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    THANK YOU to each of our fans for this 10 year journey!
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    5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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    1. Dude Perfect

      You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

      1. Hasan Boy

        Yhhjhujjkjioiuukjjihuijjikiyjiiouuhjiiihuuuuoijjjjjjj hiooiuuuuiiiiiiiuuuiii kkllllkjuinuiuuuu bikolujjjkjyuiuii

      2. Miguel Ramirez

        Your amazing 😍

      3. neo/zia/yui gijapon

        you guys are amazing.Keep making the best videos.

      4. John Saunders

        No dislikes you have one of the best fan bases

      5. AlexWu

        love it

    2. Paris Wallace

      this made me cry i’ve been watching your videos since i was a kid and now that i’m older it’s truly amazing how far you guys have accomplished such an inspiration to anyone of all ages

    3. TABRAM youtuber

      Super documentary

    4. spurthi agencies

      Love you guys..keep doing what you do... I am always going to be your fan..TEAM COBY🤘🤘

    5. Prankster Gangster Abhijeet

      How would anyone hate these guys??

    6. Harish wani


    7. HiUgnius

      They got a million subs in 12 days

    8. md kaish

      Watched this 10 times but not bored

    9. Babs Ifektive

      Tyler and his dad are so similar and it's cute😊❤️

    10. Swirl Gaming

      Why 1 hour?

    11. Violet GachaTube

      I want another documentary!!

    12. Jeliza Rose

      So white!

    13. Sasuke Uchiha

      I didn't know that DUDE PERFECT was on the edge of stopping! BTW, I loved the documentary!!

    14. Ernst De Beer

      I love these guys there just brilliant I don’t know who can hate on these guys they’ve got me through so much thank you for the hard work love uu guys

    15. Chronosverse

      THIS IS A-MA-ZING!!!! No pun intended :D

    16. Coop’s Hoops

      I wish we did Trickshots like you

    17. Tech gaming

      I am watching this documentary from India

    18. Sarmin Toma

      Can you please do Ping Pong trick shots six that will be amazing

    19. Sasuke Uchiha

      They've got more views than the whole worlds population! That tells us that so many people watch their videos!!

    20. Harit Trivedi

      It's awesome

    21. Aditya Galgali

      Hey guys could you post all the songs used in this documentary

    22. Ridiculous Gamerz55

      Your videos are great and just to let you guys know that in real life trick shot it says the f word and I know you guys are Christians and I am too but as a brother I’m just looking out for another. Oh yea it says the f word in the song but listen carefully ok have faith in the lord brothers

    23. scepco 679

      make another video of gamers stereotypes

    24. Ali Salama

      PERFECT .. Yeah😍😍😍

    25. Sheena Janelle

      Your lose pewdiepie oh no😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😒😒☹️😱😱☹️☹️

    26. Conrad

      This is like a tv show but for things that are actually cool

    27. Jaden Burke

      If they had this many subscribers in 1920 half of the U.S.A would be subscribed to this channel.

      1. Jaden Burke


    28. TheDarkNeSs 0630

      Tyler looks like Nomad from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

    29. Shane Dennis

      On the way to tour today

    30. Pradnya Kulkarni

      This is great

    31. ToxicFlowDupont Toxic Flow

      Volleyball trick shots

    32. pandakrk

      that unfortunate guy is ty

    33. Manny Crisler

      Best video I've seen all year! I love you guys!

    34. Ayush Narayan

      Who else keeps on watching this over and over again.

    35. Joshua Nathan

      u watched the while thing and it makes me cry

    36. Jordyn Reynolds

      You guys make me.. well me Tank you

    37. Eduardo Rodrigues santos

      Se voce for brasileiro deixe o like

    38. film cénima

      Dude Perfect

    39. Sean Dose stuff

      My favorite dude perfect video is fishing battle!!!!!!

    40. BB8Savage

      I wish i could make the Dallas show

    41. APRO

      shows you can start from anywhere and be successful

    42. John Davis


    43. Joshua Nathan

      an hour long add but i love it

    44. Three Amigos Trick Shots

      And that's why we made youtube vids on trick shots

    45. Three Amigos Trick Shots

      I am so inspired by your kindness and how Christ worked through you guys and I love your videos!

    46. BB8Savage

      I like how there so positive which just makes me happy

    47. J K Tan

      In 2021 July 8, do a tour in Malaysia, Sarawak, Kuching please

    48. MinecraftGamers 006

      Plsss upload more videos Edit:its been one week😭

    49. Carson Joens

      Legit such a cool documentary. Love what they stand for

    50. Gamer Of Games

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1620">27:00</a>

    51. Darren Cheung

      Didn't they say that they would do a face reveal for the panda when they hit 50 million subs?

    52. beans org

      Me: Cutting lemons can’t be intense. DP: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1057">17:37</a>

    53. Tihache

      Please go to my channel, if it is not difficult, subscribe!

    54. I'RUZZA

      sub ita plz!!!!

    55. Ryan Mayuga

      Cody. Your so cool

    56. FuzzWuzzle

      7.8billion people live on earth They had 10 billion Only people who know English understands them .... That’s ALOT of accounts..


      Very cool video! Wishing you all reading this a beautiful day!

    58. DeenFishing

      If you sub to me you will get a six pound bass next time you go fishing

    59. Janelle Douglas

      I am a huge fan and love your trick shots.Also, who texts the comments?

    60. Kashman205

      Notice how u didn’t see any black people

    61. Follower of Yeshua

      In Jesus Name Amen

    62. drone footage

      It is very cool

    63. Daylen Walls

      I love you guys. I hope you never stop making these fantastic videos.

    64. Hoodiegurl21

      Just a bunch of collage roommates living every mid-twenty year old dude’s dream

    65. Charlie Alexander

      Love you 😍

    66. Rumble Gear

      There is a “end” in friend but for DP that end stands for endless

    67. Z Diko

      “I just spiked my chicken biscuit I am so sorry”😂😂

    68. Adrix 342

      And mexico

    69. Kentucky Bikelife

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3420">57:00</a> just throws a knife into the crowd wtf

    70. amelia lozano

      is magical all things you do, im Amelia from Colombia

    71. GD Golliath

      Ik this is late but congrats on 50 Million guys. You’re all awesome, keep up the great work! Next goal is 100 Mill

    72. Keegan Wardlaw


    73. Justyn McConachy

      Dude perfect should come to aus

    74. Ryan Chen

      Hay can you make another one in Canada

    75. Drip Too saucy

      I actually watched through the WHOLE documentary without skipping anything

    76. Pran Sarmah

      No words to describe the amount of Happiness i got after seeing this.... Speechless... You guys are PERFECT.....!!!

    77. Andrea Pena


    78. Jake Haller

      Absolutely amazing story.

    79. DMV G3RS0N

      Did coby said s**t

    80. bocoy noiu

      It’s insane how you went from a backyard with no subscribers to a warehouse a tv show and 5 million subs