AWESOME BATHROOM HACKS YOU NEED TO KNOW || Restroom Hacks To Save Your Life by 123 GO!

123 GO!

123 GO!

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    From shower missteps to soapy situations, bathroom blunders can be real doozies.
    Can you relate to any of these? :)
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    1. Leah Oshaug

      That Bella girl didn’t wash her hands after she went to the toilet

    2. tom bugatis

      i like the cap was Broken it was funny lol😅😂🤣

    3. chani don hevavitarana

      We love you vicky and bella

    4. slinkystinky

      I’ve been watching their videos for at least an hour you’re so good at it I wish I was like them I am Kinda

    5. slinkystinky

      Yeah you’re so better than Troom Troom that’s for Siri

    6. Cynthia Sicola

      Omg lol 😂 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    7. Strawberry Jam


    8. Strawberry Jam

      I was wondering if you could do tips for middle schoolers because I’m going this year and it will be nice because I have anxiety attac

    9. slinkystinky

      Once you drop your phone in the water and gets wet completely you can just reset time

    10. Kainaat

      Hi 🤚🏽🖐

    11. Robyn Nugent

      well Laney Slagle 1 2 3 go and troom troom select are the same just with different Channel names duh!!!!

      1. Robyn Nugent

        Yeah duh

    12. Mirsela Ramic


    13. Mirsela Ramic


    14. Mirsela Ramic


    15. Nato Gudadze

      U guys suck ass

    16. Nikola Cvetkovski

      Who is like Viki please like my comment

    17. cristina Cortez

      Fpkldolpbut do you think. the same. 559rovlex,

    18. Ali Zare

      Ewwww bella wash your hands there is something called coronavirus 😷👏

    19. Rosa Donofrio

      That's run I do not help you guys

    20. Rosa Donofrio

      They help us do hacks

    21. Alfa Martinez

      l love You

    22. Banger Asley

      wow eqgy you

    23. Erin Staunton

      Eww that toilet

    24. Proud daddy is the best daddy ever

      Hi 123 go I liked how the heck what you did for the toothbrush you can do the toothbrush and you clean the toilet with it you are very smart and I love counting to you I’m six years old nice to meet you In the same time as me I make videos to buy the best video maker goes to 123 girl because I love the first video ever made it was so talented when I ever known this name I said to my head yes I need to watch this because the first ever video it was so funny and so created to do

    25. Araceli Cesar

      Por que no scan los videos en español😥

    26. Kamal Sangha

      She didn’t even Wash her hands after going to the bathroom

    27. KyAnni Stewart

      hello who wants to hear the real voice of life here

    28. Amina Khawaja

      Eid Mubarak 123 go

    29. MommyNika2011


    30. Anniara Sosa

      You gas are so good and funny

    31. Jenna Mathis

      Vickie got pink hair on the first one

    32. Allie Sophia

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> Who the heck has a leash in there bathroom?!?!?.

    33. Rosemary Gonzalez


    34. oColor - Tap Titans

      But when she went to the bathroom why did she not wipe???

    35. اناقة انثى


    36. Nanouche MABELA


    37. Martine Champagne

      I love this video

    38. Lucy Shaw


    39. Ella Li


    40. Mayada Khreibi

      اين انتم يا عرب😂😂

    41. Ravinder Kaur


    42. Unicorn Hearts squad


    43. Unicorn Hearts squad

      Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why bathroom things ewww dont you feel ashamed

    44. princessronaldo1

      Who saw the ladies 🍒

    45. Alonzo Camargo

      The hair towel doesn't work

    46. Resha Ramoutar

      This is cool

    47. lela qurxuli


    48. lela qurxuli

      Kidev I have to get the best of

    49. Yasmina01 Kantar7

      Who keeps a leash in their bathroom

    50. Sandra Mpita


    51. Angelica Letizia

      Poop in a plastic ewww

    52. Angelica Letizia

      Why a toilet??

    53. 無敵指甲刀


    54. Clare Dolan

      Do your real voice

    55. FraeuleinMKitka

      Vicky was watching one of her 5Minute craft videos when she had the glue gun out.

    56. Leticia Richard Velontsoa

      I love life hacks

    57. Naseer Ahmed


    58. Elhassan Abdelgalil

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> I have done that a hundred time before it’s not like it’s new 🤦‍♀️

    59. Irin Dewan

      I. Like. this👍

    60. Kuldeep Singh


    61. James Sewell

      Put the none slippy soap on it more like

    62. 000 333


    63. Rashmi Nair

      Ya I like your DIY

    64. mi mimi

      Hyohpv Tyutt Hit Ryytuhgghggfdfuufggh Ŕtrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrttrrttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffdr

    65. Aziz Baramia

      That is totally handy yo

    66. Coolgirl 123

      Sophia is my favourite

    67. Coolgirl 123

      123 go your my favourite

    68. Marsen Alimano

      CORONA VIRUS 😔😷😟😓WASH YOUR HAND 😻😁🤣😅🤲🏻👍🏻

    69. Marsen Alimano


    70. Juju Wahidin


    71. YouTubeWantaBe

      Oh my gosh this bathroom hacks are so cool

    72. Mia Vetere

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> she didn’t wipe her butt <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> or you can just buy a holder

    73. MAX GEAR


    74. Ebony Fladger


    75. Tonny Sen gupta


    76. Sadik Kagzi

      You copied wengie’s hack for the dog leash on a phone 📱edit and the same dog leash

    77. Amandeep Kang

      I already have a shower cap and it's not broken so I don't need the hack that Vicki had

    78. dolce gabbana

      I hate your youtube chandler 🤬🤬

    79. Heather Barrett


    80. Sharrie heart Batac