Dr. Anders Tegnell - Sweden’s Decision Not to Impose Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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    Sweden state epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell discusses his country’s decision not to impose quarantine in the face of coronavirus and its consequences. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AndersTegnell
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    Publicerades den 23 dagar sedan


    1. Danny Zyzz

      Ok. A month have now passed. You still think its going well? :) Most deaths in the world the two latest weeks and soon only spain italy and uk is worse. And for what? The economy? Think again

    2. D. E.

      Unlike Governor Cuomo in New York and governor Whitmer in Michigan who both forced nursing homes to take in covid patients. And a large number of deaths were in nursing homes.

    3. TheyCallMe Doug

      Anders is a Satanist and a traitor to the Swedish people!!!

    4. GordonjSmith1

      What a great and informing interview! I did not expect that from a US talk show. I live in Denmark (12 miles from Sweden) and certainly follow the Doctor's perspective. Denmark followed the 'lock down' route, and it has worked very well so far, but there are few, if none, critics of the Swedish approach here - Denmark could have easily tried it that way. But the situation is still evolving, and will do for some months or years. Love Denmark, but I also respect Swedish academia and democracy - but as far as using this approach in the US? Not sure, it is very context dependent.

    5. tjo

      "Triple the deaths of Denmark and Norway..." Sweden has almost FOUR times as many deaths due to Covid-19 as Denmark, Norway and Finland COMBINED!

    6. Luddent

      sesels.info/video/video/g6aKf63OyaKAfaI.html please click this link to get the truth about Sweden

    7. Luddent

      Sweden could have prevented the corona virus completely but this moron here said it wasn't going to spread outside of China. Sweden has not been a good example on how to handle the virus. This guy was wrong about so many things. Don't believe all these lies. Don't give our government more of an ego boost

    8. Acoustic Samurai

      This is what an interview should be, not like the BBC one. Thumbs up for you brother. I hope the rest of the world would come to their senses and follow Sweden's approach to the pandemic.

    9. Viswanath Urala

      Will Swedish people consider this a success or will families who lost their loved ones sue their government representatives with manslaughter? When there are 3000 plus people dead, using the word as "success" by this doctor sounds so inhuman or heartless. It could have been three weeks of a maximum lockdown or about three months of semi-lockdown. Sweden will not spread the virus when other countries would have limited the spread. Pretty lame decision to not have a lockdown, in my opinion as in the second wave, Swedes will be responsible for the next outbreak.

    10. Thebe Bashaleebee

      Trevor, thank you for this interview. Very interesting. Sweden has national healthcare and their government is supplementing pay if someone needs to stay home to feeling ill. I'm sure they have their freeloaders but the few does not concern the government when it comes to the safety of the many. USA culture and politics is so behind and screwed up.

    11. Kalla H

      Norway have 235 dead, Sweden have 4000🤷🏼‍♂️ Norway was closed for a few weeks and are now like Sweden, except infection and deaths though. Bravo Sweden👏

      1. Shirley Hiebert

        Norway doesn't count COVID deaths in nursing homes, only COVID deaths in hospitals. Most seniors in nursing homes aren't sent to hospitals for treatment. Many have DNR orders etc. Check out the over age 80 group and see how many are hospital admissions. Sweden counts nursing home deaths as well as hospital deaths. Sweden's nursing homes, which are large, were hit hard.

    12. Randee's World

      And this is why their death toll is so high..... reacted too little, too late.

    13. TheTrollgubbe

      the only reason Sweden is not doing the lock down, is because the country simply can not afford it. Sweden is totally bankrupt dumping all the tax money on immigrants from the arab world and africa

    14. Mister-T3XP Simulation

      The guy has killed a lots of people with his herd immunity theory, and still Trevor is very friendly with this criminal, it s disgusting!

    15. David F.

      Thank you Dr. Anders Tegnell, you and Sweden done it good. It's hard to comment what most of the World done in the last 3 months.

    16. Hiku

      This dumbass who coughed into his hands during a pandemic press conference doesn’t care about people’s safety at all.

    17. Juan silva

      Social distancing comes very easy to Scandinavian people. They are happy no one can sit next to them on a crowded bus. They like their personal space.

    18. Covfefe Movement

      Trevor, I see your career morphing into independent truth and facts for the people mixed sometimes with comedy.

    19. Ann S.

      “Could Sweden’s method work in other countries, like the USA?” Not without universal health care, Trevor.

