6ix9ine | The Lyrical Lemonade Interview

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    EP: 005 w/ 6ix9ine
    Chicago, IL

    Interviewed by “Lil” Jake Millan + Jake Wilson
    cameras operated by Cole Schwartz & Neil Shukla!
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    1. Kahari Scott

      dem chains plastic my g

    2. Damien Naji

      He's making a stupid sex number into the deepest meaning shit around

    3. lil hay

      Judge is that all before I sentence u 69 nba youngboy ain't a real nba player

    4. ArsenalClownster

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> why does he keep saying is 6ix9ine. "is is is is is"

    5. Dior Scott

      All I heard was “Teka 6ix9ine” when he said his name..

    6. Aaron Mason


      1. Да Да

        dude, if your wife gets fucked and they try to kill you, you'd do the same

    7. Emman_on switch Btw

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> a you went a little too trayway

    8. Ana Cruz

      Awww i love him🌈😍❤

    9. 1K subscribers to cure coronavirus

      He acctully pretty clever

    10. 1K subscribers to cure coronavirus

      Who is here after gooba

    11. Emraldblox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="364">6:04</a> yeah

    12. Kun Tysonnn

      Look at this goofy bitch

    13. Maria Paz

      “If you focus to be yourself, you don’t need to worry about being different” I wish more people see how smart and good hearted is daniel, and that tekashi69 it’s character

    14. Trapbass Trapbass

      So stop hating on him you guys just now that he was a snitch but he’s still winning

    15. Trapbass Trapbass

      And know all y,all will be listening to his new song gooba lol

    16. ygPRB

      love him or hate him. he do be speaking facts

    17. Joseph Proud

      Take a shot every time he says ‘know what I’m sayin’

    18. SliceOfGaming

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="394">6:34</a> when it actually happens tho 😭

      1. Jay Mortality

        SliceOfGaming but it was his own people

    19. Ranch Life

      This ladies and gentlemen is why birth control is so important.

    20. L K

      He’s very very real, that’s one thing I can respect

    21. Erik H

      i love how honest he is, no rapper would just say they’ll be washed up lmfao. thats hilarious

    22. Brad Churchey

      Tekashi 69 represents all snitches around the world

    23. Geo Chavez

      "Washed up chains snatched"😂💯

    24. Judee

      Is nobody going to talk about how 6ix9ine has no music on the lyrical lemonade channel

    25. Giorno

      Who's here after he got released

    26. Caio Vini

      Coloca legenda em português.

    27. Daksh Sareen

      He snitched on them

    28. Daksh Sareen

      No treway

    29. The Commenter

      Yeah takashi... "iknowwhatsyousain"

    30. rene xedits

      he studdering so much

    31. LISMY POKE


    32. polaq

      who's here after his release?

    33. Unknown

      Who's here afther gooba ??

    34. Jhonny Thunder

      Am just watching 69 videos

    35. Evo FN

      He needs a whole new interview after gooba

      1. Maddoz Dean


    36. David Antwii

      Who here after IG live😂

    37. JC Skills

      6ix9ine is a great guy tho ,👍 keep it up bro!!!

    38. Theology constantine

      I wonder if he didn't snitch would he get more love like Bobby Shmurda..... 🤔

    39. Earvin jefferson

      oh my gosh I like your music so much I'm so happy for you to get out of jail right now and these Constable problems I know everyone's and problems right now everyone is willing to but everyone for praying for them I love you

    40. Connor Leghy

      i want that sweat shirts

    41. Sabhi Elali

      Judge: is that all 6ix9ine: NLE choppa isn’t a real choppa

    42. Ruben Webb

      Judge : is that all 6ix9ine: Bluefaces face isn’t blue

    43. You Tube

      R.i.p 6ix9ine

    44. Booger TB

      Wow that daughter part was powerful

    45. Eddy

      treyway is at the prisonway...

    46. Greenhouse Academy

      6ix9ine doesn’t deserve to be on a " *LYRICAL* Lemonade Interview ”

    47. Germy22 Gaming

      What hoodie is 69 wearing?

    48. deputy_Nico


    49. Guy Mighty

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> wat did this nigga jus say ?

      1. Karl Popper

        Guy Mighty 😂😂😂😂

    50. 0 SUBS WITH 0 VIDEOS

      Make the camera better and I’ll watch all the interviews

    51. Multifoox

      Jude: Are you done? 6ix9ine : Dora the explorer actually knows where the ocean is.

    52. Christina Hopkin

      Fuck you

    53. 뇽뇽이치킨


    54. Jack Hawkins

      Idk who is this mans right here

    55. Zeke


    56. Katelyn Nelson

      Snichhhhhhhhhhh gang

    57. D'Anthony Smiling

      Judge: Is that all? 6ix9ine: Nba youngboy really isnt in the NBA

    58. A_a_ron B


    59. Lewis Kaye

      Snitch 9

    60. RAP GAME US

      Judge: Is at all? 6ix9ine: Blueface doesn't have a blue face

    61. RAP GAME US

      Judge: Is at all? 6ix9ine: Snoop Dog isn't a real dog

      1. Jay Mortality

        RAP GAME US yeah he’s a rat

    62. RAP GAME US

      Judge: Is at all? 6ix9ine: French Montana is not really French

    63. RAP GAME US

      Judge: Is at all? 6ix9ine: Trippie Red isn't red

    64. RAP GAME US

      Judge: Is at all? 6ix9ine: Doja Cat isn't a real cat

    65. MrAlexsnoopy

      Best interview

    66. G a 1 a x y.

      Juice wrld dead, 6ix 9ine in jail, x dead, tupac dead, Kobe dead why do all these people have to go away so soon??

    67. Matt Wolfe

      Tekashi Snitchnine

    68. pekka's playhouse


    69. OG

      This vid is for all of his haters that just talk shit about him without knowing shit about him!! He's not like all those other rappers, he's a humble dude! 👌🏻👏🏻

    70. HOTDOG


    71. ryan bray

      To bad he did follow any off his own words

    72. JarrisNight

      Judge: "is that all?" Snitchnine: "Yknow that song faucet failure?" Judge: "yea" Snitchnine: "yea the faucet was fine"

    73. Jakub Harsani


    74. DacShadow YT


    75. Sketch_voltage

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a>

    76. Gimena Moreno

      How many times did 6ix9ine say you know what I'm sayin

    77. Mansur Nuru mohamed

      whos here after he got released today cause of corona virus health concerncs.

    78. super viggo bros

      Ni##as Iffy uh

    79. MONEY875 team


    80. Bob Hughs

      fuck you fake snitch rat