Alissa Violet EXPOSED FaZe Banks for CHEATING! #DramaAlert LEAKED VIDEO PROOF?



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    1. DramaAlert

      Put a few up for sale at Keemstar dot com! When this batch is gone it’s gone forever thank you again.

      1. Chandel Ballard

        I haven't seen your videos for a while. When I heard you talking about the makeup line, I thought "damn, Keem has really changed". Then at the end you said it was meant to be a joke. I guess you haven't changed that much, haha.

      2. Ricky Duran27

        This fool can’t even read 😂😂

      3. carlos deves devesse

        Ha gaaaaay

    2. Tarik Kapetanović

      Ethan (Behzinga): 👀

    3. Xavier Adams

      Who else low-key thought banks was sketchy the whole time ever since he started dating her.

    4. James MacGregor

      worst reader ever

    5. W and L gaming and vlogs

      What mic does he use

    6. TheNiShow

      That's why women become bi/lesbian...

    7. Naruto Six Paths

      So banks is the new Jake Paul

    8. Kai Fagan

      You stole my glasses what the actual fuck

    9. Banana Cat

      I feel bad for alyssa , sadly she hasnt been in a good relationship in a while

      1. Banana Cat


    10. PowNation

      Banks is always careful and smart with his words but it doesn't justify cheating..Fucking scumbag!!!!!

    11. Max The Yorkie King

      Wtf she is beautiful she doesn’t deserve to get cheated on, all she did was show her love.

    12. Boise Soccer

      Keemstar the BEST at bringing SEsels community together!!!

    13. washington redskins

      This guy can’t read

    14. David Goaternak

      Lol everyone is taking alissa’s side this girl has been cheated on twice lol their relationship was bad she even said it banks wouldn’t say what she did but I bet she cheated on him too she is such a whore no offence but how does anyone find her attractive it’s not your relationship to judge there is always two sides

    15. Xx_LISAEDITS _xX

      I hate u faze banks but I love allisa violet

    16. Simi Godツ

      Yt drama I swear 😔

    17. TRY HARD XFN

      Ethan it’s your chance my guy

    18. mario on a cross

      lmao whities

    19. mario on a cross

      alissa violet is a poor being always getting cheated on

    20. Fabian perez

      Not to much on my boy Banks but I love allisa to

    21. Jeovardy Ensalardy

      Alissa might aswell become a lesbian because these bros ain’t loyal

    22. M N

      "She kept going, and going like an Energizer bunny" LOL.

    23. TheWarriors

      wtf is up with the music lmao, to play on our emotions or sum?

    24. Joel Fuentes

      Is this what you live out of ?

    25. Bring back Xbox Addictionz Channel

      Y’all really can’t judge either one of them you don’t know the whole story.

    26. Diamond 43

      Is it me or Alissa Voilet has been a victim of SEsels since Jake Paul’s career

    27. Edmund Hedin

      Learn to read you moron.

    28. ItzDani De La Cruz

      And she finally thought she was not gonna get treated like shit again but here we are. Banks I honestly thought u were doing right

    29. xXCringe QueenXx

      I hope Alissa finds a better MAN not LA trash

    30. COD YT

      Subscribe to me on SEsels more vids coming ;)

    31. Afton Pinote

      Wait hold up back all the way up. How can he say all these things about Jake; the stuff he’s done and said(I don’t like Jake) but turns around and does the same thing? Alissa doesn’t deserve this.

    32. Marik 444

      Me: *(Sees Keemstar mentioned constantly in internet biography)* Me: *(notices all the followers and wonders what he does to get so many)* Me: *(Watches Keemstar video, cringing every 5 seconds)* Me: *(Loses faith in humanity)*

    33. Bob Marley

      50 year old man using young people's breakup as a thumbnail ...nonce vibes

    34. Kepler180

      good guy keem for not being biased

    35. TKBlackout1

      Alisa bad tho I would do anything for her I’m not joking

    36. ZaheerHackz

      fk him

    37. zStoner

      Who tf cheats on Alissa? Like they ain't a hotter girl than her in the world Jake and Banks just could handle so much beauty so they went downgrade

    38. Khal

      Who would cheat on Alissa violet✌🏾

    39. Just Ok

      how hard is it to not cheat jfc

    40. Nighty ODx

      Why can’t we have discord and not having your phone number

    41. Kermit Snorts Weed

      Banks is a scum end of story.

    42. UseLessTeamMate

      "Rather than continuing to all that" it was contribute to all that XD small things but me.

      1. mssongremainsthesame

        Homie is legit dyslexic and illiterate

    43. JimmyWatchingGames

      Well looks like banks is a prick and is just trying to stop the damage as quick as possible. That post he made just sounds like hes talking out of his ass

    44. Juice Wrld

      Poor ricegum he's all alone with his girl and faze kay...

    45. Wait who’s Joe

      He pulled out the we’re all human card smh😂

    46. Marina Jay

      See why would u fight by tweeting cmon Alissa that’s just not cool, cheating is not cool ether but why post it all over social media instead of just talking it out

    47. Rosario Sanchez

      Poor Alissa no one likes jer

    48. Sakura

      How can someone that is ugly with a shitty attitude cheat on a pretty girl like Alissa.

    49. Angel Paredes

      NGL I wouldn’t cheat on Alissa she is beautiful and nice respectful and I really feel bad for her because she has always been cheated on I’m sorry Alissa I really am @AlissaViolet

    50. Kaity Roblox

      Alissa and Rice need to make a diss track about Banks like they did Jake.

    51. G Dav

      This gnome looking popcorn eating fuck can’t even read

    52. Syndicate_ Kxng


    53. Fee wok

      I am an Indian man looking for love alicia I will not cheat on you ever

    54. Erica Rodriguez

      Kim ur stupid

    55. Spicyyjam


    56. Pablo Monzon

      keemstar bias as hell he said shit to jake when he cheated but when banks does it oh “they had issues it was toxic ” he cheated and it’s not ok !!!!!

    57. JacksonisAFK

      I mean... Banks a playa tho...

    58. Noe Garcia

      9:05 why cant a straight man have a cosmetics brand🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. Benny The RolliNstOner

      Why do people watch this!!! Smh

    60. The Arbiter

      Keem killed etika