Adam22: The Daily Rundown (A Lyrical Lemonade Exclusive)

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    Episode 1 - Adam22: The Daily Rundown
    @adam22 @nojumperdotcom
    outro song: duffle bag buru - bust back
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    Lyrical Lemonade

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    1. No Jumper

      rope gang

      1. nah junxi

        Adam, asian no jumper coming soon, let see

      2. Prxnce_Shav _808

        Aye u mind if we collab? I can DM u al actually pay you just name the price I'm serious bro

      3. Eric Cartman

        sometimes i come back and just watch this cuz i find it so funny😂😂#ropegangornogang

      4. Aqua Gaming

        No Jumper hey can you shout me out and help me become famous it is my dream to become a rapper

      5. Arjen D

        This guy is the worst, complete culture vulture. He's some old ass bmxer from the middle of nowhere trying to emulate the lifestyle of drug addict soundclound rappers who hangout on Melrose. Cringe

    2. doyouevenlift 1744

      Lmao Adam was high af

    3. Kana Beats

      I like cole's little laughs in the background haha

    4. Psychic

      Adam22: Wake up... Me: *I throw up, feel like I’m dead*

    5. Erik Cruz

      He does not sleep 5-6 hours

    6. Kwadrillion

      Why does this madman carry $80 loose in his pocket instead of putting it in his wallet

    7. Quantum

      hi Adam 22 I’m adam23

    8. jacob mcmurrer

      “I wouldn’t spead money on supreme” wears supreme next clip

    9. Whitt Preslar II

      You can tell Adam was flustered lol

    10. Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents

      Lol new Hampshire why he thought he was in New Hampshire 🤔😂🎬

    11. Eliceo Cortes

      I was deadass working on a design just like that the girl on his hoodie is an ad from the 60s

    12. ZS Adventures

      the love for food is real.

    13. Meetchis

      Good stuff man. I dig how your shaking up the content here! Lyrical Lemonade is really emerging as a industry brother. Keep it up!

    14. Jiyuan Chen

      which chapo is he talking abt

    15. andrew savary

      Was this shot on film? or its post production..i like

    16. Daniel Dallison

      mans got gold eyeshadow on no shit

    17. Daniel

      Could I get y’alls thought on that? Bless

    18. o0Craig

      Adam naturally funny af

    19. Kobe Henning



      I know they dont get as many views but these are super entertaining please do more!

    21. Lukas Gurskas

      How df do you get this filter? It looks so fkn good!

      1. naro

        Lukas Gurskas its not a filter. its sorta like a video overlay, jus search up how to get an old vhs look on youtube n look for like that looks like dis

    22. No Name No Name

      Is it just me, or does this dude have yellowish eyelids? or is it just the video?

    23. outside GREASE

      u gotta love this guy

    24. si


    25. Beats By Sxnflwr

      lol vhs cos adam22 old af

    26. DukeXac

      What was the song he was playing in the shower lol?

    27. Mark Power

      the shared love between underground clout lords in inspiring... someone get me to LA...

    28. LOST ANGEL

      This basically means that I can kill you and I won't go to jail had me dieing 😭😂😂

    29. Zachary P

      At all times Adam is getting fatter, skinnier, or staying relatively the same wow how does he do it



    31. Old Acc


    32. Nasty Tapes

      Where can I cop that sweatshirt fr 💀💀

    33. Severus Sinister

      what was dat song @ duh end?

    34. Severus Sinister


    35. Prod. By Shirax

      gope rang

    36. LAFFY BOYS


    37. Gustav

      Dis boi high as hell

    38. Trey Vacovsky

      "Don't care about supreme" takes off hoodie and wearing one of the most hyped supreme shirts

    39. KkevinFfifer1

      Rope Gang

    40. hecitdy

      he looks like a sodding tic tac

    41. Chris Blahnik

      Smoking roaches and ordering 14 dollar breakfasts. . Priorities my man!

    42. MIkkel Hansen

      who is this chapo

    43. Aiden


    44. Sam Mangino

      I have the same key to get into my dorm lol

    45. Mana Steele

      This dude is funny

    46. Pax Agande

      golden eyes

    47. Rick Scott

      a smooth 80

    48. Jacob Mills

      I like how this looks like it was filmed in 1996

    49. Gerardo Espinosa

      love the editing for the salad

    50. OK

      "At all times I'm either getting fatter, getting skinnier, or remaining relatively the same". You don't say. Much love to Adam though. Been a fan since the first few podcasts. (which really confuses me as he's blocked me from commenting on videos lol #FreeOK).

    51. Theres Faith

      is he wearing yellow eye shadow or is that just the filter lol

    52. J.

      That wall looks like a green screen.

    53. DreadPirateRoberts

      What is Chapo's sound cloud ? I can't find it.

    54. Tyler Stutt

      Get hesh amd housephone

    55. fukinGvoodoomaGicman i!

      What's the Song at thy end?

    56. Theworldsbest 00


    57. Activated

      That 1 fool...

    58. DSNW3

      I respect Adam, but i don't understand him and how his shitty/corny unfunny white personality connects wit these rappers.

      1. RAFCOZY

        DSNW3 yo exactly

    59. Bryan Adams

      What is the song called at the end

    60. Chad Eckersley

      adam is a sweetheart

    61. CreatveMnds


    62. ToLiveAndDieInMyJs

      Shoutout to cole for giggling every time weed is mentioned

    63. Infinite1ne

      So he probably carries a gun but didn't show it ? Or

    64. Lychee Camp

      edit was on point!

    65. Urban Swave

      I fucks with you cole bennett, Cant wait to link !!!#TellAFriend

    66. The Dope Militia

      Wtf is going on with your eyes dawg

    67. WARD


    68. Lil House Phone

      smash the like button if you noticed adam saying "i don't care about supreme or stuff like that" then he's wearing supreme mike tyson tee in this next clip LMFAO

    69. ItsBenji

      Send that £60 to me Adam22 I'm in need of a ropegang tattoo Al legit get one

    70. Robbie T

      he's got the tumblr moodboard eyeshadow i kinda want to see his amazon wishlist

    71. Kevv G

      Hey cole maybe we could leek up like a video shot ?? Let me know

    72. GB EING

      This the type of shit i want to do, Cole make me wanna go crazy with shit like this

    73. Eqxyy Bruh

      his eyelids look yellow af

    74. Alex Garcia

      Im ballin like an adam twentytwo but i got no ad revenue uhhh

    75. Kody Eatmon

      Why does he remind me of Ricky from trailer park boys

    76. AyoVro

      If I didn’t know who he was I would assume he was racist

    77. Tanner rip

      Do more of these types of videos , awesome

    78. Bob bob

      Am I the only one who keeps replaying this ?

    79. The Gibbs

      Exclusive: Oldman22 talks "back pain" and "omelettes"