Cole Bennett | 2017 Music Video Reel

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    here’s a compilation of some of my favorite music video clips I did this year. thank you all for an incredible 2017.
    song playing: Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying
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    Cole Bennett
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    1. K Edwards

      2017 are use my iPad a lot

    2. fernyyy fernyyy

      tb to when times were easy

    3. Clouted Up Savage

      this the most fire one outta 2013-2019

    4. nysaa

      u made it so far bruh, helped many artists become successful n thats an amazing thing, wish you success in 2020 hope it brings alot 🤍

    5. Eden James

      Looking back from 2020 this is the best video reel

    6. J Kapa

      Watching this in 2019 makes me sad ):

    7. Richard Skwark

      Which video is the first one?

    8. trikkix 17

      Who else still watching this in 2019?

    9. Wrenn

      where is the KILLY part?

    10. 47dylan ㄣ⃒

      cole bennett is an acid heads best friend.

    11. LitOnly

      My favorite year of all time

    12. charles_brrr

      Came here after 2018 reel

    13. Isidro

      Who’s here after the 2018 Music video reel?

      1. Alex Diaz

        Isidro Patino me I remember watching this when it first came out

    14. Adolfo Trujillo

      Who’s here becasue of the 2018 one?

    15. Melkin

      cant wait to see the 2018 Film Reel!

    16. Sir Santo

      rip mac miller <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a>

    17. Corinthian Stennis

      That edit in the Supa video was fucking dope 🔥

    18. Antoine Michot

      Benet =commando vs Benet Subliminale commentaire coco codéine

      1. Antoine Michot

        Benet vs swarzeneger sons of bitch of ostria ans neo nazy !!! no Guns for california no NRA Nevers nevers Lucifer..........eye for eye and tith for tith. Populiste not politique FROM Paris

    19. Daniel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> uhhhhhh

    20. TSM Msfts

      Omg Bruh To Lil Wayne - I feel like dying 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    21. James Hanbury

      Cole Bennett is my fav song

    22. Will Copeland

      rip d rose video

    23. Razy Romero

      This is bad ass but what's better is that u used lil wayne i feel like dying as the music

    24. young makson

      А где Face-Мне похуй?!!!

    25. Asap Skurt


    26. Sterling Parson

      So that migos video

    27. Шома Спирт

      Де Лицо? (

    28. Sean Bucci

      Whats the name of the migos song?

    29. Young Gun

      Please production me , i am live ni Russia , i am 13 , and I taper but I haven’t songs on my Chanel , thank

      1. Young Gun

        I am raper

    30. Manuel Vizcarra

      What song was that for migos

    31. Reepa Media

      just incredible, the way you learned to mix amazing cinematography with unbelievable edits in just a few years is beyond inspiring, you will go down as one of the best if not the best to ever film and edit music videos

    32. Monet 4 life

      Is nobody going to talk about how all of these videos match the song the way they were mashed together

    33. It’s Ballanced

      *A N D H E R P U S S Y T A S T E S L I K E S K I T T L E S*

    34. Marco

      You're an incredible director man...Keep the good work going and keep inspiring hopefully we'll work together someday in future...

    35. RedSetup


    36. xPlasmo

      whats the song called with quavo at the start?

    37. Raw Tevan

      Why are there dislikes ? H8rs

    38. Jack Blackman

      To those who are wondering what background song is I feel like dying-Lil Wayne

    39. Frest- Gam

      где face блядь?

    40. discopark


    41. saltygrapejuice

      Great job keep it up

    42. Joakim Wennberg

      What music video is it with quavo??


    44. Clorox Bleach

      Who remeber Famous Dex?

    45. Woggy Woggy

      Cole Bennet is a legend and forever will be!!! ❤️

    46. Chase Waller

      where’s the migos video?

    47. 3j

      Which song is the one with migos?🤔

    48. Smoke Bomb


    49. Oj Ferguson

      69 and Cole should def collab 🔥🔥💯💯

    50. Oj Ferguson

      I can’t find the Migos video can someone help

    51. Sadd bøi

      We not gone pretend dex wasnt the one made cole fr like he was the only nigga messing with him and now look dex set trends plus this man talented

    52. One Detox

      What's the migos song at the beginning??

    53. KillerZombie525

      Shit song

    54. Chase Roberts

      Why people dickriding Cole Bennett his music videos aren't even that good, it's just a shit ton of random effects. I'm not gonna say they're all terrible because he obviously has some good shots occasionally but honestly he's so overrated

    55. Lilgmoney

      whats the migos song

    56. Lautaro Ezequiel A

      The best

    57. Ybk GBE

      He turned soundcloud rappers into famous people

    58. Alonzo Arrellano


    59. will✌️

      one of my favorite videographers out right now keep up the good work

    60. Sebb

      what video did he do with quavo?

    61. Big Yee

      What was the first video called w quavo?

    62. xS3bastian x

      We need to collab!

    63. flxn

      Been watching you ever since smokepurpp and xavier's music video. Always knew you would have blown up :)

    64. Brandon Hall

      Watchmojo made a top 10 music video list and didn't put any come Bennett on it. Any cole Bennett could've been on the list

    65. Lowqy

      this song traaaash

    66. Pato S

      cole bennet musix

    67. MILL ROCKY

      Cole, This really shows how good you are at this. Keep doing what you do. Love, Mill

    68. Mysac Smith

      same, i feel like dying too!

    69. Gizem Tahiroglu

      LIL XAN 💔😍

    70. jack good

      What was the first video with quavo

    71. Bollin

      Keep grinding dog. God is good

    72. Indiana Duarte Steinkamp

      brehh hahahha im lyin in the dark watching this eating flaming hot cheetos but that ain't why my eyes are streaming

    73. Michael Authement

      What would u call the effect at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a>

    74. VIDE

      was that quavo in the first one?

    75. Christian Corral

      Whats the name of the migos song

      1. renzo rossi

        Out yo way X Culture

    76. 937 Predator Poachers

      Who else watched this video over & over again on repeat the vibes lifting me off my feet rip lil peep

    77. Damo Cash


    78. Damo Cash

    79. Damo Cash

      AZAE PRODUCTION 🎥🎥🎥🎥🚨🚨🚨🚨 NEW

    80. griffin bolton

      Trippy asf👽