Corona Virus Isolation Box



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    Stay safe furze army and hope you don't end up needing the Furze Isolation Box!!!!
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    1. colinfurze

      Hope this is informative as well as entertaining, hope this all passes you by as best as possible. Stay Healthy Furzearmy.


        Were do I get one of these and how much

      2. M.K. Frenky

        After you come out from that box, become zombie

      3. Dark Defender

        @colinfurze you should do a full video where you're in the Coronavirus Isolation Box for 2 weeks straight!!😃😃😃

      4. Khan imran new khan mobile mondka

        I'ᗰ SᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKES TᕼIS ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩST ❤️❤️❤️

      5. Cosmickiller 2008ツ

        Why am I not subscribed.

    2. Eli !

      Why does Yamaha sell wierd plastic things?

    3. Bryan Nicolas

      Faz uma bicicleta intera de mola

    4. Jay's World

      dont buy toilet paper go for water

    5. Jay's World

      why are u such a show off..if u have the ability make 8billions of these and donate

    6. Angel Fiel

      what a great idea ❤


      This guy will live through 2020

    8. Jam W

      If you want to learn coding Colin:

    9. Ben


    10. Jack Ball

      Aren’t u the guy who made a bunker in his back garden

    11. PyroJasonExplodes


    12. Hafiyyan Azmi

      Jimmy Neutron is that you?

    13. Micah Philson

      Pretty sure he could manufacture these as affordable, compact living in china or japan for millions of dollars!

    14. Im BaTmAn

      You should put an ice cooler in there and some bottle openers. Let’s drink some Corona lmfao

    15. ben lapadula

      The fake hand got me so bad!

    16. Michael Njeng'a

      You are simply insane

    17. sh00keth

      where can i buy one

    18. qwer pol You should try to build a low cost ventilator.

    19. chris kinneman

      to be honest i stay home 24/7 cause im a lazy fuck haha i love ur videos dude! keep up the good work! but yeah i dont leave my housE!

    20. CharlieGirlPetersen

      I'm getting a blood clot just looking at this thing.

    21. lucien antonson

      I'm binge-watching your channel Colin...So f*€king inspirin!

    22. Things 'bout to get GRUsome

      Can I buy a play-o-wave?

    23. Sam Foster

      Any instructions for this

    24. Matty Ice

      I wanna be Colin Furze when I grow up

    25. Ice Fox Airsoft

      Hacksmith sees colinfurze finally a worthy aponent

    26. Joel V

      Is it possible to get the blueprint for this?

    27. SmallTown Barber

      I was hoping for cheap and simple ventilator builded in to protect NHS

    28. Alexander Lovecký

      Very good idea

    29. Selectively Septic Cerebrum

      These designs could help a ton of medical personnel having to isolate in their back yards and garages. Fabricators may be able to help their medical community with these!

    30. Lola Parra

      Have you started learning coding yet?

    31. Jean Claude Daout

      Winner winner chiken diner😂😂 If you love pubg like

    32. Reece N

      I would have to know what you’ve got planned for 10 million subs.

    33. Matthew Squires

      Colin has it all, except for a modern version of a modified Porsche 928

    34. Kamal Sarkar

      Valuable information. But everyone should know about common antiviral foods

    35. Assembly Workshop Section


    36. Fart Poo

      I love you’re music on the videos

    37. Nooby Miner

      You used a fake hand😟😟😟

    38. Fk-Gaming-Kronos

      much fun to watch good sir

    39. Lauren Lost


    40. Rodrigo Silva

      Esse cara é um gênio

    41. lilKoolKid 101

      People are always commenting “first” right when they get the notification that the vid was posted but you also have to think about how your wifi connects to the servers on the internet and how fast your device thinks the video was posted so no one really knows who first watched the video.

    42. TrainBoi37

      This guy is prepared. No questions asked.

    43. Simon Loo

      I see the madness of isolation has got into you, LMAO.

    44. Somanath Dash

      I bet u this guy will survive a zombie apocalypse easily

    45. Yeets Meister

      Why haven’t you posted in like, a year!?!?

    46. Anthony savena

      Ya ok let's put it in the air with the 5g towers😂😂

    47. Pikachu Depp3000


    48. Pikachu Depp3000

      Maic a tardis

    49. Willem Mevius

      Nice - it can be reused as a coffin if things go bad.

    50. Tristan Cox

      who else would totaly want to build this but can't be bothered

    51. Nat Felton

      Really good video love it!! Keep it up:))

    52. Erlend

      you seem totally able to tackle the apocalypse, but have you downloaded wikipedia yet?

    53. Roblox_Foxy Fox

      If a zombie apocalypse where to happen the first person I'll go to is you.

    54. spring foxy

      You made it into a book that i have.

    55. AndrewmanGaming

      Nothing better to stave off COVID-19 than a healthy dose of virtego!

    56. shadow ninja454

      I have not seen the outside world in over 30 days

    57. Bobby Niadoo

      This wanker 😂🙌

    58. Crispy Chick3n T3nders


    59. Hadleigh wigg

      I kind of self isolate in the garage hahahahhhaha .... not!!!

    60. Mansur TAS

      Why do I feel like Colin will literally become Boris Johnson by the end of quarantine😂

    61. Jackie Eden

      What if you have closterfobia

    62. FireML

      I really want one of these

    63. Nguyễn Huy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a> did he just take that coffee out of the microwave with barehand?? What a madlad!

    64. Porkchop Sandwiches

      Nothing says recovering from a respiratory disease like living in a tiny box with black mold...

    65. James Hellmann

      love it

    66. Mindaugas Karla

      Unsubscribing.. people are dying and you making fun of it, with stupid isolation videos.. sad

    67. zX Instinct

      Are u high on coffee haha 😂

    68. Turki alj

      Don't be near by the microwave it is dangerous

    69. Less Brums

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> hwo Else realized ITS a fake hand

    70. VN Gangrene

      Me: what are you during quarantine Colin furze: YES

    71. Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

      Not sure about those electrical.lights and that shower lol doesnt look safe

    72. Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

      Colin you are one crazy man ha ha but its entertaining. When are you going to get a tv show on discovery channel or something else ha ha

    73. Written Wisely

      Beautiful... especially the lift...never done before...a true diamond in the ruff!

    74. Kojin

      *Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour Safety Box

    75. Victor Burton


    76. commander 84

      Did he just said Corona virus and didn't Get demonitized? Or did his Australian accent saved the day

    77. Tfuglsig Tf

      Where Can i order one

    78. Ja Sav

      What’s everyone’s opinion on the start of the Corona Virus

    79. jagjot sidhu

      ventilate the room

    80. Khánh hacker

      Where the wc