Batman - The Dark Knight | The Joker Compilation (All Scenes)

Dylan Hogan

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    Such an incredible performance, There will never be a better joker.
    Joaquin Phoenix was also incredible. They are both very different takes on the Joker! Let me know what you think of each individual performance!

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    1. Dylan Hogan

      Joker is finally out! I personally thought Joaquin Phoenix was incredible. What are your thoughts from finally seeing the film? Reply under this comment! SPOILERS BELOW!

      1. rajnish tiwari

        Heath is better

      2. Keys MateriaL

        @LuMoNoX Perfection.

      3. Jasmine Stark

        It was amazing and they both are legends.

      4. රවුනාක් බී

        Heath was the best.

      5. jeff jk12

        I thought i had 2 smiles on my face with the special tribute

    2. Alberto Acosta

      27:10 🔥

    3. Alberto Acosta

      This joker is unmatched

    4. Joseph Rivera

      Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Leonardo Vega

      Ledger: over 40 min Leto: 5 min Lol

    6. Brandon Howell

      Heath Ledger was a better Joker. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job in stand alone movie, but that stand alone movie imo would not have been possible without the cultural figure that Ledgers portrayl made the character.Yes I know the Joker is one of the most famous villains of all time, but The Dark Knights use, and Ledgers performance of the role brought it to even more of an iconic status. Not to mention Heath Ledger was in a Batman movie and pretty came out the more popular character. Between the two its like 1a 1b.

    7. Maria

      Chills when joker was laughing while falling

    8. SiG DZ 2017

      افضل فيلم

    9. XNote Redmi4

      I looked this film My Little brother gets his toy gun and point at me: Give your Money now! Do you think that I did it right? Because I gave all to him that I have

    10. Rikhana Ana


      1. Rikhana Ana


    11. rajnish tiwari

      We made it..

    12. Yusuf Usopp

      "The joker" was great . And seeing Joker in "the dark knight" is just a GREAT transition to see what he does next in violating Gotham city.

    13. Mark Mc Mullan

      He stole the lip lick from Nicholson .

    14. Dennis M

      Honestly, I'm convinced this entire movie was a metaphor for the Iraq War and the Bush Presidency. The Joker was the terrorists, Batman was the United States/Bush, Gotham was Iraq. The Joker would commit acts of terrorism, people would blame Batman, because the Joker wouldn't be in Gotham if not for Batman. People don't realize that the vast majority of Iraqis initially thought overthrowing Saddam was "worth it" (according to polls), but they ultimately turned on the United States around 2007 after tens of thousands had been killed in sectarian violence by groups like the Mahdi Army and Al Qaeda in Iraq, even though these were groups the US was fighting. Polls showed they felt America's presence in Iraq was attracting terrorists, so every time terrorists killed someone, it perversely helped their cause. You don't have to believe me, but as someone who actually followed the Iraq War very closely and even read Iraqi blogs on a new defunct site "Iraqi Bloggers Central", I'm almost certain this is what Nolan was going for.

    15. Rassisti


    16. Nour Akacha

      It's a good film I like it so much thank you for this compilation

    17. Chloe bujuare

      "I'm a man of my word! "

    18. Robin D. Lawler 7

      Joker Film complet watch >> ( - - - - - bnvbn ◉ Languages : >> All Available ◉ Quality : >> 720 P -1080 P Carol Danvers diventa uno degli eroi più potenti dell'universo quando la Terra viene catturata nel mezzo di una guerra galattica tra due razze aliene...

    19. HIXEGE

      Batman dances with dinosaur and frog

    20. khalek pk

    21. DziugasL

      Actually this film is such a joke. All the man is a guy in a suit. Expectations:Saves his wife Reality:Gets shot by 5 people his wife falls and dies. I actually hate how batman is in the film cuz joker is such a fuckin good character and like blood fallen says: The only movie where the audience loves the villain way more than the hero.

    22. Mohamed ezzelarap

      من اروع مواهبى اسيب الفيديو وأنزل اتفرج على التعلقيات 😅 مين عنده نفس المواهبة 😂😅

    23. Raghav Padwal : B & W - M u s i c Tried to compose something based on Joker Character..

    24. virnitz

      Watched phoenix's performance, I think it was great. But then I rewinded heath's and thought, phoenix was never even at par

    25. ultimate number1

      The joker definitely put a smile on my face

    26. Taran veer

      This guy teach me how to fuck the mother fucking world

    27. Homeless Patriach

      It only takes so much before everyone turns into the main character from office space. Joker office space guy same thing guys.

    28. Homeless Patriach

      You know sometimes you just gotta embrace life at all spectrums accept death as inevitable and prove justice as an inevitable truth. Too bad that's joker.

    29. Βασίλης Νέτζια

      o tjoker einai tenia

    30. Bashu Vp

      Heath ledger ,😪😪

    31. rahman samsudeen

      Guys Plz view and like ☺️

    32. Mr Billa

      "See in their last moments people show you who they really are. So in a way..... I knew your friends better than you ever did....... You wanna know which one was a coward? " 🤣🤣🤣

    33. N. K.

      *Gets smacked on a table* Just laughs it of....

    34. COREY M

      "why so serious" Joker to all the superhero movies that would go on to copy TDK thinking "dark and gritty" were the reason for its success. Thank god for the avengers to snap hollywood out of that mentality. Now we got both, balanced.... as it should be

    35. Nano Klzd

      I can't decide... heaths is so strong, so crazy, violent. Joaquins is more artistic. The are two different kind of movies, Bales trilogy is an action movie, Joaquins is a drama,. I would love to see Joaquins Joker in an action movie =) Still, two awesome Jokers, love them both to bits.

    36. Ali Angouti

      I am just ahead of the curve!

    37. Cam Shields

      Is it just me or does anyone else watch this on repeat

    38. Murlox

      He’s such an immovable object that people will struggle to recreate this... legacy defining performance

    39. حسن احمد

      عربي لايك

    40. රවුනාක් බී

      He is my deity I worship him.

      1. Chris Benoit

        @රවුනාක් බී fuck get a brain of your own

      2. රවුනාක් බී

        @Chris Benoit Are you an American?

      3. Chris Benoit

        You fanboys need a mental help