Comedian Drew Lynch Deals With Aggressive Drunk Guy

Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch

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    Comedian Drew Lynch Deals With Aggressive Drunk Guy
    I went off the rails a bit...
    Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.
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    A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.
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    Stand up comedian Drew Lynch from America's Got Talent and his service dog Stella vlog about stories from their day to day life. He has a stutter, she has captions.
    Join us for new episodes of Dog Vlog every Monday and Thursday, and our animated comedy "Therapy Dog" every other Saturday!

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    1. Mod Tortuga

      You are my favorite SEselsr and comedian keep up the good work

    2. sym

      Butthurt comedian seems like a narcissist

    3. Aryan Sharma

      Wasn’t aggressive at all and didn’t even really do anything

    4. Irish Kid19xx

      The comedian was a dick dude did nothing wrong.

    5. arthur eastridge

      Drew is generally a funny dude. This clip isn't a good look though. Makes Drew seem petty and insecure about his crowds.

    6. King Kav

      Drew my guy I been watchin u since the very beginning I see and watch ur stutter disappear and that's truely inspirational I just wanna thank u

    7. Dude from Philippines

      What a baby

    8. AcaciaTreeTV

      Dude all these are so STAGED for the sake of the comics act. How does no one see that haha

    9. Roberto Perez

      You seem like the bully to me in this video.

    10. The Turtle King


    11. Rarity

      You guys really can't take a joke? The aggressive part in the title is the joke part. I don't know if you guys know this but he is a Comedian

    12. Berny Bermudez

      That was nice

    13. Edward Frazier

      Another comedian trying to make a SEsels name off of "calling out their audience"...instead of being a comedian. Shits all over SEsels lately, nobody is telling jokes

    14. Haley Leach

      Okay I’m gonna break down exactly why the people saying Drew is a bully are fucking ridiculous. 1) He’s a comedian. His job is to perform his sets. If someone is distracting him from doing that, it’s prohibiting him from doing that job. 2) I don’t see how the title is clickbait. Just because the heckler wasn’t physically aggressive doesn’t mean he wasn’t persisting the issue already addressed. A comedian shouldn’t ask an audience member to shut the fuck up more than once, if at all. It’s just human decency to be polite. 3) Yes you’re allowed to talk QUIETLY if you’re trying to find out what you want to order, but obviously he was way louder than he should’ve been. Especially in front row, you need to be conscious of how loud you’re being. Again, human decency. It’s not Drew’s fault that he’s trying to get through his set and this dude is trying to order in the front row way louder than needed. 4) Drew was not butthurt or out of line with making jokes. That’s what he does FOR A LIVING. For someone who derailed the set several times, I don’t think he was in the wrong for cracking jokes. 5) If you have a problem with how this was handled, become a comedian and work tirelessly on a shows material. Then travel worldwide to bars and venues where people will do anything they can to get noticed because they crave attention. Get back to me if you still think Drew is a “bully”. And before you say to get on stage for myself, I’m a comedian. I do lots of local shows and I deal with people like this daily. I was at Drew’s last show yesterday and I’ve never seen a comedian more genuine than him. He works really hard on the shit he puts out and it SHOWS. He has a right to be angry about someone fucking it up because he doesn’t know how to use an inside voice. Drew, if you see this, I love your shit and you’re the reason I decided to pick up a mic. Much love 💕

    15. Revan

      I don't think a lot of people know much about comedians.

    16. Uriel OR

      I think it was pretty rude to talk them Out, It's not a cinema where you have to stay quiet, if the boys want to talk, let them talk, you were rude to them, and instead of just say "shut up" and leaving the topic behind, you bringed it back 3 more times, at bit bully tbh. You just changed my perception of you. Now fuck off.

    17. Al_xz

      He just talked he wasn’t aggresive, this comedian sucks he should get tortured that fat swine you insultes your fan for being drunk mind your own business idiot

    18. WeRageAsOne

      Subtly destroying someone

    19. TheAntiTrope

      If a channel uses clickbait select "do not recommend channel".

    20. Sir Joel

      Dude where does your perception that its your show so you're the dictator come from? People pay to see you perform and your job is to do that the best you can not get triggered and give them a lecture when you lose their attention. Its your show but it would be nothing without the people watching it. Your audience makes you who you are. You don't really have the right to act in such a passive aggressive manner towards them. This is a stand up show not a classroom people are expected to enjoy themselves not be called out and embarrassed infront of other people for silly things. Theres no need to be so passive aggresive about losing the dude's attention, instead of branding him as rude why not think of it as you're simply not as funny that time and you should improve on it so everybody is all ears next time? Why dahell is it that dudes fault? Since when does a stand up show expect silence? To me even if the dude was abit rude, ordering drinks and talkimg shows that he is somewhat enjoying himself. I wouldn't get drinks or snacks to a shit show would i? And you calling him out burst him out of that comfort bubble , and that is the worst thing you can do as a comedian. To me your tone and body language was more aggresive and i associate that with a big ego? Ok you did good in got talent and are now successful but that doesn't mean you're the biggest shit and the funniest man alive and everyone should focus on you and laugh at all your jokes. Sorry if i am being rude but i'm just upset at your behaviour towards your valuable audience. It's just off. You can make jokes involving your audience but why does it have to degrade them everytime? This is how you lose fans.