    20. Bunny Official

      As a young woman who is living in Sweden and has been under quarantine with my boyfriend for 2 months who has had a really bad case of Coronavirus even though he is 26 and who has had a close friend here whose Grandpa just died of Coronavirus from going to the hospital for something unrelated i'm not sure how well the system is working to keep people safe. I'm happy that there is still freedom to go places and shop but it feels like unless you keep the most vulnerable people indoors everybody will catch the virus. I myself have most likely caught it but haven't had any symptoms since my boyfriend had it and I never got sick like him. We are about an hour away from Stockholm. So maybe the herd immunity thing is working or I just have a good immune system? idk

    21. Vincent Swärd

      3.36 a quarter of the population not even close 34 000 and it lives 10 000 000

    22. Vincent Swärd

      nr 1 he is lying about everything, nr 2 3.13 half of the population lives in Stockholm????? it lives about 11 million in Sweden and 1 million i stockholm slightly less???

    23. Waldgeist

      Sweden is not a example of how to do it. They are a great example of how to do it in Sweden. Higher education, less population, more trust in the government, more responsiblity towards others. It's a very special country in so many ways. What happens in a different country, look at Italy. They first did the same thing Sweden did. Encourage people to behave reasonably. They didn't. So it's proof that encouraging your citizens to behave reasonably has completely different outcomes in practise. Here in Switzerland many people don't think Corona is a big problem, but basically everyone is following the rules. So you have people complaining, but people still follow the rules, with no enforcement necessary. In Italy people had to be forced by police. People and cultures differ so much it's futile to think one approach will work the same everywhere.

    24. ivor radmilović pavlek

      Sweden's exceptionalism is a bit too high, they did this horribly... so many needles deaths, for what? Sweden has 2x more population and 40x more deaths from coronavirus than my country... in my country we would burn people like Tegnell...

    25. Emelie Widén

      He’s sush a disgrace for Sweden! Swede’s have a very naive approach to the governement and they weren’t ready for a full blown sociopath to start runnig the country.

      1. NBre

        Are you Swedish?

    26. honeriley

      Interview Dr Ashley Bloomfield from New Zealand.

    27. Christina Y. Chen

      Those who take vitamin C hourly, & you are 98% immune from covid-19. Plus take all 90 essential nutrients. China defeated the virus quick, because they have used Traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. Most of the people who died: have lung cancer, chain smoke, drink, shoot drugs, don't take vitamin C hourly. Dr8kangas@gmail.com Herd immunity is the best path forward.

    28. Janusha

      England and the US are using Sweden as an example of how shitty countries dont know what to do and how bad it can go when you dont stay at home. While in reality... Sweden is one of the absolute top ranked countries and they will come out of this perfectly fine.

    29. Linda McIntosh

      This was a good interview Trevor Noah. It was informative and a non biased interview. That was good news reporting.

    30. Koort Wallien

      Swedes are smart people. Masks, social distancing, and contact-tracing are all SNAKE OILS trying to be sold to us. Don't buy into it.drrichswier.com/2020/05/25/the-snake-oil-of-social-distancing-face-masks-and-contact-tracing/

    31. Bruce Gelman

      You will never be able to compare the U.S. to Sweden because their level of education is so much higher on average.Science is regarded as inconvenient here and over there its regarded as truth, however fallible, at any given moment.

    32. Johan Degraeve

      SWEDEN= 25 (twenty-five) persons per square mile. They don't need to social distancing, they are all geographical distanced. I'm from Belgium: 1000 (one thousand) persons per square mile. New York: 25000 (twenty-five thousand) persons per square mile. All three a total of about 10 million people in total. Don't compare the incomparable.

    33. Laura Yale

      I have read that Sweden's constitution would not allow such a shut down. Ours really doesn't either but no one has stopped governments from doing it. Some believe that health emergency declarations allow elected leaders to allow draconian measures for 28 days but shutdowns for months should be declared unconstitutional.

    34. Tukaro

      It should be noted that now, two weeks later, Sweden has the highest death rate in Europe and they have not come close to that immunity level they need: www.sfgate.com/science/article/Sweden-herd-immunity-experiment-backfires-covid-15289437.php

      1. Tukaro

        @Schlumpf197666 The source from the SF Gate article: ourworldindata.org/grapher/covid-daily-deaths-trajectory-per-million?country=ESP~GBR~FRA~ITA~BEL~SWE If you look at the tails, Sweden is higher than the other countries you mentioned, albeit not by much. I think the difference is that your link is looking at overall stats, whereas the SF Gate article is looking at active stats; the overall death rate for Sweden is lower, and the chart shows it has a slower increase, but currently the other countries are starting to "flatten" faster but Sweden hasn't really started to flatten at all.

