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    The only Japanese food I've had is Sushi. Today we try fermented fish in a water bag. 👍
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    1. Boren

      Nice lyft snus papanomaly.

    2. Dupla D

      10:24 what the fuck happened

    3. BrummGurke

      Was watching this while eating ramen. Was nice experience, good video :D

    4. av28

      9:41 When you nut but she keeps sucking

    5. Flufity

      How Anomaly orgasms 9:35

    6. HotChocolateBar

      why is no one talking about about avacadoo 1:32

    7. Dark Shadow

      13:36 2 girls

    8. DudleyIsDumb

      My boi didn’t realize you gotta cook tofu with something to give it flavor 😂

    9. gunblood230

      7:16 it literally looks like a soap bar

    10. SaltyDogftw

      You have to try south African snacks! BILTONG is a must

    11. No0by 2K

      Papanomaly sounds like Tony Erwing from lets dance

    12. fille 21

      Va fan ha du lyft för sluta för fan

    13. Mihai Serban

      1:35 Papa Anomaly is literally Dumbledore:" Hmm yes mr Harry Potter. Those are some amazing chips, 5 points for Gryffindor"

    14. Motas Gaming

      Try lithuanian food

    15. BOMZARA

      9:35 - 9:56 *me in toilet after week of not pooping.* 9:57 - 10:00 *me when i’m done*

    16. Adeptz

      12:45 i thought he said "my own ass" 😂

    17. Mushromus

      Anomaly: So are these fake SUPREME shoes The guy who made the shoes: 12:03

    18. King Azeez

      5:09 "It's so fucking disgusting" 1 minute later. 6:16 Proceeds to drink again.

    19. SprayAndPray

      8:45 Papanomaly taking a snus to get stoned ahahaha

    20. Dr Hugo Dr

      15:07 the karma:D

    21. Sleep Man

      8:47 what did papa anomaly put in his mouth ?

    22. Rafly Hersa Pratama

      When anomaly drink the oden (basically like a stew or something like it) YOU NEED TO BOIL IT CUZ IT'S STILL RAW

    23. erotic

      8:45 dont mind if i pop a snus with papa

      1. erotic

        Lyft aswell man of culture i see

    24. Felix Edenborgh

      Stackars städaren på det hotelet:P

    25. Aloxo Black

      I see you have upped your editing

    26. Vladimir Mladenov

      8:48 papa shoving up some snus

    27. Ethan Seaton

      9:41 it sounds like he's busting a fat one

    28. just a person

      stop Eating Things from the Ocean!!!

    29. Kristijan Northman

      When you are at the quiz and they ask you who is the son of God 9:06

    30. Mikedi mayn

      next try chinese coronovirus

    31. Armour Dragonslayer

      9:38 "the demons are comeing out" XD

    32. σvσ vexill

      **Corona virus has joined the chat**

    33. Exabyte_26

      9:42 when he nuts

    34. Zendoki X

      You ate the tofu wrong - you have to demoist it via wraping it in paper and pushing on it, than season it and than cook it whit soy sauce.

    35. Hacker Carrot

      The video starts with an autistic bird peep

    36. 0_Plague_0

      7:23 Me trying trying my own food

    37. Gizimoo86

      11:13 öörörgghhhpttffff looks like tampon from the arse, hyi vittu!

    38. Rovasty

      I thought he sad puna instead of tuna

    39. Juliope Gaming

      next drunk unboxing throw the jägermeister away and get the STROH 80

    40. Blue Ocean

      Show us your face please


      Its corona time

    42. Nima Javanshayani

      Hard for japanese food big boy!!??@

    43. Ayki 25

      6:44 i watch your shit when i am Drunk you make me puked all over my Setup ;D

    44. MajorFuq

      This video was something between ebola and corona virus.

    45. Deniz Dilsen

      "We will eat some japanese food" *Takes Doritos*

    46. Kishona Akuma

      Sometimes papa looks like a James from Metallica

    47. Milan Gavric

      9:45 diareha .mp3

    48. Ghost

      Tell me im not the only scandinavian understanding everything they say

    49. SnowOwl

      9:34 fuckin Elvis 😂

    50. dr phil

      Try north korean food...... oh wait

    51. Carl Overgaard

      *comes to my crush’s house* Crush: “so what do you wanna do?” Me: 1:26

    52. HanLink - YouTuber

      Anomaly ob helium shounds like fkn Gru

    53. Elijah Peshlakai

      how old is he

    54. le tuse

      5:44 wtf did papanomaly say lol?

    55. kesperi32

      PLS... Do nose reveal....

    56. Csanád Attila Molnár

      Hmm papa snus

    57. ASDCFNNN

      so many memes can be made with this vid( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    58. Killer4ever

      Oh papa this is very hard feel *smacks against his cheek*

    59. ArcaneRose

      3:40 Gf “Yeah I’ll swallow this time.” Reality