Blueface - Thotiana Remix ft. Cardi B (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    Blueface - Thotiana Remix ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Scum Beats
    3D Animation by Tilla Vision
    Director of Photography by Corey Jennings
    Steadicam by Quaid Baca
    Executive produced by Sal Tarantino
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    1. Al Villa

      Homegirl kills it😈

    2. Zoe Swanson

      6ix9ine: cardi a blood blue face: cryp me: NOT IN MY GODDAMN LOBBY

    3. Za'Nique Grayson

      Blue face baby

    4. Lucy Hitchcock

      Really 😎won't blueface

    5. Oscar Santos

      You got that song dam wat you said i rilll wow love daddy that giting hot

    6. Oscar Santos

      Hello card im here girll yesss

    7. Oscar Santos

      Love you blue face i want you you hot how old ar you

    8. Tubro2tone6483

      I actually like this song but the comments about Blueface are too funny.

    9. Holden Stefaniuk

      Cardi b is like a teenager when the realize that they can say inappropriate stuff around there friends

    10. meme leader jk meat ball music and gamer

      It's like a killer

    11. Pr33sa96 Armani

      i hated this song before i lived in a strip club

    12. Wandifye

      ending lmao

    13. Antoinette Marshall

      Blue face I love your videos bro for real bro

    14. Maxaga-CR

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> sec best twerk eveeeeer

    15. hardcore7217

      Why is he wearing tighty whities?

    16. leleo Alves

      Corona verius

    17. Marwan Osama

      حرام يسط كدا

    18. Gia Anh Vo

      how does this have so many views tho

    19. Abdel Ghazouline

      9yr me when another friend took me in a strip club in gta : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a>

    20. Tyson RPER

      I can't imagine how hard it was to get a Crip and a Blood to make a song together.

    21. Lonely .

      Now do dat dit down😂🤣


      Im just here for the beat tbh

    23. Maureen

      The fact there aren’t captions on this speaks volumes

    24. Candice Abass

      I ship🔥

    25. VForce Yt

      Why are u guys very mean to him bruh u guys suck at least he's successful in life bruh made alot of money unlike u guys

    26. Candice Abass

      Why the fuck is cardi b bit hit different 🔥🔥

    27. Isaac Mayfield

      Is it jus me or do that look like they could be sister and brother

    28. geraldine reneau

      dude the man is a ganster

    29. Green Gang Sector 1

      Blue face is a cryp but cardi b is a blood?

    30. Cameron Dominguez

      So if they do it they baby will be in the purple gang

    31. vennesa torres

      Best remix of this jam !!! Oooouuuu CARDI nastiiiiiiiiiiiii aye aye haha 😆

    32. N4h41 N24

      wtf is this lma0.Tbh Drake is better than this thotiana shi

    33. ruby Garcia Gonzalez


    34. Lord Uchiha 666

      Better CGI than Endgame

    35. Doginhaler

      her lyrics are yucky

    36. Jimmy Donaldson Clips

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

    37. bnkiid *

      Cripface and cardi Blood lol

    38. jazzy jaz

      btw cardi is a stripperrrrrrr

    39. Bag ChasersTrading

      "im everyones fantasy" flashes money that s prop money and not his lol, then girls that were paid to dance with him.

      1. Sir Knighter420

        Haha wtf is that face he keeps doing aswell lol 🤣🤣 fucking cringe .......

    40. jazzy jaz

      jimmy neutron in a car now could've left cardi out of the song

    41. Bag ChasersTrading

      he would probably have an easier time doing dance moves rather than small walks back and forth if they were up, btw guys that's not his actual money, its prop money, was lended to him, its easy, just 1 phone call to producer studio, including the car, nothing is his, sad he cant afford a belt to hold his pants up.

    42. Sean Mataranyika

      Did no one realize that Blueface is a crip and Cardi is a Blood...

    43. Jessica Velasquez

      His smile is brighter than when i turn my phone on in the middle of the night

    44. XD

      Why is your pants white

    45. Yassi Bagaipo

      Simple horrible

    46. Neiver Carvajal


    47. Kash X


    48. Jet Antomoi

      Cardiana okrrrrr

    49. C-money4x

      Blueface is the type of guy to charge the handyman

    50. Cloud Mongar

      Good song enjoy it

    51. Greyson Shaeffer

      Those Pants, are Lower then my Ego...

    52. Zaron Anderson

      Cardi B Best Buy but my girlfriend not good enough can you come over here

    53. Zaron Anderson

      Saudi computers for sale

    54. omar catro

      the best music

    55. VagueDeadline

      When you just trying to walk for a few seconds in GTA online (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a>)

    56. Josua Stoica


    57. Lively Leah

      the white guy with those slippers😑

    58. Jimmy Donaldson Clips

      Ya SATHYA!!!!

    59. Krabby

      Blueface is the type of guy to die in the living room

    60. Дмитрий stake


    61. Bernie San Andreas

      Bro that flying car in the beginning looked like a weird gta san Andreas mod

      1. Maureen

        Yess haha

      2. DbzFan 183

        Facts Bruh

    62. Kev21ification

      She bad

    63. Mr Random

      One year bafore the cornavirus

    64. goat bot

      Wonder why

    65. goat bot

      Are you talking talking about holy moly donut shop nle choopa and blue face well yeah they did

    66. Dhfhkdjfn

      Someone needs to adopt his pants cuz he cant raise them himself

      1. DbzFan 183

        STOLEN boi

      2. dank dave

        stealing jokes broooo

      3. Lola Lola

        😬 who’s gonna tell them that’s this joke was already made....No one ok

      4. Tayshaun Gilmore

        U so corny

    67. ana lockard


    68. Man like CM

      Ah yes, very clearly rival gang members, you can see the hatred between the two

    69. mary mary 123

      This is the guy that said cardi cunt made the set small like dead raccoon? Or am i wrong?

    70. gdsopps818 818

      Blue face doesn't claims nun, a crip n a blood is stupid makin a song together bruhh no cap. Blueface ain't a crip dawg

      1. Kayythaagoat

        Right no one cares anymore

      2. Vida Ntem-mensah

        Bruh it don't matter my cousin a crip and my other cousin a blood and no strappin🙅

    71. moe al

      Real quick

    72. Slowly_ r

      Blueface is that type of guy who would divorce before a marriage

    73. x Duaaz

      Wait isn’t blue face a crip? I mean the Bitch is a blood...

    74. Toni-Marie Cleaver

      Pull up your pants stupid

    75. LopezG HH

      Blueface vs Beat

    76. life with Kirah

      whos here in 2020 in quarantine ??

    77. payton foxie

      Everyone be talking about " Blueface clearly need a to put is pants up for adoption cause he clearly can't raise the his self-" Wait- What if I say- No.. YES!-

      1. oxygen deprived


    78. Floor Gang

      Blueface is that type of guy that sell his car to build a garage

    79. 904queen Bee

      Go ahead blue face baby


      Its all gucci until someone sees the daughter on this music video