      2. Schlumpf197666

        That is simply not true! France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Belgium have a much higher death rate than Sweden. Belgium even has more than twice that rate! coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality

    35. Jessica Johansson

      i think people are forgetting that south korea did not have a lock down

      1. Chris Murray

        No, but they took it very seriously from an early stage. They jumped on it hard with testing, tracing and quarantining, social distancing and mask wearing, so they didn't need a full lockdown.... "“But citizens have taken it upon ourselves to stay inside. We’re very careful to wash our hands and keep our distance. Almost everybody is wearing masks. If you don’t wear masks, you get looks on the street.” www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/whats-south-koreas-secret/611215/

    36. Brent Tollman

      Most deaths amongst ALL Scandinavian countries. Most infections amongst Scandinavian countries. And also heading into a recession, anyway. No, Sweden was rather heartless to its own people - many of whom went into voluntary lockdown out of dismay for their government.

    37. Olly Hans

      I’m from Sweden and basically what’s happening is that we will reach immunity faster. The rest of the would is just delaying the spread and therefor the death toll. As long as there are free beds at the hospital we are cool. PS: none of those hospitalized get a bill afterwards

      1. Olly Hans

        F O You don’t know what you are talking about. Sweden is one of the most socialistic country’s in the world. Not liberal. And you are not answering to any of the arguments? Where are u from? Russia?

      2. F O

        @Olly Hans Yeah tell that to Iceland, Norway and Japan. They went on a lockdown and it's working fine for them. Your government sacrificed 4000 people for their precious economy, they don't care about the people(not the first time either), like I bet you think you guys are doing great with your immigration policy. Your leaders are corrupt and evil. Sweden has become a liberal dystopia.

      3. NBre

        Who knew the Swedes were so foolish?

      4. Olly Hans

        F O Did you even read? A lock down is pushing forward the problem, not a solution. Sooner or later you will open and I bet you believe the virus magically has disappeared by then? Seems like u are in denial

      5. F O

        it cost you 4000 deaths and only like 7% of stockholm have gained immunity. Sweden messed up and are in denial. Just like they're about everything

    38. Emma Einarsson

      It’s because our (Sweden) government don’t know how to handle it. You can see the results of this approach if you look the statistics. Denmark, Germany and Norwegian is doing way better then Sweden. I see the news saying 1/3 of the people in our capital will soon be infected. And the biggest thing is that sweden don’t give testing to everyone. Our government have totally lost it for a long time. And this is just proof of it

    39. Mattias Jaakkonen

      Supermarkets all over Sweden are really suffering from costumer negligence for the recommended social distancing. People are also starting to get lazy with the regulations and gather in larger groups a lot. This man is a dreamer. I am sure many people in Sweden know that as well as I do. Now, that’s the reason for him claiming that it is difficult for people to trust him.

    40. Amar D

      These guidelines worked well in the beginning, the first few weeks. Stockholm was more or less empty, like a ghost town. Now people are starting to ignore the guidelines. It's not like before but there are plenty of people in bars and restaurants. If 10% of the population don't follow the guidelines it's enough to ruin the strategy. In my opinion the strategy is not working.

    41. Linnaea Borealis

      I’m a Swede and I think it’s appalling how Tegnell can sit there and say “we’re shocked over the deaths and how poorly equipped the nursing homes were” when he and the government did FUCK ALL about it. A toddler could have understood it months ago, how hard it would hit the nursing homes if no precautions were taken. And what’s really amazing is how they still don’t use face masks or anything at the nursing homes. And they don’t use it at clinics either, nor hospitals (unless they are working with covid patients). I imagine this is what this sad excuse of an epidemiologist was thinking: We have a dangerous disease that’s the most harmful to elderly, what do we do? 1) nothing, and hope the nursing homes just deal with it themselves, lol. Oh and we - as the only country in the world - don’t believe in face masks, not even people working with health care and elderly need those pesky things! 2) make guidelines for the country’s nursing homes, make sure they’re properly equipped and that they understand the risks. Focus and protect the at risk population. Guess which choice he and the government (that by the way has gone awol) chose? Still today, after this idiot has been “shocked” for months, nursing homes and clinics dealing with elderly still only use hand sanitizer at most.. For months have we fought with my almost 90 year old grandfather’s caretaker (it’s like regional ambulant nurses going around to many different people during the day, they visit him about 5 times a day) to please use face masks and to NOT be inches from his face when they’re talking to him. It doesn’t matter that he has a poor hearing, YOU CANT FUCKING BE THAT CLOSE TO HIM RIGHT NOW. Guess what?? We still have to fight for it, and it’s end of May already and almost 4000 people dead. And they’re still not using facemasks. Why? Because the idiot Tegnell says facemasks don’t help 🤪