    21. kris denson

      The word aggressive in your title when there was none, will make me not want to watch your other material. I liked this video. But clickbaiting is an disappointment.

    22. Mario Herrera

      The only one aggressive here is the "comedian"

    23. jumpman93LP

      That comedian was just a butthurt dick

    24. Jahkzy

      Didn’t this guy have a really bad stutter where tf it gone

      1. SergeantSilly

        got better with time

    25. Yeet yeet I ate pete

      You wanna share a urinal?

    26. dakota king

      Hey I’m from Indiana

    27. Beery Boi

      This is why most do comedians are shit didn't even make me laugh and just kept bugging the guy he Ben stopped like the only thing u did was just make one joke on the same guy and as ur an adult u should know what a liquid diet is I just lost all my respect for you unjust ruined his experience he was just talking about ordering more beers that should be enough

    28. come as you are

      Aggressive drunk guy? Nice clickbait...He wasn't at all aggressive and doesn't even seem to be drunk.

    29. Maciej Kubicki

      That pussy comedian is not even funny. And them dumb fans suck his cock so good. Pathetic

    30. Roge't

      Drew your pretty trash dude. Dislike

    31. Full Send Lalo

      Biggest clickbait holly shit

    32. RA Zone

      *Okay, now where's the aggressive part?*

    33. ogbo

      Wow these comments are pretty rough, just know that everyone had a good time and Drew may have said that but people being distracting is quite hard for Drew to deal with so please stop saying Drew did something wrong and the guy was innocent It’s all fun and games

    34. Batman

      Hecklers are assholes

    35. Tevin Archuleta

      Aggressive? Lol

    36. Karol S

      Sorry , was just ordering drinks . Its fucking pub , you should expect ordering. This was very unprofessional.

    37. Anikunt

      Come on man this was a little weird to click bait this and u were honestly pretty rude for no reason

    38. akshay rajaram

      How was he aggressive ? .... The comedian picked in him too hard

    39. Ryan Rafter

      my god this is gonna be one hot 3way later! pornhub it or it never happened! lol

    40. Donald Trump

      Am I the only one who thinks this “comedian” is a douchebag?

    41. TalkToMeNice

      y’all needa calm down he’s a comedian he was doing what comedians do😂. i’m sure he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful towards him but he’s just making jokes and that’s what comedians do lmao.

      1. reaghan d.

        TalkToMeNice thank youu

      2. musyrifo

        but he humiliated him in front of people. the man was never aggressive there. the comedian was more rude and talking like a spoiled child

    42. Israel Torres

      Don’t know who Drew Lynch is but he’s trash.

    43. LaughingSadness YT

      *GO STELLA! I know I’m a little late but seriously, my old pit bull had 2 tumours and she lived them through. She was such a fighter, may she rest in heaven.* Edit: She died of old age. ❤️💗

    44. Shawn Clement

      Handled like a pro good job. Ive been watching for a long time it is interesting to me that im noticing the longer you do stand up the more you have your stutter in check.

    45. just skils

      It's just the comedian who thinks he's a big deal

    46. Kyle Adair Whyte

      Very kl video well done on both for shaking hands

    47. slammed E34

      Comedian should of came with better jokes pun intended you start calling random people from the crowd gay n shit you have no idea what they're mental state is drunk or not I have a sick sense of humor I like all the bad ones but dont throw shade at someone that paid for your ass too eat man respect ur crowd if someone is rowdy that's what security is for 👌🏽 this guy was lame and a waste of a view shit so was this comment 😂

    48. Dylan Broussard

      Dude I used to watch u a little while ago and you are getting better with the stuttering I’m so happy with this God bless brotha!

    49. The Dude

      Guys wasn't even funny ... And was a complete fuck.

    50. Tommy Cross

      drew lynch a bitch

    51. Zach saysfvck12

      AGT literally bleewww up this assholes ego an went right back to the bully he used to be before "the accident" that was obviously exaggerated for TV (unless there was a surgery in unaware of) look at the old footage if u dont believe me

    52. Pichi Malo PA

      U was rude with him

    53. Maximum Hardcore

      This guy def wishes he was in the urinal with the two from the audience

    54. Donny Crabtree

      Love the fact these comments are mostly people calling you out for being in the wrong. Your click bait title backfired, you may have got views on this one, but I certainly won't watch any of your other videos.

    55. apple pie

      He was cool though Who titles your videos?

    56. Johnny C

      The replay doesn't fit the title, man.

    57. Jeffrey Schulte

      3rd person title making + little clickbait sounds like modern day SEsels to me

    58. Ant B

      I feel like drew is being a jerk in this situation. He just wanted a fucking drink. Also there was so much less stu Stu stuttering

      1. Ant B

        Did I ask? God you are an idiot just like drew linch

      2. The Real Jar

        He was in a serious conversation so he was more focused on what he was saying. So he stuttered less

    59. Louis

      This guy sounds like buggs bunny. In a good way tho.

    60. Frosty

      I feel like that dude was aggressive in the beginning but was embarrassed and than just got more embarrassed after he got back