

        It is the guy in ransom

    24. Chino

      This was the guy in the ranson video

    25. 5inister _

      Real buru fans hail from Illinois

    26. 5inister _

      Luke Almighty on the beat u kno how we rockin

    27. Ro se

      So underrated

    28. spynation10

      one day they will see this soundcloud.com/spynationmtl/sets/spy-nation-new-album-hip-hop

    29. Sam Leo

      Listening in 2019 Underrated af

    30. Talib Kweli

      Why is this still slept on

      1. Toko Fukawa

        Talib Kweli facts I’ll blow up later on like bamba i bet

    31. Esteban Vazquez


    32. Dexi_ xc

      Ohmygoddd this brings so many memories,I just want to thank u for making this song😪

    33. Husky Sings

      So we gone just ignore how far back that hairline is?

      1. Toko Fukawa

        Husky Sings 😂😂😂😂

      2. Husky Sings

        like the musics fire but........

    34. Matheus Lázaro

      Esse cara não tem o reconhecimento que merece

    35. Chef Shirley S

      Still one my favorite buru slept on need a feature

    36. Keaton Hipp

      Low-key blonde headed Tyrese Gibson

    37. Darrell Mackinnon

      Still fuck with this, heavy. Fell off after this song though.

    38. Chef Shirley S

      Buru the truth

    39. Uncle Tima


    40. sturb _


    41. She succ gud

      This is so slept on whyy

    42. Little Hitta

      Underrated, the beat is unique asf and shit go hard🔥🔥🔥

    43. lilj6de

      he is so beautiful

    44. Chris o

      dis boi look like mj and frank ocean no cap

    45. Cold sub

      This song remind me of a basketball game still hard 🔩🔩🔩

    46. Blanca Door'S

      Nnms 😱😍😍😍 Me Encanta 🤗👽

    47. Cody Johnston /,:

      Man...Buru deserves so much more recognition :’)

    48. Gavin Gamez

      low key sound

    49. Gabriel Pennell

      this dirty projectors sample crazy tho

    50. jean mi

      that is some good modern rap

    51. Lyonspride

      his hairline fucked up, but good song.

    52. Brian Kariuki

      This is the most slept on song in history

    53. Stocca Verza

      Not many songs are as good as this one is

    54. Brian Kariuki

      This song should be 1mil what the fuvkk

    55. Flynn Ryan

      God this beat is so good, definitely gonna freestyle with the boys to this

    56. Marx Farx

      Buru so underrated

    57. Nathyn Brendan Masters

      Bruh... that's a messenger bag, not a duffle. 😆😆😆

    58. SF3 Andrew

      This song makes me go very far in the world

    59. Kai Kremer

      hella fire

    60. Acid j proPhecy

      Michael Jordan is that you

    61. Nexisol

      where was this filmed tho?

    62. Jordan Arizona

      Bruh whoaa

    63. Luis Castillo

      Trash tbh

    64. Bob Kell

      This is good

    65. SLippy

      holy fuk

    66. Rehtse

      This was so good tell me why he looks like the “POP Hold it down.. Mama I love you” girl lol Anyone know who I’m talking about or agrees?

    67. Bangaly

      Y’all do me a favor and check this song I need to know how y’all feel honest opinion “ps, it’s not no basic shit “ it’s def turnt soundcloud.com/bangaly_be_mackin/snow-bunnies

    68. DJ Fela

      What the fuck how is this song not up yet?

    69. Bubs

      Complete garage... smh... Cole, Sunday is not trash pick up... you keep making videos for any next dipshit your lyrical lemonade channel will fall... already losing respect for who you put on... 100 % real music my ass....

    70. Niggalodeon


    71. Nesion Anderson

      Cole is the fucking Goat

    72. ɢᴜʏs ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇ

      Voice dry as hell 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    73. Jordan Rodarte

      So good

    74. Callum Fitzsimons

      this beat is so fucking wavy

    75. king saldua


    76. CreatveMnds


    77. Juan Vera

      Lil xan story anyone?

    78. B N