    42. MGH 505

      I live in Taiwan now and they haven't shut down much of anything. Everything has been normal. Public transit is still packed, but we've been wearing surgical masks since January. All is well over here!

    43. K S

      Tegnell is a liar and a psychopath

      1. Neptunus9


    44. Nordan Viken

      Sweden is fantastic!

      1. F O

        4000 deaths does not sound fantastic

    45. Jim Novack

      Trevor Noah asked some excellent questions. He is a good interviewer.

    46. Alexander Ishere

      And the "great" result is that Sweden have more than twice the number of deaths per million compared to its Nordic neighbours, Denmark and Norway......

      1. Chris Murray

        It's got even worse over time. It's now 4 times Denmark's and nine times Norway's.

    47. The Shock!

      Hes lying. The hospital in my area has shut down

      1. krumme2

        @The Shock! okej intressant, fortfarande inte säker på vilket sjukhus du menar. Men han säger ju faktiskt "alla som behöver sjuksäng i sverige kan få det", inte något om ett specifikt sjukhus, det finns ju flera större sjukhus belägna i söderort så det är ju inte nödvändigtvis en lögn även om det är som du säger.

      2. The Shock!

        @krumme2 Älta, ther is a sing outside were it stand. Inga akut fall tas emot, dom borde inte ta imot andra fall då heller tänker jag

      3. krumme2

        Which hospital is that?

    48. vbddfy euuyt

      I'd be super weary of applying this to America for example.

    49. Chris Murray

      ""If we had to do this over again, I think we should have imposed significantly tougher restrictions from the beginning......We should have known how underprepared we were in healthcare, and elder care. A shutdown could have given us a chance to prepare ourselves, think things through, and radically slow the spread of infection.......I do not think that our strategy will result in the best outcome in the long run." Annika Linde (Tegnell's predecessor). www.businessinsider.com/sweden-coronavirus-strategy-hasnt-been-the-smartest-2020-5?r=US&IR=T

      1. Nina Hamdahl

        vbddfy euuyt Though, one of the reasons why the death rate in Sweden is so high is the proportion of people in the age group 65+, around 20% of the swedish population.

      2. Wolke Strahl

        And she is right. Sweden currently comes in at #8 regarding deaths per 100,000 citizens worldwide. Their model needlessly killed thousands of people who could live today.

      3. vbddfy euuyt

        Highest death rate, Swedens govt needs a firing squad

    50. Chris Murray

      "The predecessor of Sweden’s state epidemiologist has broken her silence on the country’s controversial coronavirus strategy, saying she now believes the authorities should have put in place tougher restrictions in the early stages of the pandemic to bring the virus under control." www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/24/sweden-wrong-not-to-shut-down-says-former-state-epidemiologis

      1. Chris Murray

        Apologies - the full link is www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/24/sweden-wrong-not-to-shut-down-says-former-state-epidemiologist Thanks to tapp3r for pointing this out.

      2. Linda McIntosh

        I think he did just fine. He wasn't PRESSURED + frantic like other countries. He respected his citizens enough to let them decide what and how to do it. He respected his citizens enough and understood working and going to school are important to them...and now by doing it his way, he doesn't have a bunch of ANGRY, hopeless, suicidal citizens. He wasn't power hungry. He was logical and sensible. That's the way it should have been done elsewhere.

      3. tapp3r

        Broken link, maybe they removed the article.

    51. Rst Erw

      Sweden has the Most death rate in the world (into populatin) . This guy Tegnell is a dork who does not know anything about.Covid 19!!.

