A Really Small Pupil

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    1. Ayutsu Rijal

      The turkeys were talking about how they got away from thanksgiving dinner

      1. icy x P r i m

        They sound like minecraft ghasts 😂😂

      2. Lazar Stanić Specijalni kanal

        Oh you mean Turkey for dinner?

      3. Colossal Titan

        DAMN IT

      4. Carol John

        Lol mabey

      5. Amv Slick


    2. Michael Airoldi

      they are talking about how they dont want to get eaten on thanksgiving

    3. Kemkem Baturiano

      0:34 oops

    4. undergame

      Nobody is going to talk about that the customer took out a gun?

    5. pumpkin pro

      Turkeys were talking about there escape from Christmas dinner

    6. Kclar

      The pupil looks melted

    7. VR7 GAMING

      The turkeys are talking about youtube rewind 2019

    8. freakinmint

      exuse me ma’am your pupils falling **LET ME HELP YOU**

    9. MC DOG

      1:45 every time i see my neighbors

    10. Kalthom Ahmed

      The turkey conversation: T1: hey did you see T63? T2: yeah she dumb thicc T1 ikr but I heard she's getting slaughtered. T2: lol. T63: what the hell did you say to me b*TCH? You Gossiping? T1 & T2: shiit girl lets ruun

    11. F Woyen

      You're ugly! No, you're ugly! You! No you!

    12. The.3. J.girls

      Left turkey: yeah girl you heard that the chicken was talking about hatching eggs for your man right Right turkey: oh no not my man hold the grave I’m bout to tear a chick up 🐥🐔🐤 Then her man walk in the background @ 1:58


      1:44 1st one : hi....how are you....can I have ur number 2nd one : nope

    14. RazerBond

      1:49 They are saying "no u" XD

    15. lunarski419

      And u always thought turkeys said gobble gobble

    16. bird of the abyss

      The turkeys were singing Same Girl by Usher & R Kelly

    17. dj gaming

      Next thanksgivings we well kill thim all bob ok Jim you well be next to be eating

    18. kaI

      0:30 me: BUDLIGHT SUCKS

    19. Everett Hardy

      The turkeys were flirting

    20. Minecraft stuff

      1:40 omg the turkeys are so cute I’m not ever eating turkey again

    21. Chona Castillo

      Guy why did you show us the customer being rude? This ruined the whole video... I help my parents at a small retail shop

    22. Arist Yang

      Pause on 1:59 and look behind the Turkey

    23. Pyramid head

      1:39 Those Turkeys are talking Turkish

    24. Thembilein


    25. illuminating Wings

      *goes paragliding *unable to control omg ima have to emergency land in the water

      1. gtoss chddy


    26. illuminating Wings

      1:14 how did you even see the plastic? anyways, you're gonna make me cry, it was wonderful.

      1. gtoss chddy

        That turkey conversation was so cute.

    27. Rug the RUG

      Cashier: UNO reverse card

    28. ashley velasquez

      The turkeys sound like ghast in Minecraft

    29. Kirmukarmu

      ugly shit brown eyes. Blue eyes godtier.

    30. Explorer 3

      The turkeys were talking about how amazing this channel is and how amazing you are! Merry christmas

    31. gacha_g4m3r yeah

      That para gliding part reminds me of Aladdin

    32. Niek Sanders

      Your pupils can expand up to 50% looking at someone you love My crush looking at me: 0:02

    33. Toasty Fishcake

      2:21 when you learn all ninja skills at the dojo on Club Penguin

    34. Dhia Hadirah

      The turkeys said "human are stupid but I saw this video called Daily Dose Internet and the channel is really interesting you should watch it and don't forget to subscribe to him" Edit:sorry if my English aren't right cuz I'm from Malaysia

    35. Richard Nguyen

      Do all turkeys sound like ghasts?

    36. roouit patan

      “You gay” “No u” “No u” “No u” “No u”

    37. WassupItsMike!

      0:32 that’s a tik tok 🙄😂😂 it’s fake

    38. Victor Tecpa

      This baby sea lions fleeing for their lives is the cutest thing ever.

      1. roouit patan


    39. icy x P r i m

      Fr tho the turkeys sound like minecraft ghasts 😂

    40. Vuong The Doge