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Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

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    I programmed a uArm robot arm to feed me Cheerios for breakfast. And yes: duct tape is an inevitable part of the DIY process. Read my article at Motherboard to make your own breakfast robot

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    1. Eponymous Mann

      "You're welcome, World."

    2. Vivek Thunga

      U r an awesome person

    3. Nodirbek Choriev

      she needs to learn some PID control

    4. D.E.R.G

      Pee-wee Herman would not approve!!!

    5. Shahriar Ferdous Ocean

      I think you have to do some thing with image processing to do this robot work properly.

    6. Travis Ryno

      Hemp Milk?

    7. wilsun Jay

      Coodos to how far you've come

    8. Владимир Гаврилов

      Привет из далёкой Сибири.

    9. Cameron Hebron

      Can you please make sandwhich bot?


      Could hook it up to software that reacts to eye movement,but still would need some training when you just might want to use your hands during breakfast with some other project while still needing to concentrate on this software applied,or measure the distance between that machines claw to your waiting for serials need to be opened mouth,other way could also work have this machine run mobile with a tracking device that will be able to detect your mouth with an chip. fun video

    11. little diaellla

      Died why spoon dropped

    12. Eduardo Galicia

      I love it because the robot it's like "yeah, here's your F*ing breakfast Simone now shut the F* up"

    13. SuPeR DoGGy

      Team cyprien ?

    14. Matthew Wierdsma

      Hemp milk? 420glazeit

    15. Kris Kitchen

      Where does one get this machine?


      Just found u randomly, yr my new fav crazy inventor. Ive never laughed so much. Subbed after first video watched. The world needs more ppl like u. Congrats on yr recovery. Love the cool battle scar.

    17. crazydubaddict

      fr that is a heavenly backside

    18. Animal Player

      Wait i am swedish

    19. funkystyle

      At certain moments in this video u looked kind of depressed.

    20. scarface 82

      I like you ;)

    21. Adrian Schneider

      You might want to google for „chitty chitty bang bang breakfast making machine“.

    22. Matheus Ferreira

      haha i used to burn the popcorn all the time them I read the manual and them I never burn again.

    23. Matheus Ferreira

      i like this one.

    24. КМ КМ

      Классная девушка)))

    25. Souheib

      The problem with it is that it puts the cereals first.

    26. Faves Ojo

      Please show us how to build stuff

    27. Isabel Lopez

      Who's manuel?

    28. Yo its cool kid

      put a book under bowl so it schoops out something thats not the air.

    29. Random Rainbow

      Butter Robot: What is my purpose? Rick: You pass butter. Butter Robot: Oh my god... Rick: Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.

    30. Clam Jam

      honestly im glad you have some subcribers, because you give a bad name to engineers .

    31. Aema XOXO

      Love You🌌🌕🌠

    32. Account no longer in use

      soggy cereal is amazing you pleb

    33. kumisz

      I was worried about that book.

    34. SimpTote

      Pfff. Grownups don't reeead manuals. They WRITE them~

    35. Nick F.

      That sick spoon catch at 1:15 tho...

    36. AzureSteel

      2:35 Imagine having a book so good that you don't realize the mess after it was all done and over ahahaha

    37. Lash alup

      OH MY GOD are you reading som Robin Hobb ? i love you more and more...

    38. Tony Ewing

      got milk?

    39. Pa Pinkelman

      Wieghtloss? Forget sport, forget excersize... get yourself a Simone breakfast robot, serial and milk sold seperatly

    40. Ben Hamilton

      "I want to make a sandwich robot because that doesn't involve any fluids." And then the sandwich robot used liquid peanut butter

      1. A Aran

        @Loaiza yep but she made a sanwich robot and used very liquid peanut butter in it :)))))

      2. Loaiza

        Ben Hamilton it doesn't have to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich

    41. Animagic Missile

      1:45 It's kind of funny watching this again now after she DID make a video using the uArm to make a sandwich and it ended up making a huge mess anyway! If you think it's impossible to fuck up a simple task beyond belief, Simone will find a way! :P

    42. Tia D

      making a sandwich never required fluids until you made the sandwich machine

    43. Vinicius Albuquerque

      "Next time I'll do a Sandwich Robot because it doesn't involve liquids" Almost one year after, the Sandwich Robot is made, and the Peanut Butter is much more disgusting than this. Hahahahaha

    44. Poisson Rouge

      The sandwich making process doesn't involve any fluid... Ahaha that peanut butter tho

    45. Paul Stan

      Simone you're a genius. Discovered your channel after watching an Adam Savage clip. You had me laughing out loud.

    46. Cristopher Cutas

      I wonder if you are this person in the making :D

    47. Seamus Frederick

      a friend referred me to you...watched the first video and instantly subbed :)

      1. Ibrahim kayani

        Seamus Frederick assassin's never talk about the people the subbed to u sir are a Templar

      2. Drauggen

        You need to sell t-shirts. Shitty robot nation. Still watching all your videos like a netflix binge. My wife is going to kill me. It's after 3 am and my eight year old and I are just laughing our asses off between allergy medicine and the evil flowers that are stalking us.

      3. Simone Giertz

        +Seamus Frederick welcome to the Shitty Robot Nation Seamus!

    48. Alex Cowles

      You said you watched a lot of Friends to obtain your American accent and I can hear it, holy crap. Are you Phoebe Buffay?

    49. Ag-R

      jajajajajajjaa I feel indentified with you !!!!

    50. archcorenth

      It looks like that book says it is the Hobbit, but the Hobbit is not that long.

    51. Sergasteam

      Are you Engener?

    52. Adrian Bromley

      That's why they say don't play with your food

    53. Sean Xiao

      hope to see you in China Mainland

    54. Erik Grobler

      what is hemp milk?

    55. Ahmad Shaker

      I love you :*

    56. macrapidito

      2:47 OMG I

    57. root4343

      So when do we get to see the sandwish machine ?

    58. AnneBerkheij

      I saw gifs of you but I had no idea that you were an actual human being... o.0

    59. Billy Griffin

      That was cool