Billie Eilish Guesses How 4,669 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue

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    Billie Eilish guesses how 4,669 fans responded to a question survey about her. What color do fans think Billie should dye her hair? How many times has she cried in the last month? What would aliens say if they abducted Billie? Tune in and see how much love Billie has for her fans.

    Billie Eilish’s album ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ is out now and for tour information:
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    Billie Eilish Guesses How 4,669 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue

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      "We took lots of takes but it was one take"

    2. Maria Thelin

      I feel like I'm her friend when I'm watching her on inerviews lmao

    3. sena is here

      She is so happy hereee,i'm gladdd

    4. Minuka Rodrigo

      Billie looks like Shakira forsome reason

    5. Olivia Perks

      We love a bisexual queen ??

    6. Br Bangash

      10:00 respect ❤️

    7. Nic m Games

      She needs to stop swearing its immature

    8. sorrybaeix

      Her hair is so confusing. Like the green looks like a light in her hair but also it's just a color

    9. sorrybaeix

      The one person who voted octopus be like:

    10. sorrybaeix

      That one person who voted for her earlobes:

    11. taz

      2:57 love how honest she is 😂

    12. Angela Ramirez.

      Tan directa me encanta. Casi no entendí nada. PONGAN SUBTÍTULOS EN ESPAÑOL JODER >:v

    13. iari Vilar

      She says that Ariana Grande has an amazing voice (and she really does a I mean those high notes are wow) but does she knows that she sounds like a f*cking angel? Someone tell her like right know

    14. Cormaac Heslin

      Um is the song that “isn’t out yet” is that everything I wanted. Someone please explain. (I hope there is a new song coming out tho)

    15. Olivia Mendez

      No one: Billie: *bleep* *bleep*

    16. Fernanda Téllez

      11:50 😂❤️

    17. cascadestars

      "awh..... :3 das my bruvver" SHES SO CUTE

    18. Risa Haynes

      Billie: all creepy music videos Her in real life: *funny and nice*

    19. lauren s

      16:31 if I was an alien I’d go with *alluring*

    20. Bff Ava And Mel

      Omg that voice was so cute 💫 8:53

    21. Bunnies Rule

      Whenever she says about her bro and I can’t help but thing about a triangle head-

    22. Webbie Yee

      4,669...69 nice move (yes I know probably a coincidence but still lol)

    23. GachaMaya YT

      anyone else scrolling to see if that girl asking the question in the comments 🤣

    24. Brona Mckenna


    25. Cameron Crain

      She said “the song that’s not out yet” I had a dream. That I got everything I wanted.

    26. Mohima Islam

      Billie Eilish looking like super saiyan broly

    27. Neil degrasse Tyson


    28. Šárka Mírová

      HOW TO TAKE THE SURVEY? please tell me someone!

      1. Taco Bell

        Šárka Mírová Twitter, they took it down tho.

    29. meme job

      Lol she did the lama face at the end

      1. Taco Bell

        meme job Llama*

    30. nicole dagelic

      i’m just ready mAaaN

    31. Eyleen K.

      what a waste of paper :(


      12:57 Like: Billie Comment: Ariana

    33. Peter Gallagher

      69 lol

    34. Shauna Weinbergwest

      tbh u crack me up when im sad when I don't want to be happy that's y I love u

    35. Meagan Smith

      “oh... dis my brudder”

    36. Madelyn Osorio

      Why was I not warned about the survey oh maybe I would of know if my MOM didn’t TAKE my PHONE AWAY

      1. Taco Bell

        Madelyn Osorio OOF

    37. meemee 786

      8:51 don't tell me this isn't the purest thing you've ever heard

    38. JLene Then

      Billie so freaking fire 😭😍😍😍😍😍

    39. 靈魂小

      4:10 I love how she’s covering the pictures when everyone can search them at internet, lmao.

    40. SheepUy 12

      Billie: *scatters papers around the room Janitor: *facepalm *angry grunt