Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)

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    Listen to “everything i wanted”:

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    1. Little Much

      Lizzo looked worried there for a sec 😂

    2. Little Much

      Her smile at the end of the performance had me dead 😭😍!

    3. Charlie Busser

      Total shit.

    4. dean winchester

      this is what we have now? it's total trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whispering garbage

    5. dean winchester

      i cant hear what this garbage is singing, if singing's really what's it

    6. dean winchester


    7. It’s Me

      She’s an amazing singer but we can barely understand what she’s saying ,she’s mumbling every words and like you have to be very attentive to enjoy the song and that’s kinda annoying

    8. 《Yuky FoxXD》

      Billie ellish i she you in the TV

    9. Rocobun

      1:29 i love this moment 💕💕

    10. john mazuera

      Why SEsels....?!?!this shit sucks. Get outside and get some sun Billie damn girl you are almost translucent

    11. KING Mehti

      Love you for ever You change my life

    12. adelia tyu

      Я одна слышу не Били а КРИКИ ЕЕ ФАНАТОВ?

    13. PANDA MASK

      1:31 that random car break sound tho lamoo

    14. Lrak

      Lizzo's reaction is PURE

    15. Lrak

      1:30 Billie really coming to the AMAS taking some karate lessons

    16. B ella

      2:00 idk y I cringe in this part..

    17. Sarah Owens

      Lol camila and Shawn look so awkward but Billie killed it

    18. Ola Xxxx

      2:01 Camila Cabello and Shown Mendes!?

    19. Nyan Kun

      Good but...tha part i don't like it

    20. Rosalyn Rose

      Oh my Lady Gaga look out..we see her

    21. The true last O.G.

      So i got into a fight with a girl who was racist to me and now listening to this im like preach sister

    22. Vaciil

      They literally have to turn her microphone up to 400% just to hear her “sing”

    23. Vaciil

      She doesn’t even sing. She’s just talking at a regular tone with tone🥴

    24. Ashley Rodriguez

      Ok I believe Billie is a great artist BUT we are hyping her to much cuz Honestly let’s not be blind this isn’t her best performance. I can barely hear her. I can listen to this in my headphones and be more hyped up

    25. Robert Ferguson

      Her voice is very, very weak. Without all of the weird horseshit and manufactured intrigue, what is this garbage?? She can sing like five notes in one octave. Terrible.

    26. Jhuly Olvera


    27. 十Angel home 十ッ

      Hey Billie I know I’m late but did you make a story on “ actually happened”? I think you did not made a story on there but I’m making sure this is real before I say that is not real on there video that they made saying “I’m Billie” and something else btw! Love you’re songs ^^

      1. 十Angel home 十ッ

        Aquuuaz plus thanks for taking you’re time to say this to me! :D

      2. 十Angel home 十ッ

        Aquuuaz it’s fine xd

      3. Aquuuaz

        十Angel home 十ッ oh sorry haha

      4. 十Angel home 十ッ

        Aquuuaz oh- I been a fan of them ever since the start...They caused me nightmares so badly but thank you for telling me! :D

      5. Aquuuaz

        十Angel home 十ッ all of there videos are fake sorry to ruin it for ya

    28. whenindangerwhenindoubtrunincirclesscreamandshout

      future fentanyl drug over dose victim, enjoy her while u can, %80 chance drug overdose b4 middle of next year

    29. Mary Hawea

      The thumbnail for this video though... my jawline could never 😫✨

    30. Lore Diaz R.

      La cara de billie minuto 2:58 en velicidad 0.75 me da escalofrio 😨👾

    31. The Offical Egg

      *I think she sounds better without auto tune*

    32. Andrey Silvestrov

      Продала душу дьяволу даже песня подтверждает) я не осуждаю ты молодец ты прекрасна

    33. nitish kannan

      Best part of this video is seeing me at 1:16

    34. cristian jaramillo gual

      ¿cuando viene a Chie?

    35. D. P.

      i still don't comprehend why anyone listens to two *things* -- Bill Eilish and Mumble crap -- this boy has no talent...almost looks and sounds like a girl but appears to be butch-ish. Must be faggots in the audience b/c i don't care for this ""music"" wannabe.

    36. Sanji Kun

      She's crap live

    37. Sanji Kun

      They do when they sell their soul to the devil for fame.

    38. Bb

      What is it with the tongue sticking out like...

    39. heyitzme kenny

      Since when did Shawn mendas and camailo cobao was there like how

    40. Lupe Marin

      that walk on 1:10 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