Big Ed And His 90 Day Wife BROKE UP?!



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    1. Navystrongbaby

      Don't disrespect chicks that's are way out of your league bro.

    2. Kiley Jones

      Big ed told her that her breathe stinks on live TV so he took her on that boat to make her feel better.

    3. Caitlyn Limos

      Did anyone see Perry the platypus at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="505">8:25</a>?

    4. Patrick Lorenzo Pagkatipunan

      pewds gots the international dating experience, thats why hes going off on ed XD

    5. Madss JoonieBP

      ed: lies rose: ditches ed: *surprised pikachu face*

    6. Jessica Lee


    7. duck youall if youre a filipino and y'know paolul

    8. Joe Momma

      I couldnt stop laughing lmao!! the first comment killed me

    9. maad_john


    10. D D

      Nothing like a good flogging from a beautiful lady

    11. Jc Mantala


    12. Hudson Lail

      Ed looken like a extra wide supprise

    13. Lord Helix

      If Rose needs to get away Ed she can walk away and be ten miles away from him Or just get in the pool and Ed would sink

    14. JakeThe Rake

      Eds nickname should be tickhead

    15. Raze fc

      Its pewdiepie

    16. Mohanraj Jk

      I'm glad Rose decided to going back to sleeping beside pigs, instead of this inverted brontosaurus. Much cleaner in comparison. Btw, I think Ed's has some insect genes. His head is clearly connected to his maybe he's kinda like a cockroach?

    17. Random Preston

      Someone like ED has the ability to throw someone like HER away? Why would I go on living LOL

    18. SIR JeNEnGos

      He looks like a thic lord farquad

    19. Lilian Docejo

      I heard rose say "wo,ow"

    20. heehee

      As a girl, BROOOOO- That kind of man is not what we like 🥴✊

    21. heehee

      Aw, Rose just wants to start a family. Even if this is fake, Thats so sad.

    22. SubTo TJ


    23. -That Friendly Panda-

      DOOD! I never knew he knew about 90 Day Fiance!

    24. heehee


    25. Mylyn Dullavin

      Roses are red, violets are blue, nothing to do😬

    26. Roku San

      I can already hear her cussing so hard in her native language he would go boom boom

    27. Sareena N.

      He doesn’t trust her, yet he cheated on his wife.

    28. Autumn Span

      What was up with perry the platypus

    29. Cecilia Age of Aquarius

      She was not with his bs lol.

    30. Bien Family


    31. Erzel emmanuel Morales

      Have anyone saw pewdiepies Jojo big Adventure t shirt

      1. ٍ ً

        I noticed it

    32. ohdear mrfear

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="505">8:25</a> Have you been making an inator with Dr. Doofenshmirtz so now Perry is out to get you if he’s about to beat you up blink 15x in 2 seconds.

    33. Sophie

      in the Philippines its common for the family to reach out to people dating Americans for money

    34. abrar

      And now she have tlc money , make money on ig and married to a woman and happy. Life can be beautiful after dealing with a creature like him.

    35. Norly Saltore

      Wait what coutry is she from she looks like she's from my country

    36. I. Fernanda Martínez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="505">8:25</a> Perry the platypus? 🖤

    37. Astrud Basilio

      _"You'll be the beauty and i'll be the beast"_ *Pewdiepie: HE KNOWS HE KNOWS*

    38. Roblegodude

      Look at where Rose lives, then look at Ed. And she still looks way more healthier than him.

    39. Fernando Delgadillo

      really missed the "peeewwww die pie" intros

    40. Bryce Reynolds

      He reminds me of Juggernaut

    41. Jose Hidalgo

      His soul mate is himself

    42. Laurel Jorgensen

      "i'm fuckin shocked" mE tOo Ed, wHerE dID yOu gO wRONG?

    43. Music Drez

      OOF Dude got beaten up by broken english lmao

    44. Iymayma

      Pewds your videos are great, am I a 23 yo girl from aus that’s into makeup and fashion, yes I am, do I still love your videos, big yes. But I feel like I can’t come out to my friends about it :/

    45. Incepria :D

      LETS GO PHILIPPINES ahahahaaha

    46. Mariana Barroso

      nice shirt pewds

    47. Ephcost

      I love Pewdiepie's shirt

    48. White paw


    49. lord vader

      *Plot twist* they got married at the end

    50. Cha Cha Real Smooth

      Ed with no shirt on looks like El Macho from Despicable Me looool

    51. Thumper

      The mayo was too strong with this one. She wasn't woman enough.

    52. Jorge Ortiz

      She got a new phone out of it so she's happy.

    53. Marissa Reback

      lol big eds neck went 📉

    54. Gelo Quintero

      Taena natatawa pa rin ako hanep😆

    55. ale santiago

      What is holding him back is his massive head

    56. Dinosaur Space


    57. Jasmine Harries

      Ed is genuinely triggered when Rose backfired him ONCE but he is okay humiliating her for a couple of times.

    58. Carlos

      The neck less of neck less

    59. Dominic Broadhead

      Rose is a bad person she dumped him after what he did for her

    60. SlickGothixXX

      I'm glad they broke up becuz Ed said her breath smelled

    61. mohmmad ali gaming pro gaming


    62. Shannon Buckley

      I want to feed them, I want to pet them monkeys are cute.

      1. Yordi Jerez

        If monkeys looked like ed would you still want to?

    63. Mary Gomes

      She could easily be a model for a living! She doesn’t feel attracted to him at all - it’s pretty obvious! He’s reading from some script the producers told him to read.

    64. Vince Heliotrope

      Oof. Rose deserves better. Ed just lied all the time and treated rose like a frail cat and didnt like her familys chocie in living he was discussed by it. Ed needs to work on himself and stop being a trash can. :0

    65. Royal Satan

      Pewds I didn't expect you to act like a simp king on this. You shitted on the guy through the whole video! Ed has flaws and he made mistakes but he doesn't deserves to be bullied like this especially that you have millions of subs who may harass him in the future. Besides, Rose has already a son and I don't understand what is this 'dreaming of having a child' meaning?

    66. Kuli

      I could marry that girl and i DONT look like Ed xD!

    67. MattWizo

      If she can't love you. She will love your children. Thanks for the likes but I like Rose. From the beginning we knew what she wanted and we knew what Ed wanted. Ed couldn't provide his what she wanted.

    68. Painted Clxuds

      It's funny that she cant speak English too well but she's winning every argument they're having

    69. Yur_rihhh H

      The next fiance ed gets is an ant

    70. Kngsnake7

      Anyone else notice perry the platypus at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="505">8:25</a>? 😂

      1. Yordi Jerez

        Wtf dude you have eagle eyes lol

    71. Andrei Cajucom

      Hi pewds

    72. Arsh Sinha

      Monkeys be hey bro its been a long time famm!!!

    73. Karan Arora

      He looks like real life Homer Simpson.

    74. Marj Paliza

      hahahaha just so funny, I might Die laughing than having the virus!

    75. It’s just Gaming

      AGENT P

    76. Bruhhh_ OwO

      i mean cheating on someone already makes you a bad person so....👀

    77. Bakugou‘s Wifey

      I SAW PERRY THE PLATYPUS AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="505">8:25</a> Felix can’t tell me he didn’t watch the series😤😤

    78. Bishop Hortus

      Dude ! Honestly ?! Women hate men's who do that things ! If you want to say something ? Say it straight to the point ! Man up !

    79. Jm Binonggo

      rose deserved someone who will love her unconditionally ❤

    80. zaynah Dhoomun

      Awesome video 💖💖💖💖