1. M R


    2. Final Touch

      3:07 - 3:15 is TIGHT!!!

    3. 7Jason Voorhees 7

      Yeah Freddy.

    4. jimmy richardson

      Pitch Meeting: Enter the Dragon

    5. Myxed Media

      wow wow wow wow

    6. João AlmeidaAmaral

      "alll the way off my back" much better cathcphrase!!

    7. few2many

      "... traps are tight"

    8. Michael Smidotzkiy

      "wow, Wow, wOW, wOw, Wow...." XDDD

    9. Scotty Stremy

      Horror classic 🔥🔥🔥

    10. Car Car

      Is there a pitch meeting for Nightmare on elm street 2.. 3.. etc... That would be tight.

    11. Mr Cat

      "he turned to soup"

    12. ricaard

      Super convenient, barely tight easy

    13. Mario Monti

      Wow, wow, wow, wow. LoL

    14. DJ

      You completely ruined the video because at the end, that was the only movie Johnny Depp was in where a character had blades ON his hand. You see, Edward has scissors FOR hands. It's right there in title. Edward Scissorhands. YeahYeahYeah!

    15. Eric Jourdain

      What a wonderful series. I check in once in a while but it never disappoints.

    16. VC YT

      I saw this film in 1984, a few weeks after seeing The Terminator - sequels followed both.

    17. Youtubestopmakingmechangemyname

      I never noticed the first 2 were awake

    18. Rinpuia Ralte

      When I was a kid. My parents and adults were going to watch this on DVD. I constantly demand i watch it too. So they let me. I reget that decision for a month giving me nightmares every night. The first scaring moment of my childhood.

    19. Ryan Anon

      That 500 gallons of blood thing was brilliant. "That's far too much blood. He probably would have died anyway if Freddy had left him alone" 😂💗

    20. Afr0 Plays

      5:40 has always been my biggest cringe of the whole movie

    21. Matt Hanson

      I remember crying with laughter at the last scene with the mom

    22. Citizen Smif

      Yeh yeh yeah . Wow wow wow wow wow. Lol still makes me laugh .

    23. Craig Usselman

      What do the cops see when they look in Glens hole! wowowowwowwow.

    24. electrical5 electrical

      Well.... I like it. You don't like it. I wonder what option we gonna go with? I... I guess your option. Great. I'm glad we could agree on that. How Hollywood works. Great job. Thank you.

    25. Cosmic X

      Friday the 13th part 6 jason lives pitch meeting

    26. Tenuki PC Gaming

      It's great to see a Pitch Meeting for another movie I've actually seen. There's no way I'm going to sit through most movies just so I have more frame of reference.

    27. Katie Driver

      you should do one for Inception

    28. Madd Bain

      How about doing a Pitch Meeting on Edward Scissorhands? 😮

    29. Bryan Vaughan Duke

      Do the pitch for Dead Alive and/or ReAnimater

    30. Maria Groff

      500 gallons of blood!!! 😂😂😂😂 Even when I was a little kid & saw this for the first time, I scratched my head on that one. Wow wow wow wow!

    31. Young Padawan

      5:40 is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Omg. Who comes up with this stuff. 😂😂

      1. Mr. Battle

        Wes Craven, I guess? And yeah, that scene was always ridiculous, even back in the 80's. I remember seeing this in a theater and everyone started laughing at that part.

    32. Scrumptious Tomato

      "Oh booby......traps are tight" "That was an awfully long pause sir"

      1. Scrumptious Tomato

        @medexamtoolsdotcom ikr

      2. medexamtoolsdotcom

        Wow that was amazing and clever how you directly quoted the video.

    33. Paul Hofreiter

      WOWWOWWOW WOW. I can’t stop watching these; send help.

    34. sebastian larsen

      3:22 *Deep voice* haha he said it, he said the line!

    35. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

      Why is your shirt like freddys

    36. Pocah Doll

      "He humps you in your dreams "

    37. Kami Kaseiken

      Booby....trap. Lmao

    38. Karstens Creations

      "What do the cops see when they look inside Glen's hole?" LOL

    39. Owdeez Strauz

      "Sir, I'm gunna need you to get all the way off my back about freddy kruegers powers" 🤣

    40. Pure Impressions

      "Boob-ee.........traps are Tight" Nice!

    41. honsou1978dk

      So much gold in here. Keep it up!

    42. Jack Napier

      Who would buy that a man in police custody would kill themselves screaming for help while under guard while being video surveilled? Anyway, that Epstein guy totally killed himself.

    43. Matthew Anthony

      "... Rules be dammed" "But you're the one making the rules" "Yeah yeah yeah" "O-Okay"

    44. SirHippy68

      Make a child's play pitch meeting

    45. SirHippy68

      Make a Friday the 13th part 4 the final chapter pitch meeting

    46. SirHippy68

      Make a saw pitch meeting

    47. SirHippy68

      Make a Friday the 13th part 3

    48. SirHippy68

      make a Friday the 13th part 2 pitch Meeting

    49. SirHippy68

      Make a Friday the 13th pitch meeting

    50. Enclave

      I've been watching these videos and like to think it's always the same 2 guys doing it, they both need to be fired. Keep it up Ryan, these videos are great.

    51. Cujo

      Indiana Jones 4 please...

    52. Thomas Williams

      Well the thing is that they think they are awake but they are not awake. what they think is real is actually the dream, so you got it wrong there.Still love your vids though

    53. Phil Lewis

      Was he more distracted by the word "booby" or by the word "traps"?

    54. Moses Hilow

      Defeating Freddy by not believing in him is the most convoluted plot point ever.

      1. Phil Lewis

        Considering they didn't need to believe in him for him to show up in the first place. It only works if they establish that belief is even a factor like in Sphere or some other stories.

    55. Moses Hilow

      Freddy Krueger is not a good supernatural serial killer.

    56. Scott Slotterbeck

      Arrival. Arrival. Arrival.

    57. Gustaaf Argoan

      Actually, you can get those books from Paladin Press

    58. John Arevalo

      Did u do freddy vs Jason yet

    59. kgd lfc

      What I don't get is . In dream warriors ' Nancy is on hypnocil . Tablets to stop her dreams !! And the kids in Freddy Vs Jason are taking the same tablets . How did Kirsten drag Nancy into her dream.when Nancy is on tablets that make her not dream ???

      1. kgd lfc

        Im watching dream warriors right now lol

    60. fred21679