Cara Delevingne Claps Back at Justin Bieber's Rankings | E! News

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    The model slams the "Yummy" singer's claim of not knowing her with throwback pics after watching him play "Spill Your Guts" with James Corden. Watch!
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    Cara Delevingne Claps Back at Justin Bieber's Rankings | E! News


    1. pworldthug 69

      Trash channel

    2. Weirdo Kid_

      When i read the article about this, i thought the situation was funny, but when i read the comments on her Instagram, no one was supportibg her. I was like, "well this is not a laughing matter i guess- 😳😬"

    3. Sphinx Money

      I always told people cara looked like a lez....& they always got mad at me. but oh look.

    4. Philip Cruz

      Im glad this showed up on my feed. Yall are stupid. I needed the laugh today xD

    5. Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS

      As soon as I saw him say that I figured there would be backlash 🙄 eh it is what it is. His answer was justified and who wants to eat that god awful crap on that table lol

    6. Heinchal De Jongh

      she's no friend. A friend does not call u out in public

    7. Tommy Gun

      She’s overreacting Lol but whatever

    8. NC J

      She’s so childish lol. He went out of his way to say there nothing to the rank. Who caresssss

    9. champ flowahbomb

      Lolololo these games get everyone in trouble. It should just be fun! Even if he did say all that you could just laugh and brush it off

    10. dootdootoo shahhh

      God if you cant tell cara is a dude idk what to tell you

    11. Brady 42

      Carla who?

      1. Amber Parker

        EXACTLY LOL #bestcomment

    12. Nazlican Kinavli

      the rat is pressed Lmfao its good that everyone is defending jb she is childish af she wants drama cuz sis is bored

    13. Rianna Cronin


    14. Lenin Singh

      Why can't some people see that Justin was actually trying to avoid all of this? He obviously knows that they're not on good terms, but he chose to keep it between themselves. What was he supposed to do? Publicly declare to everybody in the crowd that they were beefing? Cara should have just kept quite. He's actually protecting their friendship. He obviously doesn't want people to know that they're not on good terms. Cara overreacted.

    15. Babatunde

      Still dont understand why she made a big deal of it. He literally ranked them based on how well he knew each of them. He said he barely talked to cara, and said no offence to any of them. I can see why he blocked her now i guess.

    16. Anna K

      Wow, so he lied to us.

      1. Haley Stewart

        Anna Ka no he didn’t

    17. icy ivy

      Didn't these two dates back then? I like the "bull penis" bravo Cara 😄

    18. Primrose Jones

      This is why nobody likes Cara

    19. Keyma Bess

      You go Girl, Justin is gross!!!!

    20. yasmine farhat

      Shut up cara! Nobody likes u

    21. Narq

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> of my life wasted.

    22. VendingNationTV


    23. Mia Elizabeth

      She was bring salty. He obviously didn’t mean it in a bad way

    24. D.Grayson

      E is making Justin the “bad guy” when is really Cara like come on girl get over it

    25. Taunja Brockway

      Cara's got what? The Clap? 😂

    26. Taunja Brockway

      Cara's an ugly jealous muff diver.

    27. Natalie Stake

      justin is ugly and he sounds like a girl when he sings me and my friend hate him if u would check out my vids you would see its my camera man and he was in my vid dare vid 2 with my homie

      1. Natalie Stake

        u arre soooooooo right

      2. Natalie Stake


      3. Natalie Stake


      4. Natalie Stake


    28. Lenin Singh

      She was being hypersensitive and seriously irrational.

    29. Kenneth Khumallambam

      She needs to grow up. She's being petty and unreasonable.

    30. Mayeryn Carty

      She is so immature

    31. wt30001

      He should rank his own friends

      1. Lenin Singh

        It's a TV show. It was just a game. If you're like Cara and you also think that Justin Bieber is the one who's at fault (in this situation), then you're just as dumb as her, if not more.

      2. Kenneth Khumallambam

        wt30001 It was just a game.

    32. liteand fluffy

      WOW! Such gripping 'NEWS', why worry about important things going on in the World?

