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    The O'Brien's refuse to buy anything new and instead find ingenious ways of fixing their broken belongings.
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    1. Ekko Eema

      The staff from shop is like "umm seriously"😲😲

    2. BigFish Taco

      Who the fuck breaks all the handles on all the pans

    3. elusion2012

      I can swear to God, I didn't search for this video.

    4. Sleepless Jam

      NO clean carpet doesnt usually match dirty carpet lol

    5. Carlos Draws

      Maybe one of the kids is pissing in the pool 🤔

    6. S t r a w b e r r y g l o s s

      That lady looks like a girl named Sarah at my school, Jesus that’s like her

    7. Sleepless Jam

      Brings the dishes out on the tray that goes in the dishwasher lol

    8. D

      The shit can’t be real 😑

    9. Iloveanime7

      This is what happens when u follow 5 minute crafts lol🤣🤣

    10. Football Legendz

      The soda bottle had me sold

    11. Shah Muhammad Ali شاہ محمّدعلي

      Your lifestyle is much better than the lifes of Third world countries

    12. King Francis

      Do they realise people give away free sofas on Facebook market place. Could've saved an extra 50 on those.

    13. Marco Giove

      Makes no sense why buy a massive house that cost shit loads and skimp on a pan.

    14. Abhishek Karki

      Most of the videos from NatGeo, Discovery and TLC are FAKE!!!

    15. Lamp Camper

      Are they millionaires yet

    16. Foster Conlon

      There is another way to make money Get a friking job!!

    17. Lulu Harshie

      Yet they have that big of a house and a play structure

    18. Mackenzie marin

      They borrowed a couch.....

    19. Tashero Plet

      No tv? If my parents we're like this I would be depressed

    20. Shriyansh Patnaik

      So they are behind 5 Minute Craps

    21. Andrew Ortiz

      There’s a canes soda cup😂

    22. Tashero Plet

      Jesus Christ

    23. Jaipal Singh Sohi

      yea, mental illness is a real thing.

    24. Game Sense

      4:59 he sounds like dr phil XD

    25. zmbvids

      America’s gayest family

    26. ZilaCone Playz


    27. MALUKIAN gamer

      This family has never known what its like to not have enough money for rent or go through poverty and hardship, they just want to save money so they can sit and admire the high digits in their bank account

    28. Ashton Sequeira

      When 5 minute craft hacks are used in real life

    29. Zen Marc

      I think they’re taking it way too far. Washing dishes in dirty water uhhhhh!😫🤦🏼‍♀️ They also borrowed their neighbors furniture. Like I can’t even borrow a pen from them.

    30. S. Siddique


    31. KiingHenry

      I’m surprised they don’t ride bikes around instead of using a car. They can save on gas and insurance. And the wife looks like she stopped eating so they can save money

    32. Malka Amar Reich

      I really hope nobody buys that shit. They honestly bein misleading with that patchy ass carpet

    33. Johanna Sweet

      Bruh that's not bacon, that's raw meat strips😷

    34. Em Dors

      Fake and scripted. People believe this?

    35. Michele Pace

      Pathetic excuse for a man and woman!! They act like unsupervised children who have had too much candy, tv. and no sleep, never taught responsibility. This is exactly why they take kids away from people.

    36. WolfSkyBlader LeGnD

      Asian create their own and create better idea

    37. NumairYT

      They say so easily "And were America's cheapist family"

    38. Alberto Martinez

      Life is too short to be doing this !

    39. Shakirioseats Cheerios

      DUDE WTF why furniture it doesn't fucking matter fix house clean house why f-ing furniture and all that

    40. Shakirioseats Cheerios

      00:30 but you don't save health or hospital etc

    41. Arohi Nawab

      This is obviously fake..😐

    42. shy noona ic 💙

      They cud just get a smaller place tbh.

    43. Mike Wazowski

      Ok what if a kid pees in the water .

    44. Zeke C

      Just renovate the house then apply it to the listing price...

    45. Larry Litzgerald

      You can literally find cheap ass furniture on Craigslist or find some being thrown out. That’s just pure laziness

    46. Mustafa Abbas

      The mom seems so sassy , happy and sad at the same time

    47. Desha Desha

      R they pple gonna take their money aftr one knows whn v r gonna die but untill tht v shld enjoy our life...wht r thy gonna do aftr saving money?!!🙄

    48. Ethan Beal

      They looked so confused when the realtor said "furniture".

    49. Alexander Pablo

      wtf is that picture though

    50. Barrett Gilbreath

      they’re not cheapskates, they’re Amish

    51. Aa Ron

      They realized the color of the carpet didn’t match AFTER putting it on 😂😂

    52. Anime legends Never die

      Why these videos be posting like in 2019 or 2020 and these people dress like they from the ice age.

    53. Haley W

      So...what are they saving the money for if they aren’t ever gonna spend it. this a pathetic furnish your damn house

    54. Tony Loreto

      Call CPS on this trash.

    55. ryan raj

      Too much environment friendly..

    56. Techno Studios

      8:06 Why does he only have one shoe on?

    57. Smalls4

      Doesn’t want to waste water but let’s the shower run while nobody’s in there to show their new “shower head”

    58. WaffenHerMuff

      When they asked to borrow the funiture the lady was like ummmm...well..... I would have laughed if she said NO!

    59. iBaLlIsTaC

      Shaun didn’t make that wrench, those are vice grips 😂😂😂

    60. Josh & Shaye

      They make mr krabs look not cheap lol