6 Dogs - Buttcheeks (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    6 Dogs - Buttcheeks
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Co-Directed by 6 Dogs
    DoP: Parker Foster of VSZN

    Apple Music: smarturl.it/Buttcheeks/applemusic
    iTunes: smarturl.it/Buttcheeks/itunes
    Spotify: smarturl.it/Buttcheeks/spotify
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
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    1. J L

      *What did I click on*

    2. Nick ******

      dogs cool cause he does drugs drugs don’t do him like peep.

    3. Cookiez

      here mid 2020 forever

    4. John Pun

      This song was the reason i subscribed to lyrical lemonade in the first place

    5. Luis Ahumada Jr.

      .. y'all saved my ass. The nose of that bunny.. thx for helping I swear you guys are my fams ❤️❤️❤️ something so distinct..

    6. David c

      Can anyone tell me what effect it has when he’s dumping the oj on the bunny? Like the way it looks all 80s I guess

    7. Bronson Nongmaithem

      dis guy acting like peep


      6 dogs looks like joe exotic in the intro

    9. SHANDEI trap

      6dogs one of my fav. Secretartists

    10. Shaun Senwamadi

      My ex boyfriend and I listened to this song for absolutely nothing... if one of us was sad we'd both be sad and play it... I miss him SO much

    11. OG OZ BORN

    12. K Edwards

      This song is a lot like speed racer it’s from 2016

    13. Ryan

      he looks like cole bennett on crack

    14. Z Ack

      Fuckin new age white people rap... What do people do at these showes? It cant be hard and hyphee.. Buncha hungry white dudes standing around with their 2 cups and a 20 bag of "some if the best shit you ever seen" probly on xanax, whole place be smellin like a abercrombie n fitch store and everybody got their big dick shoes on so errybody acting like they better than everybody else and dudes gettin into beefs with eachother because of it talkin like they hood but from rich entitled families bitching about how they got a free merc when they wanted the beemer all of em fresh outta high school or still in it and all of em got a "label" or sound cloud of their cringe rapper name "dogg".. Bitches thinkin they either got strawberry icecream shit coming out they ass or are a recovering emo mean ass ... Not my scene, yall n have that shit.. Shame.. Seemed like shit was going in a direction where woulda been right but took a hard fuckin u turn in a direction somewhere out cut... Soon gonna be just lyrics of some dude moaning like somebody about knocked out on pills with a random curse word in there or a nigga if they black... With face tatoos and like 5 dred locks on one side his head above his ear.. And a hitler stash and a turtleneck and parachute pants with one shoe on and toe socks with no pinky toe... Lol. New age... Fly like delta..

      1. prod by purch

        Dude this songs been out for like 2 years. Youre late to the party bro

    15. MickeyReckless

      Great video the lyrics mad weak tho

    16. Matt Sharp

      Just like peep just different vocal effects

    17. Kai Cross

      I’ve said it a thousand times before and I’ll say it again.... 6 DOGS IS BEFORE HIS TIME!!!

    18. Youpo1


    19. Will Best

      Ahhh this was just the beginning of LL 🍋😌

      1. Kingg baallz saaarensen

        Will Best nah bro not rly

    20. Hokage Moon

      6dogs is my favorite rapper and his newest song just SLAPS. He needs to blow up

    21. CausingRuckus

      2 years, still nothing. Idc those Saucony as drip asf.

    22. Juan Hernandez

      Feels weird this song 2 years old already. 2016-2018 was really a nice time in life TBH. Back when everyone was playing R6 siege and GTA V online just released the doomsday heists.

      1. juan ortega

        Thats straight facts life moves too fast for me

    23. savagemanny818 savage

      Who still listening 2020?

    24. Christopher Reyes

      Lol he pushed the rabbit

    25. Ash G

      Miss you bae. Wtf happened?

    26. theykilledkenny

      underrated. to this day.

