Diego Money - Blue & Green (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Diego Money - Blue & Green
    Prod. StoopidXool
    Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade

    Publicerades den 2 år sedan


    1. Lu Lu

      beautiful .

    2. Flights Teeth

      Duwap kaine father

    3. Guap Green

      This whole vid hard

    4. JustNothin12

      Why are there so many dislikes?

    5. Kb.Spicy

      This should have hit a Mill by now


      why so many dislikes, man was ahead of his time

      1. Ysn Carri

        Lls he started the plug wave

      2. Toyo Beats

        rumor has it a dislike bot was placed on both the video and the audio stream upon release by someone

    7. Roberto Santos


    8. Guilherminho

      Rappers been flexing that bentley since 2003 lol

    9. ZoNa FaBo

      Y’all call this good

    10. Good Apollo

      Good song!

    11. Almighty Glo

      This era was so good for music , no industry plants just good rappers makin good music 🤷🏻‍♂️🔥

    12. Almighty Glo


      1. Adrien D

        every single fucking day 🔥🔥🔥

    13. W!LLY

      almost 3 years and people still sleeping on Diego Money istg

      1. Shad Huncho

        W!LLY no capp it’s damn near too late for him

    14. Abel Alamillo


    15. Caspian Bailey

      He’s underrated

    16. Jaedan Webber

      this duwap brother?

      1. taliban

        Jaedan Webber nah, his role model

    17. chriiss

      Is this the guy from gotta blast by tay k

      1. LofiBoy 733


    18. Bryan Valle

      I been hearing this nigga since he came out best rapper rn no cap

    19. Abraham Martinez

      esto en una mierda bien culera

    20. Colton Hammer

      Lil yachty?

    21. OG BRITTO


    22. xtra_l1ght

      *Bru who tf is saying "ouwouwoo"*

      1. taliban

        Spaghetti Banditt it says stoopidxool fast

    23. Uncle Peaceful nih


    24. Tj Cousin

      Anyone listening in 2019

    25. smash

      How this not at a mil yet bro this the hardest shit on this fucking channel

    26. Jedidias Sheleby

      Whoever dislike this, prolly like NBA Youngboy

    27. AccipiterMagna

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> OH SHIT A RAT !!!!

    28. [prod. lil540]

      Who still here 2019??❤🔥🔥😩

    29. Lil Easton

      Thought this was lil boat

    30. Brianna Gymnastics

      It’s kinda good but I feel like we heard this before yk?.....

    31. MAUR ICE

      This era was the chillest without industry plant just pure music from reallesr artists

      1. Zach G Parks

        I like this song too fr but this would be the last kind of comment I'd expect to read on a Diego Money video 😂 Diego been in it to get rich and make hits, nothing wrong with that and like I said i fw some of his songs but the wave he on definitely don't fit in with the kind of music u talkin about bro

      2. Zach G Parks

        @Don't Comply right, if those are examples of today's industry plants, the industry must not know the right spots to plant thier seeds anymore 😂

      3. Don't Comply

        Javi Beats I never heard of none of them.

      4. Javi Beats

        @Don't Comply iann dior , poorstacy , lil spirit , tommy ice

      5. Toyo Beats

        @Don't Comply meh too lazy to go in depth but theres a handful of artists (mostly from the suburbs) that are plants. I shouldnt have said "who isnt" because that implies everyone is a plant which was very wrong of me. I guess what im trying to say is that ever since hip hop got mega popular theres a lot more plants vs back then. Theres this taylor swift effect thing going on now that hip hop is more if an industry standard. It happens in any genre. Theres real artists then theres ones that hollywood hires with profit as the only intention. Theres only a handful of plants but im sure theres a lot more to pop up soon.

    32. brycewitabeam

      Oooooo shit that’s a rat

    33. Martin_lopez45 Swanton2000

      Diego didnt blow up cuz he didn't sell his soul, we know he a fire tho

    34. AGKILLS _12

      Dang 1 25 is good on speed try thanks to like me

    35. Hunta Theilemann

      still listen to this fire now

    36. GMAG BEATS

      This song needs 10,000,000 views

    37. YBM Musik

      Almost a mill

    38. Ahmad King


    39. Tom Roda

      Where did the old gotta blast Diego go. I miss him, that was real

    40. Leonardo Ortiz

      Its like lil yatchy od'ed and had to record on the way to the hospital

    41. Babysavagx_ zone

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 luv this diego dinheiro

    42. Adrien D

      holy shit, i cannot spend a day without listening to that. straight up fye shit 🔥🔥🔥

    43. Dosser

      U say u get cake but u Lying 🤥

    44. schneid

      half way through 2019 and still a classic

    45. taliban

      tf is there hella dislikes for this shit go

    46. YUNG DAKS

      Bruh dis shit so hard.

    47. The Salty Boat

      Fire, and I hear a Yachty influence

      1. joe

        And thats his original flow

      2. joe

        He been rapping before yatchy😂😂

    48. J C

      Extremely underrated

    49. aubrybruh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> YNW Melly

    50. E J


    51. E J



      Still listening on March 14 2019, like if same

      1. david harper

        Still listening 11/28/19

    53. Brandon Joo

      He wasnt lying when he said that carti was biting his style. Not the same but similar music, I still am a hardcore carti fan tho

    54. Jordan

      Duwap kaine in the cut

    55. BlackCG

      Why did I discover this song today

    56. TSG_Froze

      Duwap snuck in tha video

    57. Gl Jojo

      Imagine he woulda dropped rn as big as cole bennet is 💫

    58. YardGang Ent


    59. XxUBNxX Supreme

      idc about this but you can just hella vibe out

    60. Adrien D

      No rat I run to the cheese, ayy Man these lines though... just beautiful...

      1. Toko Fukawa

        Adrien D 😂

    61. Evencia Castillo

      Gotta blast 🔥

    62. lma

      He looks like if tupac & lil yatchy had a baby

    63. Ryan Wallace

      Who knew duwap was in the video the whole time ? 😮

    64. Joseph Gharib

      this sounds like p’s and q’s lil uzi🤔

      1. Toko Fukawa

        Joseph Gharib sound like Tripperedd q’s and p’s😱

    65. XpertJD42

      Ok so.....its been a year 💯 this shit still fye 🔥 But my question is WHEN TF IS SOMEONE FINNA UPLOAD THE INSTRUMENTAL


      lyrical aint promote this right views to low

    67. therealbluwes

      Duwap in the back

    68. Zaetacion Tv


    69. WavyMarvs Official

      Peep duwap in the back

    70. Joshua L

      Song is my daily motivation. "Counting the 100's the blue or the green"

    71. Azhaan Taylor

      This song still fire in November 14th

    72. stain

      Diego money deadass shouldn’t be slept on😴

    73. Finnegan

      Diego lit asf still free tayk tho 👁☠️

    74. pgmaxpayne


    75. CizyFN ;

      This shit go hard

    76. Seth JP Vlogs

      This is to slept on Bruh

    77. KjayyForeiign

      i pull it be my i8 no doors dang

    78. Marco Ruiz

      Diego money blessin us with this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    79. Seanapan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="6">0:06</a> best moment 😂

    80. SweetSebomatic

      PLLUGG! 🎒⛽️🧠