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    New Episodes Every Week!
    Voiceovers by Brock Baker
    Artwork & Animation by:
    Steven Ray Brown
    Sound/Music by: Max Repka
    Created by Zack James and Alex Negrete
    Produced by: Toonocracy

    Publicerades den 3 år sedan


    1. MFlint 2007

      Doesn’t Dolan have his own planet and I thought gooby was a girl

    2. Creeperpro2016

      yeah i know dolan was used STRAIGHT From Sr Pelo

    3. Arts and crafters

      You you to dolan

    4. Emma Gorby


    5. Hello Neighbourboss08

      1:16 this is part 2 of playing rape. 👹

    6. Devine sister Fan

      How does this only have 11k likes...

    7. C and S Charmander and Squirtle Puppet Studios

      Dolan killed his son by backwarding his truck LOL

    8. Fat Ravioli Productions

      The voices fucking suck . However the humor is totally dolan like .

    9. Brian Faff

      What's on today's menu

    10. Mr Wild


    11. Arts and crafters


    12. el Itstyllefnaf

      Gooby PLS

    13. DucklyTV

      its me

    14. Damian Biggers


    15. fred bear style tv

      Gooby please

    16. Eduard Orozco

      How much does he eat and poo

    17. Zombie and Friends

      What's on the ToDaY menU

    18. BEST PRAWN

      How can anyone like this. *Likes*👍

    19. Guerrilla

      U wana play raep

    20. Temna Senka

      Literally not a single one of these was even remotely funny.

      1. Guerrilla

        @Temna Senka that's the spirit, why don't you sit on my cock and ball torturinator.

      2. Temna Senka

        @Guerrilla I think I'd rather play braek yore fukking noes.

      3. Guerrilla

        U wana play raep

    21. cutie lover

      @Animeme Gooby pls😂😂

    22. AedenMartin Aganon

      How many times did dolan shit in public p.s.give me likes

    23. Zombie and Friends

      *t o d a y m E N U*

    24. LEGO Kid 101

      Your disgusting

    25. Mohamed Mohamed

      is that ur pubi hair XDXDXDXD

    26. Logan Patrick Johnson

      Not funny

    27. Thuy Nguyen


    28. Michelle Key

      What’s on the menu POOP

    29. Michelle Key

      That last one was the unfunny

    30. Hadrian Pride

      0:45 demonitized You can partially see his d*** go in the box

      1. Linus Grevelund

        Thx so much. You ruined it for me

    31. angel lazo


    32. Scrufus

      I dont like this

    33. Loading

      Gooby please.

    34. Ashy Hess


    35. Alexi B

      0:37 that's just nasty

    36. Elvis Aaron Presley

      Gooby plz

    37. RED the Flame

      GOOBY PLZ 😂😂😂😂

    38. owowhatsthis?

      He had diarrhea! 😂😂😂😂 Oh my God! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I shouldn't be laughing

    39. Dr. Limbo

      Who the heck came up with these?

    40. DJ Sans

      Ok that’s was just a little dark

    41. Chef Jiggles


    42. yaboi Fogg

      This got dark real fast

    43. Black Mamba

      I was suppose to eat choco ice cream but i think ill pass

    44. shadow222e

      There needs to be more of these. Those voices fit perfectly lol

    45. Srivathsan Natarajan Game Player

      Dolan = a meme of Donald Duck and… Gooby = a meme of Goofy.

    46. Eva Havlikova

      Anime me

    47. Donna Davidson

      0:36 ewwwwwwwww gross

    48. JJJen Games

      im scared...

    49. Ben Parkinson

      Dolan: gooby sumthin wrong with my pet snake, will u look? gooby: k Dolan but I'm in a hurry, wait a sec u don't have a pet snake. Dolan: gooby pls.

    50. Ben Parkinson

      Gooby: hy Dolan I need 2 shav. Dolan: k u can borrow my razor. Gooby: is this your pubihair? Dolan: gooby pls.

    51. Ben Parkinson


    52. Jackie Fender

      Dolan allwaes kils hiz grien sunn

    53. King Pig

      Gooby: coach dolan plz halp i ned two bee footbol ster. Dolan: gooby yu haev tew taek steroids Gooby (confused): butt waet, coach dolan, et ez dengerus, izent et? Dolan: luk et meh, gooby, i tok steroids al meh laef, et doozenth haev sied efekts, et'z saefe. *shows gooby his ugly look* Gooby: k *puts on steroids and gets jacked up* 6-pack Gooby: wao, coach dolan wuz rait, et'z graet, nao i gon two fak sum groopiez. *walks to the stadium 100% ready, then suddenly sees the sign from his balls* 6-packed Gooby: wuts dat? *picks the sign and reads* "Hello gooby, " Bye, Yours sincerely, Your balls " " 6-packed gooby: fak u dolan.

    54. boomerAKA Fortnitenathan00

      WATS ON TODAY MENU Dolan's starts pooping THX UNCEL DOLAN

    55. NawafDisneyFan 1923

      It’s Still Weird Disney Cartoon

    56. lance awesomeness

      0:36 when you eat taco Bell

    57. lance awesomeness

      *G O O B Y P L S*

    58. Jasun Voorhes

      sowndz liek shat

    59. Wren Giles

      Now kids blame Sr.Pelo.

    60. Ashy Hess

      Why does Dolan sh!t so much