    27. James Pepper

      this justin bieber's cousin

      1. GNARLY TJ


    28. rzongler


    29. Gabriela Delacy

      is it just me or do we all press on weard things LOL

    30. Devon Cole

      lil peep who

    31. Huntz gotta 9

      This song hits different

    32. Santiago Verdugo

      "Eyes wide open" no one understand it? ;(

    33. Kaique A

      who's here in 2020

    34. SuperDuperB

      Big tb

    35. MrAg107

      Happy Easter!

    36. Halsey Lumen

      I'm back because I haven't gone way past that empty feelings that's BEEN wondering & wandering

    37. Charlie Richards

      i knew they wouldnt do the supreme sweater like that

    38. Lil Heart Break Kid

      Who else remembers listening to faygo dreams on SoundCloud before the fame 😴

    39. Lifesa Joke

      2020 and still waitin' on his blow Up :(

      1. Kaique A

        The 6 dogs should be more valued. He's a great artist

    40. Tyler

      Im fuckin vibin rn

    41. Astrothunder_

      once 6 dogs puts this next album out hope y’all collaborate again

    42. Halsey Lumen

      Fuck the name this shit fire.

    43. Kevin Webster

      Justin: I can make a love song 6 dogs: Hold my beer!

    44. Blue Sky


    45. Dior Vu

      I remember when this first dropped, time flies man I swear

      1. juan ortega

        So true

      2. 0fficial Kasho


      3. Enrique loza

        facts had to come back to this

      4. simpisgoated


      5. yung lou

        Remember when plug walk got released? I swear it was last month.

    46. Alfons Xov


    47. KI115witch

      This is ass no cap

      1. GNARLY TJ

        bruh u listen nba youngboy stfu

    48. Jesse bailey

      Wtf happened to this guy

      1. Dior Vu

        Jesse bailey he took a break but he has a new snippet out

    49. Lareland Cooper

      Buddy looks like the husband of the Tiger King that wasn't really gay.

      1. TheLilPowner

        i was searching for this comment

    50. Iguana 79

      I was here before that 1 mil

    51. Ashen Jumbo

      man this guy stinks!!!!!@

    52. Alyssa Carrasco

      LOVEE UU

    53. Halsey Lumen

      Speaking of whichever

    54. Gamer Tube


    55. Frannie

      good song name

    56. JamesXNickie99

      Like if Cole should make a video for Portals from Hi-Hats & Heartaches

    57. DeadFamUNsub6

      he look like jay from tgf

    58. Prada Jayy

      Fire 🔥

    59. Prada Jayy

      Lol had me laughing by the title

    60. Cristian Morales


    61. Cristian Morales

      Dope song i like it

    62. Samuel Hausmann

      2020 anyone ?

    63. Yung Chief

      tear drops on the keyboard

    64. Dawson Dunthorn

      The master of a new look every week .

    65. Blvke

      Why does he have no rhythm tho when he’s bobbing his head

    66. Drake Howton

      This would have got 100mil if they did Faygo Dreams

    67. Logan Trippett

      I feel high as hell watching this

    68. Jonathan

      Was any part of this inspired by Gummo?

      1. Jonathan


      2. Jonathan

        I meant before

      3. Jonathan

        nick also the song came out after

      4. nick

        Jonathan I thought you meant the 69 song LMAO

      5. Jonathan

        nick - Gummo came out in 1997

    69. Butt Head

      6dogs is a rare specimen

    70. Yo Jordon


    71. Ethan Core

      This isn't it

    72. SONAY -Topic

      Who’s still here in 2020

    73. HyperEliminator XD


    74. Asia Ford

      2020 its still lit

    75. Danny High

      who here 2020? this song is sum else bro🥇🚀

    76. kendrick vercher

      Is that the dude from breaking bad

    77. Dis


    78. Dont cover

      2020 Yeahhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🖤

    79. Cuban Lxve


    80. Seb Hernandez

      Friend: what is your favorite song? Me:Buttcheeks Friend:WHAT!