£500 Off-Road Challenge

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    This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack try to pick up an off-road car for £500 before pitting it against a brand new Suzuki Jimny in an off-roading showdown!
    Alex: autoalex
    Ethan: ethansmale
    Jack: jackwjoy
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    1. Car Throttle

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      1. Sammy Hilliger

        @Gregory Southerland I like CARSSSA

      2. Gregory Southerland

        it bothers me to no end that I realized it's jimNy, not jiMMy, the n feels so weird and foreign, im kinda glad suzuki isnt around anymore in my country

      3. william aldridge

        @carthrottle city car challenge ??

      4. Sammy Hilliger


      5. Joseph Oldland

        @AcTv Aqua that'll be cool

    2. Peter Sense

      To this day I still wonder whats in the hatch in the back pf the Freelander

    3. Kami Shah

      Pajero or shogun

    4. union310

      So the freelander was heavier and you put two of them in it?

    5. union310

      Cut the grass please

    6. Benedict tambunan

      is that shmee's old jimny?

    7. bibi kola

      Good challenge. Am up for any offloading challenge with my bog standard merc ml270cdi. I think its uderated for its offloading ability. Am in Essex.

    8. mateus Bully

      Looks like they forgot to put half the interior trim in the Jimmy, so much body colour on show.

    9. James Gasparutti

      You need a classic hot hatch challenge!!! 205gti , rs turbo, golf GTi , astra GTE/gsi , Clio Williams etc even 306 , 106gti if the others are too expensive

    10. Koito rob

      How about a 'shout out' for the off road course? Where is it??? So, the least capable Land Rover beats the Jimny...

    11. Matthew Barrick

      I’m 17 from the us and I’ve heard of the vauxhall frontera and all the rest of em lol

    12. JL Penn

      let folks each buy a 500$ car. will be much more fun!

    13. Connor Whitney

      Can you do more of these videos

    14. John McLoughlin

      Maisie makes this video much much better. You chaps are fine, but your pup takes the cake

    15. Zf7741

      20000 pound off road challenge try g wagon

    16. Devil Z

      Junge der kann deutsch wtf

    17. VaguePaperChasing

      Ethan was always like the non car friend forcefully dragged on board until he eventually accepted his fate as a petrolhead. Good on him lol

    18. Jons Joy

      you should put all weather rubber mats in the jimny alex ....

    19. DOHC

      just how tall is Alex, 4'9"?

    20. Eye

      The lack of proper Offroad tires is disturbing.

    21. D-Ran Yatertots

      ~$657 For all those wondering

    22. Debojyoti Ghosh

      Maybe a new experiment where you buy cars in different parts of Britain for 500 bucks ? Like Scotland...or Wales or northern Ireland . It'll be interesting to see the second hand car market over there .

    23. Tim The Dim

      I love the Jimny so much!

    24. Kamil M.

      15:42 In my 1994 Miata I can't start engine without pressing clutch, so my miata is really new car 😁

    25. Jimmy Rustle

      So you've proved that a brand new Suzuki Jimny can't compete with an ancient £450 landrover. Don't think Suzuki will be too pleased with you 😂

    26. Joneseyce.

      Car throttle's opinions are for sale dont trust anything they say.

    27. DarioXDF

      Ich habe gerade erfahren das Alex Deutsch sprechen kann.... Grüße aus Deutschland :D I had no idea

    28. Da Pom Aotearoa

      Fwd to 20mins ish if ya wana see them get the cars dirty.

    29. Holmes

      Fucking love the Jimny tho

    30. Holmes

      I had a 1996 4x4 Suzuki x90 I payed 4grand for mine and only sold it because I was on the highway all the time and the x90 is not made for Highway speeds being at 4500rpm doing 100km/h

      1. Holmes

        They're a Vitara chassis, suspension and powertrain with a different body meant originally to be a luxury edition of the vitara. My little beast could go absolutely anywhere you pointed it.

    31. Johan Harris Zain


    32. pewdiepie_duo


    33. pewdiepie_duo

      grand tour finest sesels.info/video/video/qIiDoq-y35iDf8w.html

    34. DJ_BEANZz

      Y do u get 2 drive both cars

    35. Chris Greenwood

      Why have you got two packs of sandwiches in your bloody pockets in the first clip, your mate on the left must be carrying the tools in his 😜

    36. Jesse

      Reminds me of og top gear

    37. Douglas Pealing

      Proof that a land rover, even a knackered old freelander on shit road tyres, is a lot better than anyone in new zealand would have you believe.

    38. RainForDays

      Freelander absolutely won this one just for participating.

    39. Super Games

      do a £500 Le mans there and back challenge bitches

    40. ThomasTankCollectables

      Rom Ford is excellent, give the boy a full vallet and he is good to go! He'll probably start falling apart soon though lol

      1. ThomasTankCollectables

        Are any of you going to daily drive him?