    52. Sydvestjyden

      This is the explanation: www.expressen.se/tv/nyheter/coronaviruset/bjorn-olsen-ratt-av-norge-och-danmark-att-stoppa-svenskar/

    53. barebare

      The really funny thing is that Sweden is doing a lot worse than the US, but everyone seem to think Sweden are handling at all perfectly lol

    54. embn

      Great interview that talks about corona in a sensible way rather then trying to repeat the car crash that "Hardtalk" did in his interview

    55. V Highlander

      JUST COMPARE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS FINLAND 5.5 MLN POPULATION Last updated: May 24, 2020, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1182">19:42</a> GMT Finland Coronavirus Cases: 6,579 Death s: 307 ONLY!!!!!! Recovered: 4,800 AND NORWAY 5.4 MLN POPULATION NORWAY Last updated: May 24, 2020, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1182">19:42</a> GMT Norway Coronavirus Cases: 8,349 Deaths: 235 !!!!! EVEN LESSS THAN FINLAND !!!!!!! Recovered: 7,727 SO 7 TIMES LESS THAN SWEDEN IF TO COUNT 100000 OF POPULATION

    56. LBOMendoza

      Sweden now has the highest death and infection rate compared to all the Scandanavian countries. So their strategy did not work!

      1. Axel Svensson

        The world actually, but comparing countrys with Lockdown vs Sweden......I mean why?

    57. Ludvig Nilsson

      Swedish update: highest mortality rate of them all

    58. Glenn Nyquist

      Dr Mengele

    59. Dally Singhson

      For those using the death in carehomes as indicative of Sweden's failure- remember that in countries that had a really solid lockdown that still remained to be the case...

      1. Chris Murray

        Afaik, it was Tegnell and Giesecke who first raised the issue of care home deaths. They tried to claim the deaths in care homes were indicative of Sweden's success overall. They claimed that because care home deaths were about 50% of Sweden's total, that this somehow explained the high overall Swedish mortality. It doesn't. Other countries also had high percentages of overall deaths in their care homes eg Norway with 60%.

    60. Marita Korneliusson

      Vi blir ju inte ens testade vilket är utlovat . Varför...?? Ni sitter och pratar och pratar men inget händer . Hur ska ni veta hur många som kanske haft lindriga symtom, när ni inte utför några tester exempelvis på vårdpersonal??? Så kom till handling istället

    61. Kristin Mako

      Tegnell is crazy and should be fired. Hire the whistleblower instead! So happy to be norwegian right now!

    62. J P

      This approach wasn’t an option in the US because a) Trump’s denial/inaction for two months allowed disasterous conditions with no testing; and Americans embrace black/white thinking, can’t handle complex-anything.

    63. Hear My Melody

      I do not know if Tegnell is right or wrong, but as a Swede that have a lot of contact with people from other parts of the 🌎, I do not think that the Swedish model can be copied and applied to other countries as it is now. Look at the context of the spread in a specific country and follow the collected data from the cientists as they learn more. Risk group or not, we should all take responsibility for our own and others health. Stay safe y’all!

    64. Aqua Juwel

      I personally am so glad i live in norway and not in Sweden, for many reasons.....

    65. Queenly

      Tegnell is so EVIL. Sweden has one insane horrible leftwing liberal feminazi gov. They are murdering the older people on purpose. Swedistan is a nightmare nowadays. The leftwing maffia is allowing the destruction of Sweden. The gov does not want People to be alive. They are anti natural medicine. Swedes live like before. The restaurants are packed every evening. Swedes don’t care. They infect the old sick people in their homes on purpose

      1. Neptunus9

        Are you fucking high?

    66. quotejoss

      Highest death rate, Swedens govt needs a firing squad

    67. Francesco Catalano

      praize to the honesty of Dr. Anders and Swedish Government who take care very well of their people by advising and not imposing empiric sanitary restrictions which implies economic suicide

    68. PowerOfFem

      Good luck to the very brave Swedes exposing their herd to the Coronavirus that the world seems still to know little about.

    69. mattep74

      In Tegnell we trust

    70. Yezzz444

      So, soon 4.000 deaths here in Sweden... "Sweden is doing good..." SMH

    71. Carmen George Weddings

      The majority of Swedish people in their 20s live alone and they have a well funded healthcare system.

    72. Hyv San

      Finland: ~300 people dead Sweden: ~6000 people dead Sweden is just a tad bit more bigger as a country.

      1. Neptunus9

        4k dead as of this date. And size of a country does not matter as much as size of population.

