Cooking My Boyfriend A Meatless Meal!

Ryland Adams

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    1. i _spilt _the_milk

      anyone else notice when he looked up how to zest a lime it was off shanes phone-

    2. • Gummy•bear

      you should’ve used the potato peeler for the cheese lol love this video

    3. Vince Delavega

      Why is everything so chaotic LMAO

    4. Simone Henderson

      imagine if Shane never meet ryland... no morgan, no honey, no ryland 😱

    5. Nosaj Srevir

      Ryland:YOU ARE NOT POST MATING Shane:I'm just texting post Malone

    6. Alondra Marquez

      I don’t let my animals on my counter

    7. Evangeline Jacobson

      Morgan: what are you, pig-a-tarian? 😂

    8. Kat M

      Boyfriend????? not fiancé or husband????

    9. Maan Flora

      @Ryland, if by now (May 30th 2020), you still don't have a cheese grater. You can use a fork. Keep safe.

    10. Lynn_ Sims4

      A life hack when cooking is if when the water overflows like at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1335">22:15</a> blow on it gently till I goes away but you could do what you did too

    11. Arishon Francis

      Shane :post melon fallows me Rylans : slides in to postys dms

    12. Sergeant Saturn

      I love how happy all 4 of them are:)

    13. Jill Grimes

      Morgan: “you didn’t give me a chance me cream” Shane: “me.” Me: literally laughing my ass off

    14. darcy grant

      They way he cut the cheese 😂😬 ahhh

    15. Mythical Chicken

      no one: me: *notices they have a diamond coffee maker*

    16. Hanan Bader

      10 minutes in and they didn’t even start 🤣

    17. Twice Sana

      No..BTS should have won a grammy

    18. CloverSkull666

      Watching you and Morgan cut food is hard to watch lmao my anxiety is through the roof

    19. runningrock124

      Ryland asks if they should scrap the pepper or wash it, then proceeds to just run water over the pepper like that did something?

    20. Erin Cunningham

      he's just so iconic

    21. Owl Man

      Thank god Ryland has hot water on a tap or else he'd burn the house. Someone please keep him away from kitchens forever lmao.

    22. Tom aHawk

      Ryland: My mom got these bowls Nobody: Me: OMG I HAVe those Bowls

    23. Ashlee Hill

      I like Ryland even way more then I do and has like a Queen if the heart ❤️

    24. Gabbie B.

      Morgan making valid points about life

    25. Madeline Crookshanks

      Can we just talk about how adorable Andrew's laugh is🤣

    26. Badger _bøi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1323">22:03</a> is no one gonna talk about how Morgan is waving a knife around right after she cut herself

    27. Kailey Byerly

      you should do more cooking videos

    28. Kayla Kosuga 2

      My name is Shane and I’m a girl so people at school make fun of me bc I have a “boy” name but it’s really only because Shane Dawson is the only celebrity that the people at my school know of so they just are trying to find some way to make fun of me.

    29. Amelia Rypniowska

      I’ve only been 13 years on this Earth and even I know how to cook better than this but no hate Ryland I’m just saying But also... THE ONION IS ALWAYS MEANT TO GO IN FIRSTTTTT 😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Evangeline Jacobson

      I’m 7.2 billion of these views. I could watch them do nothing and be entertained

    31. Kylie Townsend

      "Hey Ariana. Sorry you didn't win the Grammy; Here's some GOODIES FROM THE BOTTOM...Blue Apron!" That literally killed me! XD

    32. Nameless Creature

      I have watched this a million times during quarantine

    33. Katie Buckley

      What happened to Drue

      1. Honest Opinion

        They're still friends but he stopped appearing in thier videos.

    34. SSJ. Sings

      i'm suprized to see that blue apron hasn't canceled them yet 🤣

    35. SSJ. Sings

      i would sell my soul just to see gordon ramsey judge rylands lime zesting experties

    36. Jared eats bathbombs

      Morgan- I saw you were on number one trending Shane- what -panic face- WHY

    37. Jenn S

      How to explain to the ER: I cut myself cooking. Not that hard, Morgan LOL

    38. Kaia

      I can tell Ryland is from Utah since he doesn’t say his t’s 😂

    39. Ti-d M

      I don’t think you realise how uplifting your videos are, at a time like this I’m getting so many laughs out of your videos... so Thankyou

    40. Natali Jusko

      No one: Not a soul: Shane:Yo I ThInK-

    41. Michelle Bolieiro

      Thought they said 2courses .. meal and a desert ...why did she put a donut in the meal??