    33. YazzyJ718

      She has thin skin

    34. Comment Removed

      Cara's kinda extra

    35. Oliver Valentin

      Cara is just so anoying lol

    36. Fufu issue

      She looks for a attention 🖕🏿

    37. Pauleen Wardale

      This woman, Cara, who ever she is, sounds so childish, Justin B was very cautious in that game, grow up woman

      1. dootdootoo shahhh

        That's a man

      2. Bangtan Army

        Zairner Muller or you should let this person have their own opinion so stfu

      3. Zairner Muller

        Justin is a jerk, he should grow up

    38. Charity Johnson

      this is so stupid why the hell is cara getting upset he doesn't know you that well he doesn't know you that well stop trying to act like it's a personal offense b/c it's not and frankly idk why she is being disrespectful toward justin and his wife, justin gave a honest answer he even said he had nothing against any of them, this is what happens in hollywood my goodness..they won't leave him alone will they!?!?!?!

      1. Charity Johnson

        @Thlamuani Ralte he must of have a really good reason!

      2. Thlamuani Ralte

        If Justin said he had nothing against her,why did he block Cara? 😂😂

      3. Elijah Elam

        They will never leave him alone🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm really dissapointed with Cara

    39. It's Leviosa not UrALosar

      Hey somebody’s gotta come in third.

    40. Roseline jennet

      Lol James asked him who is his fave amongst Kendall, Gigi and Cara and hell I guess we all know that it is going to be Kendall 1st..but still he gave a explanation about it saying that they spent most time with Kendall and got no beef with the other two..

    41. Elijah Elam

      This is petty on her part come on now. I have pictures will ppl I barely hang out with. Just because y'all took some photos together doesn't mean he knows you well🙄 and if she felt weird about it she should have dm him instead of making a public post

      1. Elijah Elam

        @zekrita memusi your point is? If someone who claimed to be my friend was publicly dogging me on social media I would have blocked her too. Plus we don't know what extra details were left out

      2. zekrita memusi

        Elijah Elam he blocked her

    42. Ram Sangpuii

      If justin had not spending time together..then why should he block??

      1. Kenneth Khumallambam

        She unnecessarily interfered in matters that were none of her business, and dissed Bieber. She's lucky she only got blocked.

      2. stefan repic

        She was dragging him and his wife last year

    43. Hashiel williams

      Love cara

    44. Hello it's me

      Shes needs to be grown about this. Shes acting like a high school girl. Just move on from it. He even said it nice.

    45. THE TRUTH

      I remember Justin bieber started crying like a little b*tch on social media when Morgan Stewart from nightly pop said he had really bad acne ppl attacked her, cause he posted a petty response, so it's ok for him to be dumb and say what's on his mind but when they did it to him justin b*tcher came out to play.

      1. THE TRUTH

        @Love Yourself it's says Bieber, are you talking about the b*tcher

      2. Love Yourself


      3. Love Yourself

        OK otaku

    46. Jodelynne

      cara 🤦🏼‍♀️irrelevant

      1. Hashiel williams

        No you are

    47. Alexandra Anita

      What cara mean Justin says he has nothing againts her , its just they never spent alot time together like u know they ok but dont know much each other. But reality Justin block Cara. Justin try to make everything nice but actually its not. Cos one day cara defend taylor n justin feel offended.

    48. Amanda milson

      Their just like school kids fighting. Hopefully none of them ever have children

    49. Riya Joshi

      Oh come on ...she needs to grow up it was just a game and he also gave his reason which was valid .

    50. April Thompson

      Girl get over it. He said it was because he didn’t really know you. Smh.

    51. Helbigs Hitachi

      Cara has turned so many straight women lesbian Justin's just lucky she hasn't stolen his girl. . . yet.

      1. My Baby - Park Jimin

        I don't think Hailey would date a person with aids ...

      2. M P

        That’s why he’s so defensive lol

      3. Hashiel williams


    52. Damnit Bobby


    53. Ryan Lee

      Love cara delevingne

    54. L tilli

      Nooooo this is why celebs never answer questions like that for the game. So dumb, I'm not the hugest bieber fan, but I thought the game was fun. Not everything has to be taken personally!