      2. KLSeba

        UK with lockdown, 66.6 mil people = 36,757 deaths Ireland with lockdown, 4.9 mil people = 1,592 deaths Sweden without lockdown, 10.2 mil people = 3,529 deaths Deaths per million in population: UK = 547.35 Sweden = 385.44 Ireland = 328.01 Few more examples: Belgium = 806.51 Spain = 612.71 Italy = 539.72 France = 420.68 Now, the punchline: What would be the long term impact and deaths resulting from the lockdown, say, in a year or two to come? Every 1 percent unemployment goes up, 40,000 people die. The actual figure in academic research is a 37,000 increase for each percentage-point rise in the unemployment rate. It comes from a book called “Corporate Flight: The Causes and Consequences of Economic Dislocation” by Barry Bluestone, Bennett Harrison and Lawrence Baker. 20,000 heart attacks, 920 suicides, 650 homicides, 4,000 state mental hospital admissions and 3,300 state prison admissions.

      3. Poitiers732AD

        4000 dead

    73. Christel Jonsson

      Bra jobbat, herr Tegnell!

    74. John-Tore Gundersen

      I am Norwegian. The discussions are interesting. Whatever the outcome will be in the end, the Swedes has done a very useful job for us.

      1. John-Tore Gundersen

        @jeffen HAHA yeah right. What i ment is that Sweden have a different approach and that even if its tragic with all deaths, we must to try learn something of it. Maby some of the things Sweden have done is right, and some bad. I mean this in best sense. Not to rant anyone.

      2. Daniel Bengtsson

        @jeffen Well to be fair the people who die in covid-19 aren't exactly in combat ready conditions to begin with.

      3. jeffen

        You mean less enemies when you try to invade us with your oil money?

    75. dragan krstic

      Is this Swedish doctor Mengele still at large?

    76. ßRAINßEAU

      "The percentage of New York State adults who are overweight or obese increased from 42% in 1997 to 62.7% in 2018." Don't let figures on New York, the fattest and most polluted place on earth, decide how scared you are. Most of New York has a bed to citizen ratio of 1.5/1000. That's pathetic sorry. Japan has 13/1000. Do the maths.

    77. obi 1 shenobi

      When the Daily Show has better interviews than the "real" news...

      1. ceerw buty

        Hahaha.. The Doctor didnt fall for this presenters desire to look for words that could be used against those who love liberty! I feel sorry for the presenter.. He is Corona-Phobic

    78. Patrik Tikkanen

      Quite funny. On the first hand, you guys in the US hate your president and his way of fighting the virus - but on the other hand you seem to be impressed by how our swedish government is doing it. Sweden has currently the most deaths per capita in the whole world.

      1. ceerw buty

        were the most deaths comes from too.

    79. D Wong

      (Updated for May 24.) Annika Linde, Anders Tegnell's predescessor, Sweden's state epidemiologist from 2005-2013, says Sweden has got its COVID-19 reponse wrong. www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/24/sweden-wrong-not-to-shut-down-says-former-state-epidemiologist www.tagesspiegel.de/politik/fast-4000-coronavirus-tote-in-schweden-wir-sind-in-einer-schrecklichen-situation-gelandet/25855760.html It's now May 23, 22 days after Anders Tegnell was interviewed by Trevor Noah. Sweden's official COVID-19 death toll is now 3,925 compared to 2,854 on May 5, an increase of 1,071, a 38% increase. Sweden's COVID-19 fataility rate has increased from 288/million to 396/million. Even the US hasn't exceeded 300/million. Sweden's fatality rate is now the highest in Europe since May 5, and the Swedes are naturally defensive, while Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, South Korea, Taiwan, and the PRC are all reopening with fewer TOTAL new cases, fatalities, and action plans to dealt with outbreaks, even though almost all of them have far greater populations than Sweden. There is opposition to the status quo in Sweden, and the flowers to memorialize the dead stack up. Most respected economists don't believe Sweden will benefit economically from the no lockdown policy. WIth World War II in mind, it seems clear what Sweden's cultural priorities are -- a high value on life isn't at the top. It would be nice to hear what Alfred Nobel would have to say about what's going on in 2020 Sweden. There is no reason why things have to stay the way things are in Sweden except for the Swedes themselves. If that's not their choice, then someone like Tengell will have to say it. Otherwise, Sweden be damned -- just let it keep to itself (to protect the rest of the world), stubborn and deluded.

      1. KLSeba

        How the hell do you do the mathematic? I really don't mind your stupidity, but I do mind blatant lies. So for the benefits of others, deaths per million in population: UK = 547.35 *Sweden = 385.44* Belgium = 806.51 Spain = 612.71 Italy = 539.72 France = 420.68

    80. jim holcombe

      Wonderful interview , balanced and fair unlike others I've seen .