    42. Tamika Dembrosky

      and sam an cat

    43. walking talking highlighter

      "Oh No thE quinoa is having issues" -ryland 2020

    44. Conor Sheeran

      Ryland cooking gives me anxiety

      1. walking talking highlighter


    45. George Harris

      why is nobody talking about the Jeffree Furby!!!

      1. emily

        *If thats not iconic i dont know what is*

    46. Shauny jimenez

      Okay jokes done ryland you should get your stove checked because its not suposed to raise that high because it can cause a fire and we don't wanna burn the pig in the house 😣💅

    47. luv_theluv

      Ryland: Can’t do something Also Ryland: *”It’s stupid. That’s unnecessary.”* People who cook: *sigh* Jk I love ryland. He’s hilarious

    48. Hana Lowey

      i like how Andrew acts like a freaking food critic, "oh i can always tell from the beginning *closes eyes and chews* yup thats delicious"

    49. Codlips tv

      I was watching with subtitles and it changed Shane’s name to shame 😬😬😬

    50. Justice Cotton

      Am I the only one who hate lele ...?

    51. Charleigh birch Birch

      I watch this video at least once a day, I love it so much

    52. Alina Medina

      Why does he cook better than I do?

    53. Elizabeth 143

      I agree with Morgan and like i believe in God but im definitely going to hell because i dont find heaven that great, its just better then hell. Mot fair to be born then if you aren't good enough you burn in hell forever

    54. bubble_boy_ _gatcha

      Ryalnd: the quinoa is having issues!! **The world is ending** Ryland years later: the world is having issues Me: *dies in idiotic state*

    55. Daniel Cota

      Ryland activated my siri with his voce. WTF? 😅

    56. Alex C.

      This is so entertaining 😂

    57. P. Croff

      Ryland needs to stop being a, "if i dont understand it,skip it", kind of person.

    58. Sydney's Tea

      I think Ryland does SO good with sponsorships because he makes the video funny and that's how he gets people to watch. He gets people excited to see how its gonna turn out so when it turns out good people want to try it themselves. Good job ry ry!

    59. That Girl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1219">20:19</a> ‘is there a cheese knife I don’t know about’ yes 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    60. Ludwig Onfroy

      That's not zessting a lemon

    61. Estere Bumbiere

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1622">27:02</a> The doll or whatever it is looks down and up at Andrew

    62. fangirlotaku12

      Rylands a whole mood ,”I think I wanna do this for lunch tomorrow WITHOUT all of you “ ♥️😂

    63. hayley

      When ryland started cooking I was like yay now get Shane his diet coke

    64. Woof Kim

      Ryland: 8 minutes in the oven Also ryland: hey Siri put a timer on for 9 MINUTES

    65. themadlifewithjade x


    66. Alexis Pineda Granados

      I love that one red solo cup that’s in the cabinet lol 😂 I can’t stop looking at it lol 😂 love all of you guys you make me laugh so much!

    67. Gacha Stejsi Bro

      Jeffry is gonna love that 😂😂

    68. Mockingjay09

      No one: Ryland: ZEST THE LIME

    69. SummyMae Storms

      Ryland: i have nothing but a pan Morgan: **using fancy-ass corkskrew** *iT's LiKe yOU hAd A tELepRomPteR fOr tHaT*

    70. Stefany Iturrino

      The start of this video is literally how I make the introduction of my group projects in front of the teacher

    71. Demon Aesthetic ツ

      at the end of the video i ended up starving in my room at 2 am :>

    72. Ziggy Star

      Aw I love their siblingship

    73. It’s not the hype house, It’s the crack house

      Lowkey kinda ship post Malone and Morgan

    74. It’syagurLILbacontakiGurlVsEditor :D

      Am I the only one who likes to always watch this video repeatedly

    75. britainy fillion

      I just can’t picture ryland actually cooking everyday

    76. Lilia A

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1862">31:02</a> i need that pig.. what’s the link...

    77. Hi I'm James

      Okay but has Jeffree seen the Jeffurby?

    78. m s

      each time i watch this video i find it funny every time when ryland keeps saying "my mom" and it sounds like he and morgan dont have the same mom lol

    79. Sadhbh Pearse

      Grace Helbig should be feeling really good about her abilities right now!

    80. Lelhara Sarsoza

      more cooking vlog please 😊