      1. Amber Parker

        @urwin25 He probably TRIED to smooth things over .. Her drama is ridiculous ..this is petty nonsense.

      2. Amber Parker


      3. Ciara be_cece

        @ L tilli I agree why would he say that anyway he could have ate what was on the table simple as that he was probably looking for her to respond

      4. urwin25

        @taytoo RK why are you going after me someone asked why she was blocked and i gave the reason and i'm not saying justin isn't a dickhead for blocking her instead of sorting things out. It's his own disicion.

      5. taytoo RK

        @urwin25 he justified as he never talked her and have conversate. Which was a lie after all from justin. They were defending biasely and cara stands whats she believes to be right and here justin just blocked her instead of clearing things maybe personally could do but we all know what a dickhead is he and here he clearly lied which is the problem sweetie

    55. Ms.MonicaPyle

      Why do I watch this useless crap lol and yet I await the next video of meaningless celebrity gossip😁

    56. Shelleyfg87

      Why does she care? Lol why does anyone care. E! News is getting worse.

      1. Chaimae Er1

        @Y K 🤣🤣👍

      2. Y K

        Why are you here then if you dont care

      3. O Mr

        @THE TRUTH 😂😂😂🙅

      4. Shelleyfg87

        There’s a difference between entertainment news and just pure drivel.

      5. Diana’sViews124

        BC they’re petty and it’s just fun to check in and hear the mess 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 thnx E!

    57. jennTwaambo

      Wow Cara... He literally made a disclaimer. Get over it. It wasn't that deep sis. You didn't need to go there.. Sheesh...

    58. D Duy

      She just really does not like him 😂

    59. Anna M

      Awhhhh her feelers got hurt 😆

      1. dootdootoo shahhh


    60. Deborah Okere

      Cara’s comment over the fill your guts thing was so uncalled for

      1. Lenin Singh

        Yes it was. She was being totally unreasonable.

    61. Miriam Thomas

      He literally went out of his way with the disclaimer to say “nothing against Cara, I just don’t know her as well” for a solid minute, to protect HER feelings, and she still got a whole insta post dissing him. No wonder you’re blocked/ranked his least fave honey

      1. Lightskinned Yuteee

        malina n and I don’t know how what Justin did was being hypocritical

      2. Lightskinned Yuteee

        malina n I didn’t literally mean that she was surprised

      3. Kendra F

        Miriam Thomas exactly

      4. all the dump bitches reply to my comments

        @Lightskinned Yuteee she is not surprised lol. She just pointed out the hypocrisy.

      5. Lightskinned Yuteee

        malina n Well if I was in his shoes and a former “friend “ did that to me I would do the same thing so I don’t know why she is so suprised he blocked her

    62. MishiXi

      You go, girl.

    63. Carol Christiansen

      Cara is 1 next to Justin

    64. #1

      Whatever he explained it all at the end. Didn’t he have relations with all of those females anyways?

      1. Nikki Dee

        @Helbigs Hitachi my comment is past tense

      2. Helbigs Hitachi

        @Nikki Dee she has said shes done with men.

      3. Nikki Dee

        @Helbigs Hitachi she has played for both teams 😂

      4. Helbigs Hitachi

        Cara's a lesbian so I doubt it.

    65. Nicole Nikki

      O brother.....

    66. iguerino

      Cara don’t care what Justin said , he’s a human fart 💩💨🤮

      1. DIYA *

        @Jing Li I guess you are....

      2. Jing Li

        @Anna M LOL are you dumb

      3. Anna M

        Jing Li and once again if she didn’t care she wouldn’t have commented on it.

      4. Jing Li

        @Anna M well, shading hypocrites is fun to watch. and quite entertaining. apparent he knew her quite well. i dont think she cares about being blocked by this chauvinist pile of crap

      5. Anna M

        If she doesn’t care then she wouldn’t have commented on it , he literally said he doesn’t know her that well compared to Gigi and Kendall