Anomaly goes to Japan (PART 2)



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    The 2nd part of our Japan trip! Now there's only 1 country left, China! :D OUR 2nd CHANNEL:

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    1. Julian Jorganovic Haug

      13:14 when u see your crush naked...

    2. Elin Lundholm

      u get corona?

    3. BarkerBombs

      Funny thing is those guns they where lookin at where airsoft guns 😂 real guns are basically illegal there 😂😂

    4. edi matei

      lol when ur girl is home alone 9:01

    5. Bubba

      14:48 chrona virus?

    6. Qwefrtg Qwerfgb

      Going to China eh? Cant wait for coronavirus video. Congratulations on being the first youtuber with. Coronavirus

    7. Domagoj Kuveždić

      Someone: Anomaly is not funny me: 14:00

    8. Albert Smoker

      the thumbnail... its giving me PTSD’s

    9. Megadox

      Linda got sick with corona virus

    10. Tofslan _

      Its corona time

    11. Nam Nguyen

      Can we have this type of videos on vr180

    12. ghost boy with IQ

      What you do if you spill water in to a pool fild of water

    13. vinasu maaj

      Part 3: "into the woods"

    14. SwBaMa 23

      Alex weird flex but okay

    15. Alex Mazur

      7:40 You mean McDognalds

    16. ʙ ꜱ ɴ ᴛ ꜱ ʀ ɴ

      Bruhh corona bad day to get there bro

    17. SalatA MasteR

      Anomaly is exposed

      1. SalatA MasteR

        vinasu maaj I will report ur channel

      2. vinasu maaj

        Arnald was here in this restaurant- do you know what he will say after leaving I'll be back

    18. Hc1

      face reveal when you hit 3 mill

    19. Kyz

      RIP bois he hasnt uploaded while on his way to china 😪

    20. Frosty Boi

      He hasn’t uploaded because he has got the corona virus

    21. Besten


    22. mattias elias

      Bro do you want to Buy my knife? answer me here so i know

    23. daM


    24. RICH777

      So fkn unfunny and uncivilized wtf, go back to ur sh*thole.

    25. Viggo Fahlström - Elev Torhamnskolan 6

      när ska du laddaupp den vidion med din tinder date???????

    26. SquaDizzel 05

      Wer ist hier auch wegen Lil Lano

    27. punshik

      Why you don't go to South Korea lol

    28. MrGameAndStuff


    29. Po0ntus ̈Linjdn begr

      Hey I’m confused, in all vlogs Alex is always running and jumping around. How defuk is he still fat??

    30. Micky swääk

      I dond dog yes

    31. Judge Death

      Arnald was here in this restaurant- do you know what he will say after leaving *I'll be back*

    32. MFL_ leon

      I really want a knife in csgo

    33. Rad Boom


    34. ReAcTiOnZ

      i like your accent a lot lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    35. Prf. Lollipop


    36. JMbb

      Alex looks like lester from gta 5 😂

    37. TyNdArEuS19

      Anomaly going to china rip


      Hahaha pussy hahahaha

    39. My childhood is over

      I laughed so hard at the thumbnail

    40. wolfvideogaming s

      Hey anomaly and Papa anomaly i hope your trip was really good and send linda my regards. I really need to get in shape

    41. HackerTBack

      i wonder how anomaly is so far Litterly eats every singel second in his vlogs

    42. Warwick

      Corona alert!!!!

    43. Credits Credits

      Anomaly has Coronavirus part 2

    44. Tűzkő Bálint

      Be cerful the corona virus

    45. David Jakobsen

      am I the only person that gets a headache when I'm watching anomaly

    46. Elliot Farr

      Next video: anomaly gets coronavirus

    47. swatski87

      MamaNomaly at 1:34 :O

    48. sotuur aeei

      Now playing: "My life, living with autism"

    49. pro hacker

      14:31 he speaks like caveman

    50. Andreas Søe

      Det ser ud som en rolig tur.

    51. Ipaxus TV

      That face glitch is like hentai scene haha maybe paranormal's face like a dick XD jk

      1. sotuur aeei

        Hello anomaly i am a ritarded kid from sweden

    52. microwave

      why you go to china its gonna be virus there you idiot .-. BRUH!!!!

    53. Sebastian Roth

      Hello Anomaly i have some skins that i would like to trade in for real money. I dont realy trust the traiding sites can you help me?

    54. nicerdicer & radicraftlp

      You habe corona now

    55. FirexWolf pix

      Anomaly hasnt uploded for a bit prob got Coronavirus

    56. Luka pro noob

      hej hej

    57. Celdaric [anti-GEWP]

      Years ago, I learned from FIlthy Frank that japanese culture is a very xenophobic one, and I can kind of understand them now. I would also start to hate outsiders just as a general group if they kept coming and Naruto-running all over my country xD

    58. Nicky Hilberts


    59. Nicky Hilberts

      papa meet in jaan

    60. Nicky Hilberts

      anomaly i am from the nederlands i am nicky