DaBaby (Baby Jesus) - No Hook [Official Video]



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    Instagram: @DaBaby
    Directed by: @theflyfamily

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    1. Crystal Blue

      Fuck a my favorite freak hit her raw . Lot of weed no cigar 🤓

    2. Hank Smedema

      Love my niggas like I’m gay?

    3. Mackendy Caidor

      tbh i aint catch the gay bar what was it🧐

    4. Andrey .G

      I'm bothered he wearing adidas trackpants with Nike J's

    5. quickzy yt

      he said he s gay

    6. B Wonders

      Pull up cash out on whatever

    7. MM MK


    8. LoJKush

      ебать Шоколадный наваливал даже в 2017. Вот это я понимаю музыка)

    9. broadwayjaybeats

      0:30 🤔

    10. HennyTv

      Facebook meme brought me here.

      1. Lil Tree

        HennyTv I Love My Niggas Like I’m Gay

    11. Satchel Paige

      He love his niggas like he gay..... Suspect.

    12. Q Mclin


    13. Carter Sharpe

      Da Baby got Flow... But LIKE THIS if the line “ I love my n***as like I’m gay “ Threw you tf off too like🤨🧐🤔

    14. Micah World

      Alien beat...

    15. George Valenzuela

      Where’s this instrumental?

    16. Boblani mb


    17. George Valenzuela

      This beat just gave me a heart attack🔥

    18. The Kerns

      Well leabains HERE. Aint no sraight man saying shyt like this. Now clap this way. All yall men are in the closet then get mad when comments like this get to poppin. He shouldn't have said it cause now he's just like TANK smh. Talking about i love my niggas like im gay. Stop it smh 😜😜 y'all defend these people like they putting money in y'all pockets 😆😆😆

    19. QUENESS YOMy


      1. QUENESS YOMy

        Montreaz Gray WORDPLAY‼️👄

      2. Montreaz Gray

        😂shyt was smooth tho💀

    20. Brown Sugar

      Yes all about the business! Wise man.

    21. Theusrj

      vtmnc DaBaby é mt foda

    22. Serkan 57‘

      darius is gay af

      1. Serkan 57‘


      2. Musa Harper


    23. Jonathan

      0:30-0:40 😳



    25. Tamia R


    26. Dee Johnson

      I hate you N words

    27. BIGL_530 Huerta


    28. Lamonica Bell

      That said “I love my niggas like I’m gay”😂😂😂wait hold on 🤔

    29. Cherrell Rivera

      Did he say I love my niggas like I’m gay ?

    30. Zinoxe

      Ik he did one gay line but the nigga fuck so many bitches i gotta ignore it

    31. Tony Merc'd it

      Fuck a verse is it good is it bangen ..... yeah!!!

    32. James Hodge

      That gay bar the best bar in the song yall just too uncomfortable with y’all selves and DONT LOVE YALL NIGGAS 😂

      1. James Hodge

        Boogie Man yeah why nigga you mad or sum 😂 , niggas must not love you kid.

      2. Boogie Man

        James Hodge So you love your niggas like your gay too huh🤔

    33. Tammy Henderson

      Besides that gay bar the song actually 🔥

    34. Marcus X

      This shit ain't getting played in my ride for that line

    35. Baqui Denim

      #2DOPE #SALUTE #BBE 🔥🔥🔥

    36. Renea H


    37. Penkills75

      This lowkey the best and vibey dababy song.

    38. Jesus Zuniga

      Y’all sus 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Your mum's favorite meat stick.

      "I love my niggas like I'm gay." Bruh, the only way that could be gayer is if he had a dick in his mouth while he said it.

    40. BellosPhilosophy

      Fire but had me gone with that gay shit 🤣🤣

    41. carlos 617

      he gay for saying that

      1. Boogie Man

        Emmanuel Ortega you gay for being a groupie to a man fanboy ass nigga

      2. Emmanuel Ortega

        You gay for acknowledging it goofy

    42. Chris William

      No Niggas owe there daughters and their wives that they left behind and morals NIGGAS DON'T OWE HOES SHIT NIGGA

    43. ProdByGuapo

      0:29 *riley voice* Nigga you gay!

    44. Marc

      00:29 the gay verse

    45. Jackson Fromm


    46. Ansley Jukeboxx Joye

      Love that bar!!! " love my niggas like I'm gay." Thank you for a bar that is accepting and celebratory. Take note hetero- scary ass men.

    47. KTINA Lw


    48. Roman Lovato

      I love my niggas like I’m gay

    49. Panthera Onca

      Dababy making videos twice a week

    50. SiR_4:20SmOkEs/AlOt

      Dababy go hard on all his shit dudes a strait menace fucking G already

    51. Jamal Brown


    52. Bobby Douglas

      I hate his goofy gay ways 😂😂😂😂😭💯✌😎

    53. Brandon McQueen

      Song still snapping

    54. Arjun Prabhune

      We need 21 savage feat dababy

    55. Silver Fox

      Is it me or every song he's fucking my bitch?!

    56. Justin Hall


    57. Julien Westin

      July 2019... 🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼

    58. Souf Gate Poet

      All his songs sound the same

    59. jeffrey cruz

      “I love my niggas like I’m gay.” 0:31

    60. Dante Braman

      I hope people capping when they hoeing him for saying he loved his niggas like he gay